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Rube Goldberg Fire machine

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Will Rube Goldberg machines ever get old?
Will things that are on fire ever get old?
If you combine them, do you get an awesome video?

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The most awesome glove ever

With the power of this glove, I can control the fate of Ants everywhere! No need to fuss with magnifying glasses, and the Sun, for I will be able to light ants on fire with the snap of my fingers!

I must have one.

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Addicting Games

I think it’s safe to say that I have a few problems. For the past hour or so I have been addicted to the game Light People On Fire It’s a simple game, but I figured out the trick to it, and was able to easily get 24,000 points, if i didn’t have control over myself, i’d probably play for a few more hours, and try to get on the first page of high scores.

Considering how addicted I got to Pandemic last year, which puts you in the shoes of a virus bent on killing all humans, I don’t know what that says about me…

But, really, both of those games are worth playing, simply because they are fun for hours, and hours on end!

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Tornado of Fire

this video is just amazing, look at the fire!