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2014 Movies

It’s still early in the year, but a few movies are standing out as entertainers.  Sure there’s the regular crop of super hero action movies, but everyone’s going to see those, not that the two movies I’m going to highlight below will be under the radar films to any extent.  Anyways…

Say what you want about Michael Bay, 9 times out of 10, his movies are entertaining.  They might be low on plot, but I don’t exactly expect plot when I go to see a Michael Bay film.  Oh well, I’ll never win over some people so let’s just get to it:

This summer Bay returns to The Transformers universe with Transformers: Age of Extinction.  And, I must say, this movie looks head and shoulders better then the previous Transformers entries.  Most of that is due to the removal of Shia Labeouf’s character, and replacing him with a new character, played by Mark Wahlberg.

This doesn’t look like a full reboot, more like as Andrew over at Filmonic says, of something happening in parallel.  It looks good, and honestly, I thought the 3rd Transformers film was pretty decent, better then the 2nd one (but that’s not saying much really)

This next film though is in a class far outside of Transformers, or Michael Bay.  Interstellar is Christopher Nolan’s next release, and while the trailer doesn’t really give much (it is a teaser after all):

Matthew McConaughey is in this, and I don’t remember where I read it, but someone claimed we were in the midst of a McConassance, (or some form of that spelling).  What with his recent Academy Award for what looked like a great performance (I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see Dallas Buyers Club), but his narration on that teaser alone makes me want to see this film.  Forget about Nolan.

Oh well, Transformers is a regular summer blockbuster, while Interstellar is currently a November release, maybe an awards movie attempt?

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The Monuments Men

Ah Matt Damon, teaming up with George Clooney for another exciting movie tour.  It’s hard to tell from the trailer what the tone of this movie is gonna be, but I think it’s going to be 65% Ocean’s Eleven, and 35%  serious film.  Andrew Shuster over at Filmonic thinks there could be alittle Saving Private Ryan in there, I disagree, from what I’ve seen in the trailer it is nowhere near serious enough to be Ryan.  He also thinks that it can be a serious Oscar contender, I disagree on the serious part, it could certainly be an Oscar contender, just not for all the same categories that Argo was last year.  But what do I know, I don’t get paid to write film trailer reviews.


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You should go see Elysium

Matt Damon. Si-Fi. District 9.

That’s all you need to know about the above trailer.

Hell, Matt Damon was all I needed to know, and I’m in.

This looks like a killer movie though.  And the more I see of Neill Blomkamp, the more I like.  I really think that in time, he will make a Halo film, and it will be Epic.  (Those that know me, know I don’t use the word Epic, unless I am reffering to something that will be, or is an Epic, like Ben Hur, or Monty Python.


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The Bourne Legacy

I love The Bourne Films, they are some of the most superbly acted, written, and directed films of the last decade.  They turned me into a Matt Damon fan, and because of that, I fucking love Matt Damon.

Now, more importantly, the Robert Ludlum books about Jason Bourne, Identity, Supremacy, & Ultimatum, (there’s like 6 others written by another author that for all intents and purposes, fucked up the franchise), those 3 books are amazing, and share nothing in common with the films of the same names.

I don’t mind that.  You see, I saw all the films before I read the books, and I didn’t know any better (and neither did the general movie going American public I assume), so you can imagine the surprise I was in for when I read the first book and was like, ok, this is almost what all 3 films were about.  Almost because the films took alot of leeway, and killed off alot of people.

Which is fine, they’re allowed to.  I consider them seperate entities in the same overarching story.

Now a 4th Bourne film is set to be released this summer.  (With the name Bourne Legacy (the name of the first non Ludlum Bourne novel)).  And like it’s predecessors, it is shaping up to be nothing like the novel of the same name.

Which is fine, as if you remember, Eric Van Lustbader fucked up the series.

