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Obi-Wan Remembers

I have never seen this fan-cut before, but it is 100% worth the watch. It’s amazing how much emotion went into some scenes with 0 backstory, but then again, that’s acting for you.


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Fan-made Documentary on The Battle of Hogwarts

Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series, the films are up there on my list, but no where near the top (if only).  I don’t particularly like fan-fiction, or fan made movies, or things like that, they usually suck.  But this short film (or 10 segmented list), isn’t that bad.  It’s worth a watch if you have nothing to do and like Harry Potter.

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DIY ION Thruster Fan

ION engines are super cool.  They produce thrust with just electricity, no moving parts, no exhaust, no problems.  Well, one problem actually, the thrust produced is pretty minuscule for the input energy required.  The only place it works is in space, where there’s no friction to overcome and constant slow acceleration can eventually lead to very great speeds.

ION engine 1

Well, Alex Reifsynder over at MAKE has put together a short series of steps to make your very own ion thruster, except you won’t be making any super cool vehicles, instead you will have a small, expensive to operate and dangerous fan.  Good luck, it’s pretty cool, haha, get it.

Deadly Computer

Chopper Fan

Chopper Ceiling Fan

I don’t really care too much about ceiling fans, or (fans in general), but I do like Aviation, and while Helicopters are cool, there’s just far, far too much negativity about them for me, honestly, I am never be able to not think of some sort of conspiracy whenever I see/hear helicopters flying overhead.  There was an 8 month span where at least once a week one would fly over my house at various times of the day.  I distinctly remember one flying over low, and loud at around 1am one Sunday morning too.

Nothing good can come of them, nothing.

And for that reason I would probably be alittle hesitant with installing this in my bedroom.  I can just picture myself waking up in the middle of the night for some reason and seeing that, (with the blades spinning for obvious reasons), and freaking the fuck out.

Now, would I stick this in my kid’s bedroom, probably, a guest bedroom, hell yes, my kitchen, maybe.

I like it though, hopefully it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, and more hopefully, it’s something more then a concept.

{Raffaele Iannello}