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Shift_the way you use water

I’m sorry, that just reminded me of the Nissan commercials with Shift_some words.  Anyway, here’s a new faucet designed to get people to use less water.  I’m gonna do something different, post all the photos of it, and then give my opinion.

Ok, look at those pretty photos.  Aren’t they cool?  Well, here are my thoughts on it.  First, let’s take a look at a normal bathroom sink courtesy of Wikipedia:

That sink is the product of hundreds of years of normalness.  The hot water control is on the left, and the cold water is on the right.  Some sinks have different taps for each water, and some are a lever in the middle, but there is a commonality between left – hot, and right – cold.

If we look at the shifter, there is no hot or cold, just slow – fast, and while that is nice, it is useless.

Are people gonna have to learn to drive a shift faucet, because we’ve used simple turning things for generations?  Will we have to push in the clutch if we want to change water temperature?  Clearly it will involve the use of both hands and probably a foot or something too.  And people just learning their way along this “manual faucet” will likely get burnt by the hot water when they go to take a shower one day, and will be scared for life as it will be hard to judge just exactly when, and how much to give of each type of water.  And hopefully you’ll be able to do it before the water gets too hot to burn you, or too cold to cause you  to melt into a pile of flesh colored mush.

Next up, when people actually do how to use it, will it actually work?  Sure manual transmission cars are more efficent for a variety of reasons, but they also come in a much wider variety where efficency isn’t a problem.  Will there be luxury faucets too?

And after everything is all said and done, people will probably just have too much fun playing with the shifter and changing the speed to actually save any water?  I think so.  Afterall, when was the last time you spent hours playing with your regular faucet?  Probably when you were 3.  On the upside, these new things will be so complicated that 3 year olds wont be able to use them, on the down side, 3 year olds will smell worse now.

Overall, I think this concept is cool, but will become a failure at heart.  It’s just too silly to actually work.  But good work on an interesting design, and trying to get your car in the home in not the shape of a bed or on wallpaper, on in matchbox cars.

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Hello, My Name is: Mr. Awesome

Well, unless the name on your birth certificate says Mr. Awesome, it would be illegal for you to say that online if Tim Couch, a Representatives from Kentucky gets his way.  Lucky for us though, that bill, which would make anonymous posting on the internet illegal, will never happen.

First, it is a blatant disregard of the First Ammendment, second, there’s people in other countries who don’t follow American Laws, (or any laws).  Try and get them to pay your $500 fine for letting people post comments on their blogs under the name “Mr. Awesome” let me give you a hint, you will fail.

Oh, and the reasoning behind this insane bill, bullying.  It sounds like Tim got upset because someone named Mr. Bobbles called him a a bad name, and now Tim wants to get in the last laugh, because we all know real power comes from being able to inflict fear in others.  Maybe Tim is hoping Mr. Bobbles will come froward and apologize to him.  Mr. Bobbles, DO NOT apologize.

This all goes to show the insanity that are our Representitives, let me remind you, we elect these people.  If you ask me, it sounds like it’s time for some restructuring of our government…

(The Mr. Bobbles incident probably didn’t happen, i made that up, but you get my point i hope)