String Denver


reddit user charbinks has made a string art version of the Denver Skyline.  It’s pretty nice, and unique.  Since it’s layered, I think it could have been cool if he used different colored string for the mountains, and sky.  Either way, it’s pretty ace, you should check out the imgur album below. {reddit|imgur}

Half of Food


It’s interesting to see what things look like when you bisect them.  It’s even more interesting to thing of what they look like when you realize that there’s 2 different axis you can cut them in half over. There’s a whole subreddit for pictures of things fut in half.  I look through it sometimes, but not … Continued

McDonalds Hellscape


Art is weird. I mean, look at the detail this person went to to make this super creepy McDonalds landscape: It’s very detailed, and very percise, but it’s also very wrong.  Like, seriously, very wrong.  But it’s art, so someone likes it I guess. {Imgur|reddit}

The Cookie Clicker


It’s embarrassing how much time I’ve spent playing this game.  It’s not even a game, you can just let it run in the background on a not used tab and you still accumulate cookies.  But I feel watching, and clicking is so much more fun. Also, probably the best thing about the whole game.  If … Continued

The Holiest Cake


Instructables user rickwalker created the most awesome cake ever. The whole Instrucable is impressively documented.  It seems very long, but that’s because there are so many important steps in order to get it just right.  I mean, look how perfect the above cake looks compared to the real thing: It’s a spitting image if I … Continued



It’s been long overdue or something, but here is the latest in what could be a long awaited list of wrong stumbles around the internets.  As always its full of the usual memes, gifs, Nazis, 4chan, motivationals, and other general internet shenanigans.  I could write some more, but I am electing to just go ahead … Continued

Water Shields to Full Power


Concepts are weird.  Some are amazing in their ingeniousness, while others just scream wtf. This Water Shield for fruit is somewhere inbetween those two.  It’s a completely new idea, but something thats completely cool too, (in a “I wonder if this will ever work the way the picture shows” kinda way).  The idea behind it … Continued

Stumble Punch!


I will admit the entire name of this post is based off of the first image below.  Blame chris.

Carol of The Bells


Carol of the Bells is the Best Christmas song of all time, just in time for Santa’s trip around the world. Probably the most famous rendition of it is Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo 12/24.  It’s my favorite one that’s for sure.  Here is the video in all it’s awesome glory: From the people who … Continued

Stumbles 20


No one cares about 19.  It’s such a silly number.  Even if it is prime, it’s silly.  Anyway, off for the 20th installment of the Stumbles series.  Got some good memes here, some good games, and some holiday cheer.  So be a good faith, and click the link below for some laughing good times.