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My Kind of Measuring Cup

I love this measuring cup.  Will someone get it for me? It would useful for all sorts of things, like cooking, bomb making, and taking over the planet.  Cause on the other side it tells you how many grains of flour per people on the planet!

It’s a cup with endless uses I tell you!


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Need some Help with that?

If you need help finding a gift for someone, or are bored, or need to use the bathroom in Munich, well, this site can help you. If you need help taking over the planet, then this post can help you.

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Best Waterslide ever?

That could very well be the most fun water slide ever created.

{FF’s Photo of the Day}

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3 People Chess = Confusion

So, you consider yourself a pretty damn good Chess player, well, why not try taking on 2 people at once, on the same board!  Not possible, well with this special 3 People Chess set, you can do just that.

The rules are the same, and until you get to the center, movement is the same.  As you can see in the following pictures, pawns can move a few places, bishops move exactly the same way, except it kinda looks like they curve, same for the Queen, except she cannot move from black to white accross the diagonal in the center when moving in a straight line.

Actually, it looks like a regular game of chess, and not that much harder, i wonder where you can get a set like this?

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Tables, Aquarium style

Here are some nice tables, I don’t know if I like them more then my LED table, but they are pretty interesting nonetheless.  Only question is how do you feed the fish?

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This is the result of an ongoing effort to create “BUZZ” about UNEASYsilence.

Connected to the post here. After some time, we found a “useful” use for the 200 feet or so of cable we found the other day. We spelled out on the bridge for all the school to see. Hopefully this will create som “BUZZ”

In case you forgot the site: UNEASYsilence