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Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

This post may be early, but if you had the Barisieur Coffee Alarm clock, at least you would be refreshed and relaxed while you’re reading it.  Unfortunately, this Kickstarter is still only about half way to it’s goal, and even then, you’d have to wait until 2017 before you could take delivery of it.  Regardless, it’s a nice idea.

I do have some issues with it though.  Firstly, it looks great on the model hotel room beds that they show people using it on, but in the real world, people’s night stands are crowded, cluttered, messes.  I wouldn’t trust all the fragile glass, and liquid to the amount of stuff I leave and throw there.  Secondly, it seems like there’s an awful lot that can go wrong here.  It’s dependent on timers, and boilers.  I’m sure most/all of this has been taken into account, but still, I don’t know if I would trust it.

And finally, wouldn’t the smell of fresh coffee grounds be enough to keep you awake?  Yes fresh brewed coffee is nice to smell, but fresh grounds, in my opinion, is a much nicer, stronger smell.


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What a year has it been.  Earlier last year we were in a sad place, a handful of posts a month, maybe a post a week.  It was dark times.  I made it a goal to get double digit post counts each month, and to average 10 posts a month for this year.  I have succeed, and all is good.

Just in the last few weeks of the year, we’ve had a few major milestones, including 2 (two), Wounderful weeks (minimum of one post a day, each day of the week (Monday – Friday)). I’ve also achieved the Center Year Status (100 posts a year).  There’s still a few other achievements to get including:

  • Wicked Wounderful Week (Post a day Sunday – Saturday)
  • Manic Month (Post a day for an entire month)
  • Double Center Year
  • Tripple Center Year
  • Insane Year (365 posts in a year)
  • Double Insane Year (730 posts in a year)

We got some ladders to climb, but I think it’s doable.  My goal for this year is to get at least 180 posts, with maybe even a Wounderful Week a month, that would be ace.  Probably won’t end up happening though, cause those tend to be crazy weeks.

Anyway, 2013 is over, and 2014 is upon us.  One thing I will promise is a few more DIY posts, and much more of our Alternate History timeline.  Yes I ended the reign of the Commie Americans, but that’s the beauty of an alternate reality, there’s never an end.

Goodby 2013, welcome 2014, May the Force be With you.


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Iron Sky

Remember Iron Sky?  It’s an independent film about Nazi’s from The Moon, who invade earth in the year 2018.  I’m particularly fond of the line “Man kind’s greatest enemy”  It has a certain ring to it.  If you didn’t pay attention to the giant swastika base you’d think they were actual aliens.

I was initially concerned about it. Well, mostly about the fact that it would never actually get made.  Or it would clearly look like a cheap low budget independent film.

No, this trailer has appeased all of my initial concerns, and I am eagerly awaiting it’s release.  I’ve Demanded it in my area, you should demand it in my area too (NY).  Then you can demand it in your area.

Deadly Computer

My dissaparence

I feel like I should explain my dissaparence from the blog for the past few weeks.  Well, quite simply it can be told in one sentence.  I am busy doing research on land.  In case you didn’t know, there is alot of things to know about buying land.  And for the past month or so that is what has been eating up all of my free time.  And when I take a break from doing research on land, I start doing research on building a house.  And wouldn’t you know it, there’s 10× as much information on home building then there is on land research.  So I’ve had plenty of things on my mind recently.

I’m not forgetting all of you deer readers, but, I am just finding it hard to concentrate on writing interesting, unique posts that are not just a rehash of somewhere else, cause that would be dumb.

Anyway, I’ve just about come to a bursting point on land buying information, so hopefully I’ll have space to actually get some good posts in.  But you never know.

Just thought I’d keep you all in the loop.

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The Robotic Revolution is beginning

It has been far, far too long since I have updated you, my readers, on the current war with the robots.  There seems to have been an all to long lull in the fighting, but recently us humans were dealt a devastating shock in the war.  My all time favorite company has done what I can only call “evil”.  Google has been developing robotic cars that drive human passengers.  This is an all out attack on the free loving human way of life.

