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Snow Crop Circles

I’ve posted similar things to this in the past, well here’s another artist using crowd sourcing methods to make his own version of Snow Crop Circles:

Sonja Hinrichsen gives volunteers, in this case 60 individuals, snowshoes, and a series of patterns they were instructed to walk in.  Together, they walked out onto a frozen lake and created the designs above.  Like crop circles, these designs are meant to be view from high up.  So it’s only fitting that a drone took most of the above footage.

Ms. Hinrichsen has done 8 more snow art projects like this, you can view them all on her website here.  It’s interesting to see the different colors that the contrast makes with the drawings in the snow, or the lack thereof.  I would venture a guess that the darker ones were post-processed to bring out the patterns better.


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2×4 Marble Coaster

Instructable user seamster has created a pretty neat marble run from a single 8 foot 2×4.

The whole thing is 22 steps long, but it’s very well documented, and worth it.  I think it’s superb, the 2×4 is a staple of modern wooden construction.  The cost almost nothing, and with really only a bandsaw and a table saw you can make this entire project.  It’s a perfect thing to get kids interested in engineering.  Especially the part where adding all the cross braces greatly increased the rigidity of the contraption.  Plus, marble runs are just plain fun.

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Match Rockets

I have  never heard of these before:

I want to make them, but I fear that they may let me down and the ones I end up making won’t work nearly as well as the ones in the video.


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Personal Arsenal


Or mechanized armored transport if you prefer.  On July 11th, and 12th 2014 Auctions America will be auctioning off over 200 different items from the largest private military vehicle collection in the nation.

Since it’s an auction, there are no hard prices, but many of the items I saw were listed without a reserve, and the cheapest estimate I saw was this $1,000 Swiss Army Hand Cart.  But if you have some serious coin, you can get some serious hardware, like this authentic Panzer, for a cool $2.6 million.


I gotta say though, the coup de grace (which I know that phrase doesn’t really fit, but I’m using it) is this commie SCUD:


With no reserve and an estimate of $300,000 this is the ultimate display of power for the budding individual.  Don’t worry about the Communist aspect of it, the mere fact that you’re buying this on the free Capitalist market is irony enough to change the allegiance of this weapon (kinda like wands in Harry Potter).


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There’s nothing in the world like Action Park!

Roadtrippers has a pretty good write up on the soon to be revived, Action Park.  However, I think what you really should do is watch this video first.  It may be long, but it’s totally worth it.  If you’re lazy, skip to 8:20.  If you’re really lazy, look at the photo below the video:

loop slide

Yes, that is a water-slide with a full vertical loop on it.  Let that sink in for a few minutes.  Ok, have you thought enough about it.  Because I’m about to blow your mind even more.  Let’s take a gander over at the Wikipedia page of Action Park.  It is full of amazing.

First you should know that over the park’s 18 year life, 6 people are confirmed to have died due to park rides.  6 People.  Today if a person gets a bloody noise because they tripped on their own shoe lace parks are liable for something.  Weren’t the 1980s a better time?

Action Park was divided into 3 distinct sections, Alpine attractions, Motorworld, and Waterworld (not to be confused with the 1995 Movie of the same name).

In the Alpine section was an Alpine slide, which was a concrete and fiberglass ride down a mountain (ski lifts took you to the top).  This ride produced one of the park’s deaths, that of an employee who hit his head on a rock when his sled jumped the track.  You see the sleds were poorly maintained, and had only two speeds, – crawling, and Ludicrous Speed.

Motorworld had motor sports and rides, the coolest would be the Tank Ride.  Which pitted occupants who sat in a go cart like vehicle that was a tank, they then shot tennis balls out of the tank’s a main cannon at each other.  Spectators could man tennis ball cannons around the perimeter of the chain link fence enclosed arena.  Damn, that’s gotta be fun.

Waterworld was the bread and butter of the park though, (or at least it seemed like it).  Being one of the first major water parks in the nation, the Waterworld section of Action Park invented alot of things that are taken for granted now a-days.  There’s just too much to post about here, you might as well just read the Wikipedia section on Action Park, (that is, if you haven’t already read the entire thing).

