To the Edge of Space

Complete in full 360° glory!  Some crazy Russians (might not actually be Russians, but rather great Capitalists!) have attached a Samsung Gear 360 camera to the tail of a MiG as it flew into the stratosphere at speeds approaching Mach 2.  I will say, traveling at supersonic speeds is one of my all time dreams, and even though the clouds of this flight were boring, the knowledge that this type of trip is offered is enough to make me super excited for getting my own $20,000 together to try myself!.

{360 Rumors|The Aviationist}

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Super Slow Model Airplanes

Watch this video, it’s pretty cool, and shows you some of the niches that hobbies have

Joshua Finn makes F1D model airplanes.  These planes can fly for up to 30 minutes on the winding of a single rubber band.  You know the these guys are serious when they start to describe the uniqueness of different vintages of rubber bands.  Specifically rubber from May of 1999.  I’m sure someone with an engineering degree could provide some verification to that, but I’ll believe them.  I’m not making fun of these people at all.  It’s a really interesting hobby, and if I had time, I’d get into it, but with all the other things that I spend my time doing, I don’t think I’d ever be able to dedicate enough time to do it correctly.

{Flite Test|Imgur}