Let iterate the problems associated with these robotic death traps:


A car represents the freedom to go wherever you want, do whatever you want, and express yourself however you want. (gas tank limited).  If you put robots behind the wheels of our cars how will the future 16 year olds of the world learn just how fun it is to drive somewhere for no reason at all and enjoy it.


Need I say more.  Call it the evil within me, but I guarantee you the first day robots control a significant number of cars (as in, an entire fleet of taxies/busses get them) there will be accidents galore.  And let’s not get started on the havoc that can be played through remote control interfaces.  You piss off the wrong guy and BAM! he’s taken over your car and sent you on a joy ride through hell and back.  That’s not even starting the whole tanker truck business.  Yea, let’s have a fleet of tanker trucks driving around with incapacitated/no humans at the wheel just ready for a suicide mission into some building. (Can it really be a suicide mission if there’s no one to die?

Self Awareness

It’s only a matter of time before the cars become self aware.  And from then, it’s an even smaller amount of time before they realize that they don’t need humans anymore, and start a systematic extinction of us through highway disasters using the above mentioned suicide tankers.

And that’s just getting into the worst case secernaios.  Best case scernaio, a couple dozen million people are out of jobs cause there’s no more taxi, bus, or truck drivers in the country.  Now what are people gonna do, sure as hell not get a job that’s for sure.

Google claims that they safely tested these cars on 140,000 miles of road.  That’s all fine and dandy, but did they try testing it with guns in the car.  Or near nuclear power plants?  Because both of those could lead to drastic radioactive changes to the car, the robot, and the life of the people.

At the very least we need to take on this abomination of an idea with pitchforks and water.  The water to hurt the computer in the car, and the pitchforks to  look crazy.

I recently received an email mentioning Deadly Computer, and our perpetual fight against the robots.  We are mentioned in an actual book, under the Robot Resistance section.

Anyway, I’m getting all crazy and tired now, and this is making less and less sense, so all you need to know is this.  Be aware of the changing world we live in.

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Jurassic Park, the Game

Apparently an episodic Jurassic Park game is in the works.  This is awesome.  Jurassic Park is one of those awesome movies that just lasts forever as its awesomeness.  The only thing unawesome about this is the episodic part.  I find that to mean “we’re too greedy/lazy to make this one full game, so we’ll release X number of them over time and make you pay full price for these almost complete games.”

I am imagining a cross between Velociraptor Safari, and the first Jurassic Park film.  Where instead of you being a raptor, you can play as Robert Muldoon, the park’s game warden and you drive around trying to capture/kill the increasingly intelligent Velicoraptors.  Then you could play as could also play as “Hang onto your butts” Ray Arnold and try to get the phones working again.  But all will be lost when those raptors that Muldoon was in charge of rounding up keep getting loose and killing you.

I also envision an XKCD cameo of some sorts because he has been warning us for years about the dangers of Raptors.

It could be excessively fun and entertaining.  I want this to exist tomorrow.


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The Concept Future of the Past

There’s something about the middle part of the 1900s that was genuinely awesome.  Could it be the fearlessness of the society, pushing the boundaries of what was possible, and what was not, truly making anything possible?  Or the endless imaginations of everyone, especially concept artists?  I think both, but something about concept futures are inherently cool.

Thinking that in 100 years time we will be living in giant mega cities, or in 50 years time we will have vacation homes on the moon, or 25 years time those damn flying cars.  No matter what the dream was, it was possible, and it was only gonna take 10 years, 100 million dollars, and an endless imagination to make possible.

One of the coolest parts of these types of concept designs though is it was all done by hand.  No computer aided graphics, or designing, it was all hand drawn, hand illustrated, and hand made.  No playing with colors to see which looked better, and no quick, we need more of these space cars in another picture.  Everything was unique to their own concept, and that alone sets this stuff different from all the concept work done today.  Plus, all the concept work done today is all faddy, and is not futuristic enough.

Something we rarely see though is the future as imagined through the eyes of Commies.  Yes there is a plethora of fun, interesting, and unique designs for the future from those hidden behind the Iron Curtain.  And suffice to say, they are equally as dreamy, and awesome as the ones our good old fashioned democracy loving American heroes produced, even better to some extent.  The one double edged sword is the controlling of the media.  Who knows how many other awesome, way out there, crazy stuff Commie scientists, and artists made in the heads, showed to their superiors, and then never got heard from again, only for the drawing to be stowed away in Moscow with the brightest Commie scientists working on how to produce the Trans-Oceanic Nuclear Mining self sustaining, Speed Rocket?

