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LASER Headphones

I share this with you today not because I am willing to purchase them, but because I think they are pretty ace:

Lucky for you this Kickstarter has already reached it’s goal with just over a month left. Hopefully it will actually deliver on said item unlike other Kickstarters.
Anyway, the above headphones use LASER light (not sure why they need a laser and not just LEDs), and fiber optic cables to pulse light up the cords based on the beat of the music. It’s a pretty neat idea, but I have some issues with it.

  1. The best way to see it is to wear the headphones over your clothes.  That’s all fine and good, but I aren’t you afraid you’ll snag the wires on something?  Maybe it’s just a personal clumsy issue, but I snag wires, and shirts, and stuff all the time.
  2. There is glass here.  Headphones get tangled, especially in-ear headphones.  I do not expect these to last too too long.
  3. You’re paying $150 for in-ear headphones.  I’m sorry, I can’t justify that much for in-ear headphones.

Now, the maker says it’s tied to the Android OS, so that could mean that it could be paired with a phone, or other smart device.  Then you could send other messages or alerts to the wires.  I’m not sure what you’d gain from it, but it would be possible.


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Legend of Zelda Wind Waker: LEGO

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker is the game that really got me hooked on the Zelda franchise.  Yes, I played Ocarina of Time on N64, but it didn’t click with me.  I was too busy shooting things in Goldeneye, or flying around in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.  Even with all of the sailing around and collection of things on the giant overworld, I still really loved the game.

Wind Waker LEGO

An internet user by the name of BrucilSprout loves the game (as do many other people across the world).  This person recreated the ocean overworld with LEGOs.  Although, it looks like they used the LEGO Digital Designer program to do it.  Which means that you just need to get the file, and then you can order, or piece together all 1,900 LEGO bricks yourself.

Now, the real question is, where are all these 1,900 bricks?  It looks like there should be maybe 200.


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Analog Static

CES was last week.  I bet you knew that.  I bet you saw some of the ace TVs and drones that were all the rage.  I bet you didn’t see this hi-tech, low-tech screen:

It has a resolution of 74,088 mechanical pixels. That sounds impressive, until you do the math and realize that it’s only 588×126.  No 4k here.  It’s limited to a 30fps refresh rate.  Also, it’s only B&W.  And it uses over 3,000 Watts of power when all the dots are being flipped.  It’s still pretty ace though isn’t it?

{Hacked Gadgets|Hackaday}

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DIY Fountain Lights

The Fountains of Bellagio are world renowned.  In fact they are probably the one item at Las Vegas that everyone who goes there sees.  Weahter it’s by accident or on purpose, it’s hard to miss them.  I’ve spent much of a summer’s afternoon in front of them watching the different displays, and songs that they used.  They are just that fun.

Well for about $700, Scott Schneider over in Washington has built his own (smaller) version of them.  Using 3 kiddie pools, each with 5 independently powered and lighted jets, he’s able to make his own mini fountain displays.  Couple it with a computer, a custom short range radio broadcaster, 1,200 gallons of water, and you have everything you need to put on a Christmas display to put everyone in awe.

Yes, this was posted 8 months ago, but now is the time of year to watch it, not April.  So that’s why I waited to bring it to your attention.



The Snow Drone

You may not have heard, but the US was pretty cold this past week.  You also may not have heard that Buffalo New York got hit with about 6 feet of snow in a single storm.  Yea, it’s pretty crazy out.  Well, what do you do when you’re stuck in the snow?  In the olden days you had to stay indoors, and generally be bored.  That’s still the case, and the common sense advice.  But YouTube user Jim Grimaldi decided to send his drone to the skies to see what it’s like in a blizzard.  The above video is pretty neat.  I wish though that he was able to send his drone out alittle further.  Perhaps he needs to set some antennas up on his house to magnify the signal.  That’d be cool.

{Peta Pixel}


Ballet Art

Technology is crazy now isn’t it?  Wireless things attached to other things let you make virtual things and then you can show those things in a cool video that you upload to the internet of things.

I think if they connected a few pairs of these up to a whole group of ballet dancers they could make some pretty interesting designs.  Get some different colors in it, maybe throw in a guy or two for good measure.


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String Denver

Denver String

reddit user charbinks has made a string art version of the Denver Skyline.  It’s pretty nice, and unique.  Since it’s layered, I think it could have been cool if he used different colored string for the mountains, and sky.  Either way, it’s pretty ace, you should check out the imgur album below.

denver string 2


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Drone Racing

This is like Pod Racing, except you don’t need to be a Jedi to do it.  You just need some money to spare:

The video is in French, so if you know French, tell me what they’re saying.  If not, don’t worry it’s not necessary, just watch the video it’s fun.  Apparently, a club in the French Alps has put together a course that they run drones through 3 laps of to see who can win.  Right not it seems like it’s strictly a no contact sport, but with the addition of “lasers” and other non-lethal electronic items, it could be fun.  Also, I think they should strap some fireworks to them, that will make it way more fun.


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The Money Pit

Riptide was an interesting book, it engaged you and kept you guessing, I won’t spoil the book’s ending for you,  but below you can listen to a podcast about the actual pit that inspired the book.  Yes, the story I’m about to tell you is based on true events, but Futility Closet seems to take some of the magic away from it.

Oak Island is located in Nova Scotia, on it is a pit that dozens of people have sunk money into over the years looking for buried treasure.  What makes this pit special is that at periodic intervals, wooden planks were found.  On top of that, at certain depths, water rushed in seemingly from nowhere.  It all goes back to legends of pirates and buried treasure.

The history of the island is pretty interesting, but as I said before, the podcast below kind of takes away some of the charm of it.  There’s also a television show on The History Channel called The Curse of Oak Island.  I haven’t seen it yet, but it seems like two brothers have conned The History Channel into being the latest people to sunk money into the pit.

{Futility Closet}

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2 Hours of Game Boy

Well, closer to 3 hours actually, but whatever, you’re not going to watch all of it are you?  This is supposedly the start screen for every original Game Boy game made.  I believe him, mostly because I’m not investing 3 hours of my life watching it and taking notes of every game, and then matching what he put in with what that respective game’s actual opening sequence is.

I will say that there is a surprisingly large variety of music on hand.  Way more then I would have guessed.  There’s also way more games then I ever knew existed, but that’s pretty much a given, have you ever looked in Game Stop at the old used games section, it’s huge, or at least it used to be.