It’s the 4th of July, Happy Birthday America.  Welcome to the greatest Country in the history of the world.  The world’s history is short, as {Fireworks!}

America The Beautiful


Happy Birthday America, may you always be Great, and if anything, become greater! ~MAGA



Welcome to the new world!!1!1.  I realize I’m showing my cards here, but I don’t care, it doesn’t matter, now is the time that we’re gonna Make America Great Again. Now, welcome to this amazing compilation video of The Donald’s rise to greatness:

10 Minutes of Fireworks


Last week The 4th of July, naturally, there was many different fireworks displays in the country.  Most people see one, maybe two, usually on different nights.  Well, Evan Halleck and Andrew Harless decided to hike up to an overlook in Griffith Park called Wisdom Tree that overlooks Los Angeles.  Together, they set up cameras to … Continued



I was going to make a Brexit joke, but that’s overdone, so instead, here’s some pictures of Fireworks.

Drone Fireworks


Calder Wilson has come up with another neat thing to do with drones.  Attach fireworks to them, light them, and take long exposure photos. It’s not a unique idea, but it is the first time I’m seeing someone use this idea for photography.  People have attached Fireworks to R/C Planes before, but that was for … Continued

Happy 4th Of July


This film is on Encore for the entire day.  Watch it at least once, or you’re not a true American.



Sure, this might be from New Years, and it might be from Australia, but it’s still very cool.  Unfortunately, it being from Australia makes it ineligible to be the annual 4th of July Post.  And, in order to not have two fireworks posts right next to each other generic cialis price in July, I’m gonna … Continued

Fireworks from the Sky


I’ve always wondered what fireworks look like from the air when they explode.  This is a good video of that. Some things I’d reccomend for a 2nd version: Do it at night Have some comparision shots from the ground Do it at night again I want to try it, but first need to move to … Continued

RC Plane F(l)ight.


This video is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.  Pasqualy had himself an awesome 4th of July.  He modified a cheap EasyStar RC plane with a wireless video camera, and some model rockets/fireworks attached to the undersides of the wings to have the most fun ever. I simply cannot explain just how awesome … Continued