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Kinda DIY Underground Bunker

I say kinda because this guy had alot of help from people to manufacture, and get permits, and dig the hole and add a whole bunch of stuff to this basically, metal box

I will say that it has been significantly taken care of, because water, waste, air, and electricity is all taken into account.  However, it’s pretty basic, and more of a “man cave” instead of a bunker.  Yes, it’s underground, but, that is pretty much the last comparison to an apocalyptic bunker.  Sky1 funded the project as a large advertisement to a TV show they had.  It’s probably good that they did because the bunker is pretty well constructed.  But it goes against one of the major selling points of an underground bunker, no one is supposed to know it’s there.

Here’s a behind the scenes view of the construction:


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Nuclear Attack

Ah what an awesome site (pun intended).  Here you can find maps that predict the fallout that each state can experience if a nuclear war were to happen today.

As you can see, most sites of detonations are around major cities, so if you’re well outside a major city, you should be alright provided that the winds don’t blow towards you.  Oh, and you can’t live in Rhode Island.  You have no chance there.

New Hampshire looks like it’s the safest place to live, but still, you gotta be in the mountains, and not by the cities.

I really like the giant cluster of fallout that happens around missile silos.  Like in Montana, they do a good job explaining why that will happen, and what it comes down to is protection, many missiles are next to each other so that means that a strike can only happen on one at a time, leaving many more to fire out at the enemy.  There are 6 states that are classified as major fallout producers, with Wyoming getting in on the action too, but not above the limit apparently.

There’s tons of information there, and you could stay occupied for hours, or I could anyway.  Check it out, and remember, the world could end tomorrow, so it’s best to memorize these maps.

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Terminator Salvation

The Terminator franchise is one of my favorite movie franchises of all time.  (It’s also the main reason why I fear robots so much).  So when I heard that they were making another trilogy set after Judgment Day, I got excited.  Just like Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, and Die Hard,  I was getting a chance to see a new classic in theaters.  Also just like those three movies Salvation is the 4th installment of a previously successful trilogy, and if the past is any indication, 4th installments are usually not that great.  I was skeptical though the trailers looked good, and it kept the T2 music, so who knows.  Well, I know now, and I am not ecstatic, but I am pleased.

Terminator Salvation was faced with a huge mission, to keep to the roots of The Terminator history, and to prove what we already knew (Kind of like Star Wars Episode III in a way, it had to show how Anakin became Lord Vader, and make up for the horribleness of Episode II.).  T3 showed that judgment day happens, and sure, it may share alot in common with T2, but it was still a good action movie.  That being said, Salvation is not so much an action movie as a War movie.  Sure there is action involved, but it’s more about war, and with war comes sad, depressing moments.  So here’s my review of what I thought about it.  It’s after the click, cause it’s full of spoilers see, I’m being nice today.

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My favorite flash game has a 3rd variation, Pandemic Extinction of Man.  Of all three versions of the game, I think this one is the most dumbed down.  Just look at this:

The world is split up into 10 sections, each has 10% of the world’s population, represented by the little people.

Green means healthy people, red means infected people, and black means dead people.  Of each of the 10 areas, you can spread the virus through, or attack airports, water, or the country’s attempt at a cure.  If the country is not infected, but shares borders with one that is, you can attempt to infect it with the “!” icon.  That’s the newest feature, controlling the virus itself, and not letting a random generator do it.  It lets you actually control which places you attack, which is nice.  And except for Greenland, and the South Pacific (Australia), all of Europe/Asia/Africa is reachable through land, you need a plane to get to the Americas, and you need a plane to get to Greenland and South Pacific.  And you can do whatever you want, for the low cost of 1 point each.

Look at that.  That’s all you get to control?!  No individual features of the virus like in Pandemic II, and no control of it’s transmission attributes like Pandemic.  That truly is dumb simple, and I don’t like it.

However, it’s one saving grace is that unlike Pandemic II, it is winnable.

Orange areas show infected countries, see, all of them are orange.