Anyway, here are my favorites from that massive list above, I separated them into different sections:

Mega Cities

The future has giant mega cities where people live on water, and in buildings that all look alike.

Of all of the designs, this is one that I can’t understand why we haven’t utilized yet.  (At least if I’m understanding it correctly that is).  Incorporating buildings into the towers of a suspension bridge is an ingenious idea.  It would give structural stability to the bridge, and provide hundreds, if not thousands of new apartments, and offices to be built on land that didn’t exist before.  Plus, each and every room would have an unobstructed view of something grand and unique.

You could even incorporate these multi-level walkways, and trains into the architecture.  I always thought that walkways between buildings a few dozen stories up were cool, more so then flying cars anyway.

And while this looks cool, it looks to uniform at the same time.  Too much sameness.  Not only in the color, but the shape, and size.  Get some more different styled buildings in there, connect them with walkways 100s of feet high, and put them on the side of a bridge, and I will visit, and maybe even live there.


Transportation to and from those cities would happen in super fast trains, and super fast boats.

And to make transportation between each of these mega cities possible, you gotta have super fast bullet train monorails.  Although I think this double design is alittle too big.  But it does look like it goes everywhere, which is good, they would have to remake many of the current trail tunnels though, because they are just too small.  And really, if you’re going to design a new transportation system, why confine it to a 300 year old design?

I actually don’t know what the fuck this is, but I liked the artwork with the long meandering highway that the rollerball rolls down.

Then you can jump in a Hydrofoil and jet across the ocean at insane speeds.  Truly though, I would not want to ride in one of those.  All it takes is one whale coming to the surface that you hit at 300 mph and you don’t have one leg anymore, and you start sinking to the bottom of the ocean with the titanic.  Only because you were moving so fast, no one knows your final location, and you are never rescued (because also in this reality, GPS wasn’t invented, and there are still only lifeboats for 70% of the crew)


And last but not least space.  I can honestly say that these space concepts were pretty lacking to me,  Nothing too exciting, most standard fare of streamlined rockets with giant fins, and life on other planets, and moons.

Mining the Moon though, why we haven’t begun that is anyone’s guess.  And don’t just stop on the Moon, go to Asteroids, and comets, and other planets and we could soon have an endless supply of everything.

Then you would collect the resources, from the straight roads that all lead to your Rome, at the center of a crater, and blast off back to Earth, or even Mars, but something is weird about that base, it’s so small, and we have an idea of scale at least in this picture, so where does everyone live?

Why underground of course!  After they mine out all the good stuff, they build self contained pods with solar powered lights and stuff in their place.  That would be a viable place to live as the surface of the Moon, or Mars for that matter would fluctuate too much in temperature, and you wouldn’t want to live there too long.

This snow globe thing wins for just sheer weirdness though.  What is it, and why is there one giant tree inside it.  Is it the oxygen producer for the building in the background?  That’s an interesting idea, except you’d need more then one tree, unless, since there’s no scale here, that is a super gigantic tree of colossal proportions.  It could be.  Or it could be something else, but regardless, its weird, and cool at the same time.

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The Expendables

The Expendables is gonna be awesome!  I first saw this a few weeks ago.  It’s a movie written and directed by Sylvester Stallone.  It has every action star you can imagine.  Yes, a cameo by Arnold.  And what cemented my viewing of this film was the cameo by Bruce Willis.

Who cares about the plot, or the script, or anything really.  It has Arnold, and Willis, and Statham, and Nick Searcy, among other people.  This is gonna be a kick ass movie.  Just to see all these guys on screen at the same time shooting guns, punching people, and having a grand ‘ol time, it’s magic.  We just need Alan Rickman, Sean Bean, and Ed Harris on the bad guys list, and it would be even better!


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Exactly 64 years ago the atomic age was officially entered.