From the trailer (above) it seems like it’s taking place before the first film, and parallel to Ultimatum (film).  I approve of this.  It keeps everything in the same universe, and doesn’t recast, or reboot the franchise ala The Amazing Spider Man.

I am nothing but excited about this film, and after The Dark Knight Rises, this will probably be the only must see film I have for the summer of 2012.

I will reserve judgement on weather or not they should make a 5th one (in the same type) until after I see this, but I hope they do.

I also hope that Matt Damon comes back, cause that would just be ace.


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The best film of 2012?

Well, probably not.  Hell, not even the most anticipated.  But I can tell you one thing, this film will be the ultimate best ride of 2012 funwise.

Look at that cast, it’s a who’s who of action stars.  If you thought the first Expendables had a dream team,  this one ups it with the inclusion of Van Damme & Norris.

Yes. Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis & Arnold Schwarzenegger are all in the same film. Notice I bolded & italicized that, just to get it to hit home for you.  There’s also a bunch of other people in it, some newer action stars and stuff, but come on, none of those people would have a career if it weren’t for the 6 people mentioned above.

I think Chuck Norris has the best introduction in that trailer too.  He’s walking along all cool, takes off his sun glasses and is like yea, that’s right, I’m Chuck Norris.

The first Expendables was good, not great by any means, but good.  There were some good lines, but not the always quotable Die Hard.  Hopefully 2 will be just as good, or better, cause I really want a 3rd film.

And here’s my cast additions for that one:

  • Samule L. Jackson
  • Steven Seagal
  • Harrison Ford
  • Matt Damon
  • Jean Reno


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Every year there’s a movie that doesn’t matter what you think, I think looks amazing.  This year it’s Contagion, and surprise, this year it actually might be another movie that someone other then me might like/  Previous titles of awesome movie award of the year go to The Expendables, G.I. Joe, and Snakes on a Plane.

Contagion has a very Outbreak feel to it, except, it won’t be nearly as cheesy or bad as Outbreak was, at least, I hope not anyway.


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The Expendables gets anew trailer

And it’s good.  Watch it, you don’t need any other motivation now.

Also, I’m bummed that they moved it back to August, cause everyone knows that studios dumb the movies they don’t expect to get good reviews in August.  And honestly anyone who gives this a bad review is in for a problem.  It just looks so badass awesome that it will be good.  Like Snakes on a Plane, only with more explosions, and less dumb.

anyway, enjoy the trailer, and count the days till August. {Filmonic}

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Kick Ass

Right up there with The Expendables, Kick Ass is gonna be an underdog awesome movie of 2010.

The above is the official trailer for the film, so it’s cut down, and less graphic then the red band one you can see here.  The first trailer doesn’t really tell much of the story, but the above does a good job at giving the gist of it.  I have to say, the beginning of the trailer was eh, but i really just want to see where this goes, especially for the little girl assassin (that screams Natalie Portman in Léon).  This is gonna be good.
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New York, it’s awesome to destroy

Ah New York, the greatest city in the world.  What makes it so great?  Many things, but, most importantly, the fact that Hollywood loves to destroy the city every chance they get.  Off the top of my head, I can list 7 films that destroy all, or part of the city.  Here’s a collection of scenes from 22 films that do that set to some nice music including a understandable version of It’s the End of the World As We Know It.


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The Expendables

The Expendables is gonna be awesome!  I first saw this a few weeks ago.  It’s a movie written and directed by Sylvester Stallone.  It has every action star you can imagine.  Yes, a cameo by Arnold.  And what cemented my viewing of this film was the cameo by Bruce Willis.

Who cares about the plot, or the script, or anything really.  It has Arnold, and Willis, and Statham, and Nick Searcy, among other people.  This is gonna be a kick ass movie.  Just to see all these guys on screen at the same time shooting guns, punching people, and having a grand ‘ol time, it’s magic.  We just need Alan Rickman, Sean Bean, and Ed Harris on the bad guys list, and it would be even better!