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For a period of 15 years starting in 1948 Lawrence Wahlstrom, the retired clock maker and by all means armature engineer, added many gears to a old WW2 bomb sight.  The actual number of gears is unknown, he stopped counting, or lost count, or both.  It’s over 700 though.

What do all these gears do?


The Nuclear Bomb

Ivy Mike

This week marks an important point in time, 69 years ago the United States of America unleashed the Atomic Bomb onto the world.  Did you know though that a full year before the bomb was used and known about publically, a story in Astounding Science Fiction pretty accurately described the bomb, and how it would work and what it would do?

Well it did.  And naturally, military intelligence was scrambling to try and figure out where the leak was for fear that those damned commies would figure it out and build a bomb first.

It’s pretty interesting, and it leaves the door open to what could be going on and being built now that science fiction is describing either out on a whim, or with some actual science behind it.  I could think of a few things that would be cool if they existed, but are pretty unlikely.  Also, I think that the MD Device would be one of the things that would make it in the reverse order.

You’ll have to go over to Futility Closet to listen to the whole account of the story as I can’t figure out how to embed the podcast.

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