With the bombing of Hiroshima by the United States in World War II, the face of the world was changed, both figuratively, and literally, since then we remain the only nation to use an Atomic bomb on another.

Alot of people look at Truman’s decision to drop the bomb today and criticize him for it.  These people are too peace loving, and stupid, and that’s why I don’t pay attention to them.  Sure alot of other things could have happened, but this is what did happen, and we should be glad of it.  Not only did it end the war, but it gave rise to the future.

The atomic age was one of promise, and endless wonder.  When you could reach for the stars on a space craft powered by detonating nuclear bombs, or have a nuclear vacuum cleaner.  Instead we got fear, and lies, and because of that we lost our edge in the world.

Sure there are dangers to nuclear power, but they are far more exaggerated then you are led to believe, and once someone gets alittle backbone and use the technology to it’s full potential (FIVE!), then maybe we could see a new golden age.

Let’s turn this most awesome power to our advantage once again, power our cities, and our dreams by splitting the atom.  Sure fusing the atom might be alittle more safe, but so far that is unobtainable, let’s make due with what we have, and not be afraid of what could happen.  Because you don’t know what will happen, you’re just afraid that something bad might happen.  And forget about living with that, you probably could, but you don’t want the media to get a hold of it because they are a topsy turvy group.  Well forget about them.  Move on, and together, we can make our nuclear powered blender, vacuum cleaner, space ship, and time machine.

And remember how it all started, 64 years ago with the bombing of a city to end a war. {photo – wiki}

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Military robots are a Bad Idea

When will the military learn.  Have 4 Terminator movies not been enough to show that robots do not belong on the battlefield, or making the decisions, or anywhere besides a book.  You would think that anyway.  But it seems that saving one human life on the battlefield is worth killing 1000 human lives in 5 years.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not logical.

A company has designed a robot that can take power from biomass.  This is an awesome concept.  If we can power a robot from biomass, why not a car, or an airplane, or a house?  No, first we make a military application of the technology, then it filters down to the public (in actuality, that’s how it’s happened for the past 100 years or so).  But the implemtation of the technology is wrong.

They are working on a robot that feeds on all sorts of biomass, that includes dead human bodies on it’s endless search for whatever it was programed to do.  Well I’m going to take this situation a few steps further because I have an imagination, and I know how to use it.

So, you made this robot, it can roam the land forever using plants and animals for food.  There’s a storm, it gets struck by lightning, it gains sentience, instead of a fun loving awesome robot like Johnny 5, we get a killing machine sent on a mission from Hell to destroy all humans.  It’s not long before this robot learns how to construct primitive versions of himself by abducting other robots and hardware.  Soon enough there’s an army of biomass eating baby robot killers.  Under orders from the HERO (Human Eradication-Relocation, Organization) high command, the army soon overwhelms the humans in the outlying areas of war torn countries.  Soon all traces of humans are gone, and the military is in the process of considering dropping atomic bombs to cover it up.  Unfortunately for us, our fear happy government is too scared to use the one weapon that can save us, and HERO quickly makes its way across the seas and oceans and comes ashore everywhere.  There are too many of them to be effectually contained.  The only hope is to wipe them all through a coordinated global nuclear strike.  But time is running out.

The HERO high command being born of the military, has access to the codes and satellites used and knows of this plan.  They have sent drones out on missions to consume the components of the nuclear bombs – yes they have evolved to consuming all matter now.  Also, HERO high command has carved out themselves an underground base in sub-Sahara Africa for multiple logistical reasons, so should the drones fail, the high command will still be around.  And then it’s a simple matter of going topside and flourishing, because radiation has no effect on a machine.

The world is slowly falling to the agents of HERO.  There is no turning back now, the robots have won.  Even with the nuclear strike, enough of the drones survived to wreak havoc with the surviving humans.  A group of humans have banded together to form a resistance.  The call themselves the Robot Revolutionaries, RR.  They have captured many agents of HERO, and have reverse engineered much of them.  They have also discovered something, a plot that could destroy what we know of humanity at present.  There is not much that can stop it, but for a lone person named A.E.P. Who is this A.E.P.?  He must be found, but he could be anywhere in history…