Hoth, the location of arguably the most talked about battle in the Star Wars Universe.  I’m not going to talk about it though, I don’t really want to get into the science or logic behind the battle.  I want so share with you some awesome LEGO photographs that are centered around this great battle.   … Continued

Book Destruction


Way less destructive then these awesome Artfull Books, actually, not so destructive at all, but since i used the Artfull title before, I can’t go and call this a sequel.  It is just as hard to make I’d say.  Having to fold down each page in the right order,. and the right number of times … Continued

Giant LEGO stuff


Some enterprising young lads have decided to make a relief map of Europe out of LEGOs.  This is awesome.  There’s tons of pictures after the jump because I want to keep the front page of the blog less then 100000000 pixles long, and keep the loading times down too.  So click the jump, or if … Continued