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Get your Inauguration Coverage Here

No, not here, I’m not live streaming this mess, at Twitter.  Or, through Twitter, specifically at, which redirects you to a place holder page until it starts tomorrow morning.  Do not fear though, you’re getting the PBS News Hour coverage of the event, not some Twitterized view.  Though, don’t worry, I’m sure it will be controversy free and run without a hitch.


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Hyperloop Test

When Elon Musk debuted his Hyperloop idea 3 years ago it was impressive.  He shared the technology with the world to challenge everyone to make this dream a reality.  Now we’re getting companies to start building the prototype.  Hyperloop One and BIG are teaming up for to build a track in, you guessed it, Dubai.  The University of Waterloo is about ready to test their Waterloop prototype pod which they hope will achieve speeds of 300mph.

It’s an exciting new world that’s about to start.  Let’s hope they get it all developed quickly!


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The Book Train

Did you know that there’s a book roller coaster/train in The New York Public Library? Me neither!  Apparently it’s a revamping of the old system of convener belts that were used to transfer books around the 8 story building.  It’s either we’re so modern, or wages are so expensive (thanks mandated $15/hr minimum wage), that they felt the need to automate this age old process of replacing books where they belong.


Drone Racing

Drone Racing is a thing.  I’ve posted about it before, I can’t remember though if I posted about the Drone Racing League (DRL), I think I did.  It’s a cool thing to watch the highlights and edited videos of.  I’m not sure if I would watch a live race.  ESPN however is hoping differently.  On Sunday October 23, 2016 they will air the first of 10 episodes for the 2016 DRL season.  Honestly, I don’t see it succeeding, at least not at any level approaching those traditional sports reach.  I’m not talking Monday Night Football numbers, or even Saturday afternoon hockey.  I think it will be a stretch to get in the millions of viewers to this.  But we’ll see.


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Nuclear Ice!

Nuclear Ice Breaker

Leave it to the Russians to come build the world’s largest nuclear powered ice breaker.  Hell, leave it to the Russian’s to build a nuclear powered icebreaker to begin with!  The Arktika clocks in at 569 feet in length, 112 feet wide, and able to haul 36,000 short tons.  It came with a sticker price of about $1.9 billion, which means it will have to punch through a lot of 10 foot ice flows to make up for it’s price tag.

I love nuclear power, and I wish more things would use it.  For clearing out ice in the frigid arctic ocean nuclear power sounds like a no-brainer.  It’s unfortunate that something like this would never take off in America.  Nuclear power can save the world, or it could be used to get us off this world.


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1,000 Core Chip

1,000 core chip

Researchers at UC Davis have teamed up with IBM to create a single microchip with 1,000 cores on it.  To put that into perspective, most modern computers have anywhere from 2 to 8 cores.  Chips in servers have up to a dozen cores each.  Each core is dedicated to single processes, but with 1,000 you could do so much.  Or so little.  Hardware is only as good as the software to pair it with.  Most software right now isn’t used to 8 core processors, let alone a 1,000 core one.  That’s alright though because this chip was manufactured on super out dated technology – 32nm dies, modern chips are on 14nm dies.  But now that it’s been done, it’s only a matter of time before it gets made more efficient, Moore’s law and all.


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Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

This post may be early, but if you had the Barisieur Coffee Alarm clock, at least you would be refreshed and relaxed while you’re reading it.  Unfortunately, this Kickstarter is still only about half way to it’s goal, and even then, you’d have to wait until 2017 before you could take delivery of it.  Regardless, it’s a nice idea.

I do have some issues with it though.  Firstly, it looks great on the model hotel room beds that they show people using it on, but in the real world, people’s night stands are crowded, cluttered, messes.  I wouldn’t trust all the fragile glass, and liquid to the amount of stuff I leave and throw there.  Secondly, it seems like there’s an awful lot that can go wrong here.  It’s dependent on timers, and boilers.  I’m sure most/all of this has been taken into account, but still, I don’t know if I would trust it.

And finally, wouldn’t the smell of fresh coffee grounds be enough to keep you awake?  Yes fresh brewed coffee is nice to smell, but fresh grounds, in my opinion, is a much nicer, stronger smell.


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3D Metal Printing

Researchers at Harvard have come up with a way to use LASERs to anneal silver nano-particle liquid into wire that’s thinner then a human hair.  This process allow them to eject the silver liquid through a needle and have a laser solidify it instantly to print 3 dimensional wire objects.  The video above is fun to watch.  Like all current 3D printing systems, this will have a few years of refinement needed before it’s ready for prime time, but it does usher in newer smaller more curvy electronic devices.  That sounds cool doesn’t it?


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Smash Bros. On a Calculator

Smash Bros calculator

Alright, Alright, I’m aittle late to the party here, but better late then never I say.  Omnimaga user Hayleia has put together a port of Super Smash Bros. onto the Ti-83/84 graphing calculators.  You know, those big bulky things that for some reason are still required for high school calculus even though everyone’s phone has more computing power then that?  Anyway, it’s pretty ace if you ask me.  Too bad I don’t have a use for those calculators anymore…

{Engadget|Tiny Cartridge}

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Star Kart

Yes, it’s one of those strange matches that you never would have guessed would be perfect but it is.  YouTube group Dark Pixel has spent a year making a mash up of Star Wars and Mario Kart. No, this isn’t a real life game, but with the power of the community, I’m sure a hacked together version is not far behind.  Hopefully Disney will get in contact with Nintendo for something similar to this.  After all, licensed tie-ins have proved a cash cow in recent years, and Star Wars is the original toy license king.