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Hoth, the location of arguably the most talked about battle in the Star Wars Universe.  I’m not going to talk about it though, I don’t really want to get into the science or logic behind the battle.  I want so share with you some awesome LEGO photographs that are centered around this great battle.

LEGO Tie Fighter


Most of these are more art work shots, then action shots, but they still offer an amazing outlook on this famous battle.  Sure the artist took some liberties, (there were no Tie Fighters on the planet’s surface), but it still looks amazing.

Hoth Battle


Yes, this is an action shot, but with some artistic license in it as well.

Hoth AT-AT

View more of these awesome shots on Flickr.

DIY internet photo

Book Destruction

Way less destructive then these awesome Artfull Books, actually, not so destructive at all, but since i used the Artfull title before, I can’t go and call this a sequel.  It is just as hard to make I’d say.  Having to fold down each page in the right order,. and the right number of times to spell out them words.  I’ve picked 2 more of my favorites below, but you can see the whole book on Flickr.  And no, I did not plan on the songs when I choose the words, they just came to me (well, except the last one).

Mother, mother, tell you children, that their time has just begun.

This next one is so ace:

{MAKE| recyclart}

awesome DIY LEGO photo the greatest

Giant LEGO stuff

Some enterprising young lads have decided to make a relief map of Europe out of LEGOs.  This is awesome.  There’s tons of pictures after the jump because I want to keep the front page of the blog less then 100000000 pixles long, and keep the loading times down too.  So click the jump, or if you’re reading this in your feeds, just ignore this sentence and continue on you’re merry way.