The one ride I will call out though is Cannonball Loop, that amazing photo above.  That ride was only ever open for short periods of time, most likely when the manager, or owner at the time forgot how dangerous it was.  While no one died on that ride, it just doesn’t look safe.  And the differences between people’s body weights and make ups was just too much for it.

It does look awesome though, doesn’t it?

In 1996, after it had lost it’s insurance, and piling personal-injury lawsuits, the park was forced to close.  Parts of it are still open and running under new names – Mountain Creek is one.  And this summer the name is supposed to be revived, weather that means all the awesome history or not is up in the air, but it’s a safe bet that none of the cool things will be open.


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Old Faithfull

old faithful

I’m in Yellowstone right now, and actually around the Old Faithful area.  Did you know that the National Park Service has a live Old Faithful Webcam?  I’ll be staying in the area for the next 2 days.  See if you can’t find me on the webcam stream.  Take a picture and send it if you  I won’t be 100% up on those emails until next week sometime.

Speeking of which, I’ll see you all then when I actually come back.

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Alternate History Thursday – Food


One of the rare actual Thursday additions of Alternate History.  Oh well.

Anyway, the above is the storefront of an actual restaurant in current day America.  That’s right, this restaurant, which goes by the name of “Conflict Kitchen,” only serves the food of enemies of America.  Every couple of months they change the menu to a new enemy.  It’s interesting at the least.  If you want to visit it, you’ll have to travel to Pittsburgh PA.

What does this restaurant look like in the Alternate History version of America?  Well it doesn’t.  Because Freedom of Expression is not a concept that the Communist Americans except.  So this restaurant actually exists somewhere over in Europe, except they only have Communist American food, and it’s just corn.

And, to keep with the Olympic themed month, here’s the Closing Ceremonies of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow USSR.  I only watched alittle of it, the long boring stretches of nothing really got to me.  And it looks like someone flagged it as containing copyrighted material, and it’s not available in (this version of) the U.S. anymore.  Oh well, I’m still gonna include it here, because not all you readers are in the great country of America.



Google Glass Stadium

A few weeks ago Bon Jovi played some shows at Met Life Stadium.  I went to one of them, (sadly not the one above).  On Saturday show a kind person offered the use of their Google Glass explorer kit.

I’ve been loosely following the Google Glass phenomenon for awhile now, but until now I haven’t actually watched a video from one.  The quality of it is pretty damn good I’d say.  Some basic issues with focusing on the bright stage lights, but that’s to be expected.  The audio is not great, but they were on stage at a concert, nothing is gonna sound good, trust me.

All in all, I’d have to say this has potential, I like it.  Also, I like Bon Jovi.


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Gigantic Rube Goldberg Music Video

Rube Goldberg machines are so awesome, uselessly awesome.  I’m not much of a fan of the music, (I don’t like OK GO), but i can apperciate the time and effort that went into making that and setting it up, and doing it all in one take.

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No Time Wasters

Continuing on with the people screwing with other people theme, here is a group of Aussie’s that regurally post “strange, interesting, and funny” ads in Beat Magazine. (Which, looks like it’s stopped publishing as of 2009), and their last blog post is from June 2009 so that lines up about right.

My favorite one is the Die Hard one for obvious reasons.

The response that they got makes it better.  Also, on the front page of their site, they claim that they got phone calls from the police regarding certain ads, I think it’s a safe bet that this one was responsible for a few of those calls.

Also, I need to be on the look out for a Die Hard Reenactment society, because, as much as I hate reenactments and stuff like that,  I would gladly partake in remaking scenes from the greatest film ever made.

Their stalker wanted ad (un)surprisingly, got many replies, most of which I’m sure were fake, but I bet one was genuine.

They also have 3 wanted ads running for a grand conspiracy to get the public to not like public transit, and buy more cars.  I liked those, I wish they posted some replies if they got them.

It’s too bad that that magazine is no more, because I would have enjoyed reading some more of these awesome advertisements.  That being said, I can just go to the best of craigslist, but there’s just something different about seeing the ad in print.