I choose f-11 because it was very governmenty.  I could have chosen Captain Trips, but I felt this virus didn’t deserve the honor and prestige that that name inspires in me, (yes inspires).

Unlike the other games, this one is probably the most realistic.  Because after 0% of the population dies, and 1% is infected, all the other countries start to develop a cure.  (Just like in real life, when one kid who may have swine flu, the entire school is shut down for 2 weeks for disinfection).  But that being said, I have been able to beat it repeatedly, unlike Pandemic II.

Fuck you Madagascar.

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The End of the Earth

Ah, New Year’s, time for end of the earth History channel specials!!  How it’s so fun to watch people get paranoid about things that will never happen.  Not much has changed in the last 2 years, same old things the “scientists” are claiming will kill us.

Now that was a neat little video, how about a cool CGI video of how the earth would look like after an asteroid of about 15 megatons hits the earth.  Isn’t that cool?  I think so.  Although, things like that would mean that my bunker would not work at all, so not cool. I could do without the music though, that’s alittle eh.

If that’s not enough, here’s proof that the robots are on their way and flying among us.  Some CS students over at Stanford University have created A.I. Helicopters that have taught themselves how to fly by watching, and learning human controlled copters.  Why?  This is just inviting disaster to come among us, it must be stopped, and it must be stopped now before these robots become self aware.  We have the power to prevent our own extinction, we must use it.

Now if you’re an AM radio listener, then maybe you should check out the station UVB-76. It’s a Russian/Soviet transmitter that transmits a single tone, and nothing else. There were 3 voice transmissions in the 20+ year history, all in Russian, 2 barely recognizable. Maybe it’s a sign that the end is coming? Probably not, but still some creepy stuff to think about on this New Year’s Eve. You’re Welcome by the way.

Well, that’s that for this year’s end of the world post. I bet you thought it was gonna be longer, and more interesting and all that stuff. Well it’s not.
{video from: Geeks are Sexy | Gizmodo}

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Cooling My Bunker

Heating and cooling my bunker has always been an issue.  I think I solved the heating process by using the excess heat from the nuclear reactor power source, but I have yet to solve the cooling issue.  That is, until now.  A Swedish company called SnowPower, has developed a system that collects winter snow and uses that to cool buildings in the summer.

It’s a pretty simple process that was used long ago and with the advent of technology, we seem to have forgotten how to use.  Because I plan to have my bunker located in the mountains, there will be abudent snow avaliable to me, so all I have to do is collect it, and set up some heat exchangers, shouldn’t be too hard, this is where my small engineering knowledge will come to help me.

This seems like a perfect way to cool the bunker.  I could even devise a way to use this to liquid cool my vast computer array.  Yes, this looks like a promising solution to one of the pressing problems of my bunker.


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LHC is on! Oh no!

Today is D-Day, Judgment day, the beginning of the end of the world if you want.  The Large Hadron Collider is switched on.  Should be we afraid.  No.  Unless of course it opens a portal to one of those other dimensions.  But it wont, so don’t worry.

To celebrate this day, two of my favorite sites have special images.

Here’s Google‘s:

I like how they have alittle explosion where the two ends meet, is that a precurser to what will really happen?  Afterall, Google knows the future…

And XKCD has a strip today celebrating the end of the world, by trying to take advantage of innocents.

Well, considering that I’m still here, and alive, and awake, I would have to say that nothing bad happened…yet.

Be prepared, ie, carry arms in the future.

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The End of The World!!1!

Will happen on December 21, 2012 according to they Mayans.  And according to this blah article in The Telegraph, people in The Netherlands are already preparing for it.  And by preparing, they say that a family bought a life raft.  HOLY CRAP! They bought a life raft!  I’m pretty sure they were thinking along the lines of “Global warming our home will get flooded we’ll have to row ourselves to England cause we live in a country that’s below the sea level!”

