30 Years


It’s been Thirty years since Los Angeles joined the ranks of cities whose only qualification was to be a victim of a terrorist act.  Though, were they really terrorists?  Their own ranks called themselves exceptional thieves, and one-time kidnappers, not terrorists.  No Hans Grubber and his pals were opportunists, and only cared about money, $600 … Continued

Renovation is complete


My trip this past weekend brought me down to Los Angeles, city of Angels.  It is also the home of Fox Plaza, which served as the setting for the greatest film of all time, Die Hard. Naturally, being in  Los Angeles for the first time, I had to visit this monument to film making.  You will … Continued

The Ocean Maker


You really should watch this 10 minute short film called The Ocean Maker: It’s short, there’s no dialog, but it’s touching.  There’s just enough story to get the general idea of what’s going on, mixed in with just enough plot.  Additionally, it was made in just under 2 months on an Island in the Caribbean. … Continued

Happy 4th Of July


This film is on Encore for the entire day.  Watch it at least once, or you’re not a true American.

Famous Movie Cars


Cars play a big part in films.  I’m sure there are a handful of cars that you can name just from movies.  Well, Jesús Prudencio, over at Cars and Films.com has taken some famous cars form movies, and made posters for them. I’ll be honest with you, I usually hate these minimalist posters that defy the whole … Continued

2014 Movies


It’s still early in the year, but a few movies are standing out as entertainers.  Sure there’s the regular crop of super hero action movies, but everyone’s going to see those, not that the two movies I’m going to highlight below will be under the radar films to any extent.  Anyways… Say what you want … Continued

Jurassic Park Posters


That is the original theatrical poster for the film Jurassic Park.  It’s simple, classic really, perhaps one of the greatest film posters ever made.  There’s not much to it: Film Name – check Tagline – check Some way to ascertain what the film might be about – check Famous person in/director – check The Short … Continued

Iron Sky


Remember Iron Sky?  It’s an independent film about Nazi’s from The Moon, who invade earth in the year 2018.  I’m particularly fond of the line “Man kind’s greatest enemy”  It has a certain ring to it.  If you didn’t pay attention to the giant swastika base you’d think they were actual aliens. I was initially … Continued

Speed is awesome


This picture has been staring at me for the past few weeks and I’ve been meaning to post it I’ve just been busy with a big redesign process.  Don’t worry the new theme should go live sometime this week.  Anyway that ad for Netflix was in my Google Reader when I got to that post.  … Continued

Star Wars vs. Star Trek…the Movie


As far as trailer mashups go, this has to be close to the top for excellently well made ones.  The title speaks for itself.  And except for a few scenes from the less then great 2009 Star Trek film, it includes bits and pieces from the The Next Generation films, and the last 4 (chronologically) … Continued