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Re-creating Top Gun

There’s a scene in Top Gun where the jets are inverted and pictures are taken.  Naturally, it was a hit scene and people wanted to re-create it in real life.  Using the help of the Patriots Jet Team, photographer Blair Bunting fulfilled that goal. I think it’s super dangerous, but, let’s be honest, so are most awesome things.  Taking photos in planes upside down is nothing new, taking them only a few feet apart is something completely different though.  That required fast timing, luck, and training.  There’s lots of g-forces at play, and there’s also making sure that everything is within safety margins.

The final photo is pretty nice, but it looks quite fake to be honest though


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360 Cockpit Views

I just cannot get enough of these 360 degree videos that are cropping up on YouTube, and generally all over.  They are super cool!  This one shows the inside of a cockpit of an Airbus A320 as it travels from Zurich to Geneva.  The YouTube video isn’t as long, or as high quality as the initial one, but it’s easier to embed, which is why it’s there, but you can see a longer one at

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Wright Brothers Flight Video

I promise I’m not just gonna make anniversary posts, I will get some real new good ones up soon.  But this was a neat little video I stumbled to that I thought I should share regarding a later flight by The Wright Brothers.

My favorite part comes at the 1:30 mark, when you see the guys in the round top hats duck, and walk around, and act all “turn of the century” with their hats, and canes, and the like.

The video is pretty good quality for the time, but the lack of sound makes it eerie.  Not as eerie as the creepiest tree ever, but up there.

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The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels are awesome.  Watching them perform is awesome (I’ve done it before), actually riding along with them is all levels of awesome (I’m talking to you Adam Savage)

For now I’ll have to be content with watching this video taken from inside the cockpit of one. And I don’t know what they claim, but I felt fine watching it all the way through with no sick feeling at all.
{Gizmodo | Wired}

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Personal Flying Machine

This is a pretty interesting airplane.  At under $150,000 it’s cheaper then some cars, and so much more useful, and legally faster.  I want one, I could use it for scouting missions for my bunker location.  The fact that it can land on water makes it doublely useful because I can find a secluded mountain spot alone, the hard part would be transferring supplies, because it can only carry about 530lbs, but i could probably modify it a bit if need be.

Now i have two things to save up for, a bunker, and an Icon A5 plane.  Who want’s to donate first?


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Sea Plane of the Future?

Imagine a plane that can fly you above the clouds, and then beneath the seas.  Imagine a plane that could drop bombs on your enemies, and torpedo the deepest nuclear submarines.  Imagine the future.

DARPA is working on plans for just such a plane.  However, it will probably be some middle ground in the above examples I gave.  Civilians will never get to use it, and it probably wont go deep enough to get to the Typhoons, but it will make for a pretty awesome plane.

However, when I’m thinking of this ship, i think of the underwater sequence from Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow.

Instead, it’s probably gonna be more like this:

which is no where near as awesome.
Oh well, maybe in a few dozen years or so we will get Mustangs that can drop out of the sky and fly under water, that would be so awesome!