Flat Flexible Wires


Truly the worst part of any home theater is the mess of wires.  Now, for a bunch of things there are wireless versions, speakers, HDMI, mice keyboards, Wi-Fi, etc.  However, they are usually more expensive, and the paranoia in me will always perfer a hard line. Anyway, there used to be two different ways you … Continued

LED Chandelier


My house is gonna be filled of LED devices and computer parts, and a faraday cage underground.  It is gonna be a super awesome cool house though. My living room will have my Interactive LED Table, now I think my Dining room will have this nice LED Chandelier: I really like the idea of exposing … Continued

Beat the light


Short of being lucky, magic, or in a police car, there is no way to guarantee you green lights all the way to work. Well that could all change in a few years if this experimental technology called Travolution by Audi goes to market. It taps into the wireless signals give off by the traffic … Continued

The Biggest Drawing In The World


Erik Nordenankar had a dream, to create the biggest drawing the world had ever seen, literally, the world.  To do that, he didn’t set out to find the biggest sheet of paper, no, he actually went small, briefcase small.  You see, his canvas was the earth itself, and his brush was a GPS enabled briefcase. … Continued

Coolest USB flash drives ever


These two USB flash drives are pretty damn nice.  I wonder how they would fare on a race track, or, driving around the floor, or any of the other uses you can tink of for a Matchbox Car.  It’s only $25 and you can choose which style body, muscle car, or truck it has a 1GB flash drive … Continued

LED cube


I’m not really sure i could justify this, it’s cool and all, but, kinda useless, unless you could string a bunch of them together, and make like a huge 3-D television like thing, but i don’t think the resolution is there to make it worth it. Oh well, it’s still cool nonetheless. {Technabob}

LED Chandelier, Do I want one? Yes.


I love LEDs, love them to death, when I get my own home, all the lights will be LEDs, not only because they are energy efficient, and last forever, but because i love them.  I definitely want one of these chandeliers for my dining room.  Not one so massive, 7000lbs, 17ft tall, but one made … Continued

Coil Gun


Using 13 disposable cameras, the barrel of a BIC pen, a single D cell battery, and some wire, Matt Hack created an awesome Coil Gun. Apparently at $1 each, these capacitors are dirt cheap, and i would agree.  However, I would probably use the cameras first, or at least keep the film (he trew it … Continued

HD DVD vs. Blu Ray


A reviewer on Stumbleupon says it the best, Blu Ray had to cheat to win, it’s sad too. On another note, I have  8 HD DVDs I don’t need anymore, anyone looking to buy them?

LED Fireplace


As a rule, I do not approve of fake fireplaces, that includes gas ones. They defeat the purpose of fireplaces, to provide warmth, and a beauty to look at. This LED fireplace however could be the exception to the rule. It’s a known fact that LEDs make things better, and if you add in the … Continued