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Sewer Time-Lapse

Today I bring you a different type of time-lapse, one of the sewers under Manchester England.

CJ over at substormflow explores the old culverts and sewers beneath this city and documented them over 9 months collecting 5,000 photos which he’s combined into the above time-lapse.  Now, honestly, I wouldn’t call these sewers, they look more like storm drains.  But then again, that’s where most of the name came from, I think.

Moving water is fun, and these old brick lined pipes and tunnels are hallmarks to a simpler time when this type of water control was necessary.  I would probably spend just as much time as CJ does exploring old water systems like that if we had more of them in America.  Or, at least in the part of America that I live in anyway.  There are some elaborate systems like this in New England, but the vast majority of them are more modern concrete and steel systems that just don’t have the allure of brick and mortar.

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awesome photo science

Underground Camera

Camera View

Heinric & Palmer have set up this massive underground Camera Obscura in the hills of Essex England.  Camera Obscura is the basis for which all of photography was built upon, at it’s most simple is a hole in the side of a box (or in this case a room), that allows light through causing an inverted image to be displayed on the end.  The hole needs to be small, and the image needs to be focused, but it’s still basic principles.

Anyway, as I said above, Heinric & Palmer, with the blessing of Essex County England, installed a pipe in a hilltop where they placed a lens on the door to create this unique perspective on the beautiful rolling hills of the English countryside.

hillside camera

Above was a photo of the inside of the camera and what the observer would see had they entered the room.  Below you can see what the camera is focused on through the lens built into the door.

Through the lens

You can read about how they installed the project on their blog, but basically, the burried an 8 and a half foot wide, by 11 and a half foot long pipe in the top of a hill, made the inside all pretty with wooden panels, and installed the lens on the door.  The nice thing about this is that it’s installed on a bike trail, or off to the side of one anyway, so it’s some place that people can frequent often, it’s not off the beaten path, or hidden from view.  I like that.

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A Lake House

tunnel to room

In the the late 1800s an eccentric con-artist millionaire in England built a mansion with one of the most unique features in the world.  Under a man-made lake, he had an underground billiards room made.  This room is enclosed in thick glass windows that filter the light from above and cause an eerie glow about it.  The whole underwater system was set up to entertain party guests who would smoke, enjoy a game of billiards, dance, and admire the fish that swam by out the window.

Alas, the builder of the estate was a con-artist, and after he was convicted of fraud from bad loans in the early 1900s, he took his own life.  The (above ground) mansion went into disarray, but the underwater portion are still intact, but judging from the photos, it doesn’t look like it will last forever.

The Daily Mail has a nice write up on his story, so does Sunny Skyz.

room with person

Unfortunately, this picture with someone in it gives the room some perspective, and shows that it’s not really that large.

room at night

In case you’re wondering what it looks like from above ground, here it is at night, illuminated from below with the statue of Neptune showing it’s peak.