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Who would have thought that tying your shoes would be this interesting to watch, or more importantly, that there would be a different way to do it instead of the same way I’ve been doing it for 30ish years.

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Tap Dancing Machine

Instructables user grandpapaning has built this pretty neat tap-dancing robot.  In actuality, it serves no purpose whatsoever.  In practice though, it’s a great way to teach people about the different areas of science – Electricity, electronics, mechanical design, turning electrical signals into physical forces.  In general, lots of stuff.  It’s all pretty neat really.  There’s still time left in this Christmas vacation.  Maybe you should look at building this useless thing.


awesome DIY science

The Cylindrical Period

This isn’t your dad’s Periodic Table.  This isn’t even your meme’s.  This is something different.

Periodic Lamp in day

Makendo from Instructables has built this really neat cylindrical periodic table lamp.  It’s pretty ace if you ask me.  Unfortunately, it requires access to a 3-D printer, or some really insane skills with a Dremel/router/bandsaw.

I like Hexagons, they are cool elements (pun intended).  I’m not that big of a fan of the color scheme he chose, but this is his lamp, so let it be.

Periodic Elements

I think it’s pretty neat that he’s attached vials containing the actual elements to each hexagon.  He only has 20 of them filled in right now, but it’s a great idea.  I do not like the way he has them protruding from the lamp.  It’s easy to get things tangled up on them.  I would have attached them horizontally across the middle of each hexagon.  Again though, this is not my lamp.

Periodic Lamp lit up

It’s neat, unfortunately, I don’t have the full means to build something this complicated just yet.  Maybe one day though.  I can add it to my collection of other things I have no place to display.


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Make a Coil Train

No doubt about it, electric trains are cool.  They are expensive though.  And you could get called “a nerd.”  But really, those people are just not cool, so there.

Follow the simple 4 step instructable to make “The Simpliest Electric Train“.  Now, watch the video of it in action.  It’s quite cool.  Except the jumps, that part sucks, don’t build this expecting to get some sick jumps.  You’ll be dissapointed.

If your kid, or brother, or friend wants a Train for Christmas.  A. Get them one, (if they’ve been a good child that is). B) If they like trains, then they’re probably interested in science.  Why not spend $20 and make this with them.  It will be cool and get them interested in science.

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Iron Sky 2

Nazis on the Moon, Reptilian Margaret Thatcher.  Nazis in general.  This looks like an awesome film doesn’t it?  Historically accurate documentary is what I would call it.  Luckily, the Indiegogo campaign is fulfilled, so this scene can actually happen in the final film.  Aren’t you excited?


Wood Cutting

You don’t need to watch all 30 minutes of this video.  Some parts are well cut while others are static views of control screens.  It is an interesting look at how saw mills are set up to operate.  I’m particularly fond of the giant mills used to cut the giant tree trunks.  Pretty impressive.

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The Last Bookstore

I’ve gotten tons of slack before for posting what I thought was cool art made of books.  What are the chances that this entire bookstore that makes art, and hallways, and secret rooms out of old books (which you can buy for $1) will go by without a comment?  Well, considering there’s been few comments on the blog recently, it’s not likely anyone from all those years ago will come and bitch, but hey, you never know.

The Last Bookstore is actually the name of this used book shop in downtown Los Angeles California.  It’s in a 22,000 square foot warehouse.  Yes, 22,000 square feet of floor space.  The volume is enough to house the over quarter of a million individual books, new and used, across two (2) different floors.  My favorite part is the arched walkways.  Those just look cool don’t they?


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Simple Salt Water Purifier

Don’t worry, you’ll probably want something like this after yesterday’s post.

Salt Water Still

Or in other words, a still.  That’s basically what Eddie the Invemtor has made.  It won’t make you and decent booze, but it will purify water for you enough to drink while you’re in the woods.  I’m not sure if I’d carry these things around with me all the time, especially with the rest of the stuff I currently have in Alaska.  I’m also not sure where I’d get salt-water in the woods, but dirty stream and puddle water, that’s easy enough to find in the woods.


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Natchez Trace Road

Rock Spring

Not everything in the National Park system is a park.  There are actually a handful of National parkways.  The Natchez Trace Parkway is one of them, and it winds its way 444 miles through Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.  You can drive the whole thing in a few days.  Roadtrippers has a nice write up on things to do along the way and places to go.  Not surprisingly, some of them I’ve heard of, particularly the Windsor Ruins in Mississippi.


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Analog Calculator

I think this is pretty damn impressive.  Mostly the mechanical engineering part.  There is some really detailed pieces of engineering in there, the milled brass parts, the recessed numbers, everything about this screams impressively well made.  Analog things like this are cool, I wish there were more of them around.