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Super Fast Plane

For real though, how can you even control something going to fast? Like, I get it when you’re watching it form the first person point of view, and you have something giant, and you’re a few hundred or thousand feet above the ground. But a little R/C plane. Damn, some people are just skilled.


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The Penny Floor Duo

penny floor

Reddit user toooners made a floor completely covered in pennies. It took about a month because of some trial an error.  They ran out of tarnished pennies at one point, so that had to be artificially done.  I can’t notice the difference between the naturally dark brown ones, and the tanned ones, I’m sure though that had I spent all the time making the floor, I would.

penny progress

The room itself doesn’t look that large, but this is a time consuming process.  Especially once you look more closely and realize that all the pennies are placed in rows of heads, than tails, and all of them face the same direction.  It’s nice, dedication to the cause, I like it.

Check out the entire Imgur album, it’s quite a ride.


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Make your own 360° Video

16 video

Remember the 360° Video that YouTube recently supported?  Do you want to make your own?  Well, if you have $15,000, you can buy this 16 GoPro camera rig that includes the cameras, the rig to hold them, and the software to stitch everything together.  Unfortunately, it’s only shooting in 2K 4:3 format.  You’ll probably have to wait to shoot larger format.

Take a look at the video below where they tested out the process:


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The Widest Lens in The World


For the low, low price of $79,995.00 you can what is the widest lens ever produced (on the 35mm format), the Nikon 6mm 2.8.   This massive lens has a field of view of 220°.  For reference a human eye has almost 180°.  A standard portrait (taken at 55mm), usually has 76° field of view.  That means that the lens can see behind itself.  Let that sink in for a bit.

The lens was only ever a special order, and it’s original purpose was for scientific expeditions of Antarctica, so scientists could take pictures of the sky, and the horizon at the same time.  I wish they would digitize some of those

Here’s a video of the unboxing of one.  It’s not a true unboxing, because this lens hasn’t been made in 30 years, but the unboxing of a Fed-Ex delivery of one.  Still, it’s pretty amazing to see this next to a person.

And here’s another video of the lens actually in use, you can see that it can see behind you:

{Peta Pixel}

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Conference Table King

When I become a multi-millionaire all of the furniture I don’t build myself, will be made by Tora Brasil.

This conference table made from a gigantic old tree is just a thing of beauty:

tree conference table

I don’t know why I would have a conference room, but I would still have this giant table.  It’s so beautiful.  And this coffee table, I know I already have one awesome table, but I drink alot of coffee, so I’ll probably need some more tables to put it all on.

Coffee Table

Before all you tree huggers come out let me just tell you, don’t come on my property, you will be shot at.  Then, you should know that Tora Brasil uses discarded pieces that can’t be used for regular common people furniture.  So Tora Brasil takes the ugly ducklings, and turns them into the most beautiful swans you could ever want.

{reddit|Home Centrl}

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Slow Motion Life

High Speed digital photography is nothing new, and with Mythbusters using their high speed camera at every irrelevant moment, it’s something we’ve all gotten alittle too used to.  That is until you see some every day occurrences done with it, and you realize that all that science they Mythbusters use their high speed camera for is silly.

Locked in a Vegas Hotel Room with a Phantom Flex from Tom Guilmette on Vimeo.

The best parts are clearly the ones with the faucet and water, I mean I’ve seen things like that before, but this is just so well done. Perhaps its the 1080p powers of the ridiculously expensive Phantom Flex video camera used to capture those shots, but something about that video makes is so much more cooler then regular High Speed camera shots.

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ZeroEdge Aquariums

We’ve featured a couple aquariums from time to time on the blog. Some were awesome, some were weird (even by my standards). And actually, the table aquariums inspired me to design my own that would be the future centerpiece of my living room, but that was during happier, more employed times. I might still revisit it later, but this is just beautiful and a really great design.


Now as I see it, there are a couple problems with this. There is no cover for the aquarium so you basically have to keep any cats far, far away from this. That might not be such a problem since the water flows over the edges of the tank and then gets recycled and theoretically cleaned I guess and put back in the tank. But again, since there’s no cover, I would be really worried about other stuff getting in there. Like dust or bugs or um…anything I regularly throw around my apartment. I guess in the end it wouldn’t really matter since most things would overflow with the water and get filtered out, but what if you have a fish that likes to jump? Nothing good happens, that’s for sure.

The really scary thing is that the website doesn’t tell you how expensive these things are, which leads me to believe I will never, ever be able to afford one. On completed kits, it just says to “Call for quote” which is never a good thing for a thrifty consumer. However, if you buy just a tank with a base (bring your own pump I guess) it ranges from $600 to $950 to infinity (which is, as far as I’m concerned, what  “Call for quote” means).

I found this on Make, and they seem to think that it would be easy to DIY, but I can’t help but think you would be way better off at least buying the tank from ZeroEdge. I mean, you could certainly buy an off the shelf tank and make a pump overflow it but anything you did yourself wouldn’t be nearly as elegant a solution as the real deal. If someone proves me wrong, I will buy it off you for whatever you want to charge me.

As long as it’s less than what ZeroEdge charges…for just a tank.


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The Airplane Desk

This desk is long enough, it’s just not wide enough for my liking.  I like my desk wide, like 3 feet or more.  You can never have enough desk space, and a 21inch monitor looks better 19 inches away from your face as opposed to 7.

Anyway, I like airplanes, and this would be my desk, or one of them anyway.  I saw one a long time ago that had no glass on it, the actual wing section was the top of the desk.  Probably not as level as the glass, but just as cool.

You can get the above photoed desk for a cool $4,100. Or you could get it as a gift to me.  I did graduate this year and all!


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Lovely Woodwork

From the same people who made the Marble Table, come the lovely woodwork joints above.  Ontwerpdup makes them, among some other cool ideas.  Although, my two favorites are the able, and those joints  And is it me, or does that little peice of dark wood in the middle look like a Tetris peice?