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Starry LED Lamp

Instructables user darbinorvar put together this really cool LED lamp that lights up like stars.  You can watch her build the whole thing in her YouTube tutorial of the process below if you want.  It’s better then going through all the photos individually and remember, I’m lazy.

I really like the random way she marked where the stars should be.  It gives it a much more natural look.  I’m not 100% sure that she needed all of the LED strips she used, but hey, it works, and it only uses about 6W fo it’s all good.I’m very happy that she used warm-white light, it’s muchnicer then the harsh white light.

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Keyboard Snake

Remember Snake, the pretty simple cell phone game everyone had where you eat bits and try not to run into yourself?  Well redditor mythicmaniac decided to use his mechanical keyboard as the screen for a version of it:

The game pre-dates cell-phones (at least, cell-phones with a screen and the ability to play games) by a few decades, but let’s be honest, cell phones is where we remember it from best.


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Survival Fire Piston


Instructables user wartellc made his own Fire piston in about 4 hours.  I had never heard of one of these before, but the concept is pretty basic, I like it.  I don’t have any of the tools necessary to make my own, so I’ll probably just buy one, it’s only $25 on Amazon.  However, the char cloth that is necessary to really use it, that I can make according to this instructable.

Char Cloth is dead simple to make, take an old, 100% cotton t-shirt, cut it up into small pieces and put it in a sealble tin container.  Punch a small hole in the tin, and place it on a fire/ember.  When no more smoke comes out of the tin, you’re finished.

chared cloth

Now you’re ready to use your fire piston to make some fire!

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LED Log Lamp

Finished Lamp

Yes, a 3rd lamp post this month.  Sue me.  Instructable user Trask River Productions has put together a very comprehensive 34 step instructable on how to make this really good looking Log lamp shown above.  Honestly, it looks very well made, which makes sense considering the person/company.  I’m impressed with cutting out all the wood from the base to get the the electronics to fit.  I would have expected it to be in an attachment to the base.  I bet they could (and hopefully do), sell these for $100, there’s quite alot of work that’s gone into them.

They used a regular log and cut it into sections:

cutting the wood

After the pieces are cut, holes are drilled in each one to run the tube:

holed wood

I was going to show more photos, but why bother when you’re better off reading the Instructable yourself.  This way you get all the correct information straight from the source.  If I had a place for something like this, I’d make it, but I have no room anywhere, so it’s not worth it, not yet anyway.  The one change I would make is instead of a regular light bulb on the top, I’d continue the LEDs up there.  Make the whole thing LEDs, it’s better.  They have warm white LEDs too, so it’s all good.

{Instructables|Trask River Productions}

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Pipe Lamp

finished lamp

Instructables user Matt2 Silver has a really awesome DIY aged bubbling pipe lamp.  He did a fantastic job on the whole thing, I thought it was a real copper pipe from the initial photo and video, but it’s really PVC.  The small touches of mixed white and green paint for oxidation are really nice.  The hammered paint applied to the PVC looks really realistic.  I approve of this project.

In case you can’t figure out how it works, here’s a schematic of it:


I really like it, it’s pretty simple and unique.  A kid would love it probably.  I think it would be a great project to do with a child so they have a unique conversation piece for their friends.

Here you can see him measuring the threaded rods that connect the top.  I know why he choose a clear bottle, this way he could change the water color at a later date.  Personally, I think green looks best, so why not skip a step and use a green wine bottle.

Glass bottle


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Fun with Magnets!

Powerful permanent magnets are fun to play around with and experiment and learn from.  Aptly named Instructables user Magnetic Games has a short 2 step instructable that  shows how to make a few neat things.

Actually, his YouTube channel is full of interesting experiments and toys you could make with ease with magnets.  I think the gears are pretty cool, and of course the accelerators are awesome, very MAC cannon like, which is a type of rail gun.

Unfortunately, none of these things are perpetual, so they won’t solve all the world’s problems at once.  But they will get kids thinking of new ways to try things, and with better electricity, and better components, we might be able to come up with innovative ways to do things using magnets.  Because Magnets Bitch!


DIY Sugar Cube Maker

sugar cube

This is pretty neat, if a bit useless for the average person.  Instructables user MaskMarvl has put together a quick 7 step guide to making your own sugar cubes.  Granted, it needs to use brown sugar so that it can stick together, but I’m sure you could eventually figure out the recipe for making your own white sugar cubes.

sugar cube 2

The whole process is actually quite easy and could probably be completed without the tools asked for, just two pieces of wood, and a drill.  The sugar cube isn’t needed, make it whatever size you want, this is America after all.

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BASE Jumping off a Ski Jump made on a Bridge

National Geographic has the above video where Mike Wilson has decided to construct a ski jump made of crushed ice on the side of a bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho.  He was then pulled across the “snow” and jumped over the railing of the bridge.  He threw out a parachute, and glided to the river below.  It’s quite a spectacle, especially since it’s taken place in the summer, and this guy has skis on, and is jumping off a bridge, and he’s crazy.

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Penny Crusher Machine

penny crushed

I’m sure you’ve all seen these penny crusher machines.  They are pretty ubiquitous on vacations and are a great cheap souvenir.  Well, besides the common question of is this legal, which it is, so stop asking, the other question is how do they work?

In actuality, it’s a pretty simple process, a penny is pushed through a space slightly smaller then the penny’s thickness made by two hardened steel dies.  One the die has a design carved into it’s face, and due to the process of stress and the deformity of metal, this image is transferred to the penny.  It’s pretty basic science and math.  If you want to get alittle more advanced, take a look at the Instructable mblem has made.  He is making his own Penny Crusher machine.

Penny design die

You would think that this is not a  simple process, and you’d be right.  There is quite alot involved, and he’s still not fully finished.  The design phase went through some tweaking after he used a laser cutter for a dry run on plywood.  He used a water jet to cut parts out of steel, (which he included a video of, which is super boring, don’t bother watching it).

water jet cutting gears

He still has a ways to go apparently, but he wanted to show his progress.  It’s also probably easier to break this up into different sections because each one requires different skills.  Next up is building the cabinet that will hold everything, that requires woodworking skills, and design skills, things that are very different from the engineering skills necessary to come up with the design and tolerances needed for guts of the machine.

I look forward to seeing him finish the project, and hopefully he posts some final cost values associated with this project.  It’s not something that a normal person would buy, or want to make, but it’s totally something I could see some places buying.  Support local artists, and people, I’d be for that.

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Fish Coffee

Tank, Table.

Fish Tank Coffee

Instructables user fellc has created this neat Coffee Table, with a fish tank in it.  You know I have a think for Coffee Tables, and for DIY projects, hell, even ace fish tanks.

He’s made a 6 step instructable detailing his process.  He’s using a 30 gallon tank that he already had, and spent about $350 on the materials building it, the most expensive item was the 2 foot by 4 foot by 3/8 inch thick glass top.  He says he’s using plate glass though, that could be a problem, tempered glass would be much better.

fish tank build

While it’s no house-sized aquarium, it’s still pretty ace, specifically because he built it all himself.