Well i have news for you, that ain’t happening.  Not now, not soon, not ever.  Firstly, if you believe in global warming (I think we know by now that I do not), Europe will be a frozen wasteland, and not underwater.  Secondly, if you believe in global warming, it’s gonna take way, way longer then 4.5 years for this stuff to happen.  Unless of course a portal to another dimension gets opened, and in that one it’s the Hollywood dimension, and it’s the past, and they’re shooting The Day After Tomorrow, and whatever you shoot on film actually happens.

Anyway, back to the end of the world stuff.  The LHC, that’s gonna be switched on (eventually), and come on, I believe alot of crazy shit, but there’s no way that that thing is gonna be the end of us.  Hell, my prediction, it’s gonna suck up a crazy amount of power for a few days, and then it’s going to be declared a failure.  Sad, but that’s what’s gonna happen.  If it does manage to open a Black Hole, maybe that black hole will be a portal to another dimension, maybe the one i said above, but since that dimension is 300million miles away on the other side of the r-q axis, and we don’t have enough power to get even 3/17s of a marque into there, i doubt that will happen.  Most likely we’ll just open up a black hole onto itself, which is a paradox, but only in your mind.

Moving on…

If you really do think that the end of the world is gonna happen in the year 2012, then i suggest you start preparing.  First, you want to build a bunker. (too bad that one isn’t listed on eBay anymore).  I suggest you build a very good one, like at least 30 feet below ground, and with air filtration systems in place.  Stock up on food and water, you’ll need at least 2 years worth per person.  Then choose some people you’re comfortable with and just wait it out.  Before you know it you’ll have an entire planet to yourselves, probably.  Be sure to have some CB radios and batteries to contact the remaining humans and start a resistance against the robots, because in this dimension, that’s how the world is gonna end, in fire, from robotic hands.

More new things…

bruce willis motivational poster

When an asteroid is gonna hit the earth, there’s really nothing we can do about it. Unless we send all our power to the LHC, and use that to open a portal to the Hollywood Dimension, in the year 1998, when Armageddon came out.  Then we steal Bruce Willis, and make him will the asteroid out of Earth’s way, because he has the power to do that.  Note, we can also use this technology to prevent terrorist attacks, supreme evil, plague (not confirmed), ghosts takeover, hostage situations, and heists.*

Unfortunately, we only have enough power to go to one of those time frames, if we even tried to get to a second one, we would blow up the you can’t do that dimension, and when that happens, all the light bulbs in a 10000 mile radius break, plunging the world into total darkness, preventing us from seeing who really is saving us, and, probably increasing the population too much, causing global hunger problems.  Trust me, we don’t want that.

Now, we may accidentally open a portal to a dimension where *gasp* Bruce Willis doesn’t exist, in that case, we are thoroughly fucked.  The only thing we could try to do, is move the important people on this side over to the other side.  But, between me and you, I don’t want to live in a universe where Bruce Willis doesn’t exist, it’s too sad, I’m sorry.

Now, suppose that we get some crazy alien invasion, something that Bruce Willis cannot stop, then my friend, we use the LHC to open a portal to the dimension where Ender’s Game, and Halo are combined to form probably the coolest crossover idea I can think of right now, we steal Master Chief, and Ender, and go attack those alien bastards.  Then we declare humanity the rulers of the universe, and use our near faster then light ships to colonize every planet, to make sure we can never be destroyed ever.  And all was good.

I’m sure some of you are concerned about these alternate realities we are messing with, let me assure you, stop worrying.  There’s nothing to worry about, because in the universes we are stealing them from, there are really 2 of the people, and therefore we are making the universe balanced out.  Trust me, it works out, I wouldn’t fuck with something if I knew it could break things.

*ten points to who can guess all those movies.

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Terminator Salvation

Oh man, am I excited about this movie.  It could very well be the best movie to come out next year. {Filmonic}

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Robotic Suit = first SPARTANs?

robot suits

That, looks like Master Chief’s armor, part of the SPARTAN-II project.  Or, an early version of it anyway.  This new exoskeotin has lots of potential, potential to kill us all.  For if you exit it, it becomes a robot, robots are bad, very bad, don’t we know that by now?