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This is just Noise

It amazes saddens me to see what people spend so much time, effort and money on, and call art.

If you sit through the entire 10 minutes of the above video you will find probably a dozen different setups of the so called “acoustic sound sculptures” or something.  To me, all I see and hear is headache inducing white noise that I can generate for free at home in my own time, but don’t because it’s headache inducing.

One of the demonstrations I would classify as “music like.”  But that’s far from reason to go to the exhibit in San Francisco.  Or the live “performance” of it.

Still, it’s a far cry from The Creepiest Tree Ever, but it’s still noise.

Also, I spelled at least 6 words wrong with extra z’s in this post and if it wasn’t for the sheer number of red squiggle underlines that WordPress/Firefox added, I would have left them and you could see just how badly of an internet accent I’m getting.


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Falling Dirt and Bunnies

Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 – Teaser from Thiago Costa on Vimeo.

I’m no 3-D artist, or game designer, but I can tell you that that has some serious potential.  For the most part it looks entirely realistic, but who knows how much processing power that takes.  And, it looks like this is just a plugin for already existing software.  But I can see people using this as a stepping stone to move into other places.

Alls I know is that I want to see this in the Jurassic Park game.  I’d love to see the dirt move around when the t-rex presses his foot down.

{Pop-Sci | Redmotion}

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Insane RGB LED Ball II

That really is some insane piece of work.  I read the forum post, and looked at the pictures, and even then I can only sorta kinda understand all the stuff that went into making that thing.  I want to make one, but I don’t think that I have the technical knowledge to make it work as well as that video, cause let’s be honest, that video is pretty ace.

Ok, well, maybe the whole assembly doesn’t look that ace, but the video of it in the dark on the other hand, that’s pure gold right there.

Just look at the detail in that frame, which is made of LED leadoffs, soldered together.  I am no where near skilled enough to do that.  But I’d try.

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DIY LED flashlight overkill

I like LEDs, I think they are pretty ace, and I use them often.  I’ve made and modified my fair share of flashlights, but this one takes the cake for crazy.

500 superbright white LEDs, 50 watts of power used, blinding light, and something that probably weighs a good 20lbs makes this a monster.

Look at all those LEDs, I understand that they were sanded down a bit so they fit nicely, but still, that’s just crazy, look at the back, and all that soldering, and wiring.

I had a hard enough time soldering my table, and that was 6 different panels all spread outwith lots of room to mess up, this is all crammed together just begging to make a short.

And in case you were concerned that it was all for nothing, it really does create alot of light.  I wish there was a lumen value on it though.  Because it would almost certaintly be easier to use one of these which are also 50 watts, and 4000 lumens.  I’m almost certain that that value is larger then the flashlight they made.  But then again where’s the fun of soldering together 500 LEDs?

{MAKE | hacknmod}

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People Should Not Be Afraid of Their Governments

But, Governments should not be afraid of their people either.  There needs to be a balance between the two.  I’m not one to start a descussion about that, I’d rather have a hand made bunker under ground in the mountains somewhere, so that when the shit hits the fan, I can survive, and go on to lead the revolution.

Anyway, did you know that October is the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  I didn’t know that, but whatever.  There are all sorts of ways to protect yourself online, all sorts of simple things that get repeated day after day after day on blog after blog after blog, so much so, that most people don’t listen to them anymore (if ever).  Well I’m gonna change that.  Right now, after the click is a list of ways that, if you follow, will make you incredibly hard to track, crack, and smack you online.  Be warned though, as these methods are so crazy that even I don’t follow all of them (yet).

Disclaimer Everything you do online can be found out by anyone with enough time, resources, and dedication.  The very act of connecting your computer to the internet is sometimes enough for someone to find out every single thing about you.  No amount of firewalls, proxies, encryption, or safeguards can protect you from a sentient computer program hell bent on using your credit card to purchase bootleg copies of The Gillmore Girls Season 3 DVD set and then using those in an elaborate series of murders designed to bring down the entire Eastern World.  (And do not even think of an excuse why that will not happen, because it already has!)

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Sat Phones

Ever since I can remember wanting a Cell phone, I can remember wanting a Sat phone more.  For those that don’t know a sat phone is short for satellite phone.  Most of the time, these phones have recption all over the world, (except indoors, or underground) .  Something about that just strikes me as cool.  Forget the fact that they have bad reception, are expensive, and for the average person is unneeded, I want one.

So when I saw this earlier this summer I got alittle excited.  It will probably cost more money then I will have, and it will probably not be needed seeing as I have no interest in moving to Africa, or the Amazon, but intend to stay within the tri-state area for most of my life, but if they get it all working, bam! I will so sign up for it, (providing I have a job, and some money to burn)

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Floppy Software

Ah, I remember the days of the 3.5″ Floppy disk.  I used to be able to back up my entire semester of high school work onto one or two 1.44 MB disks, zipped up of course, because PKZip was all the rage back then.  Then I got a CD burner from my uncle, and magically, I could fit so much more onto them, and they were so much cheaper, I quickly stopped using 3.5″ disks, as did most of the rest of the industry. (For the sake of simplicity, we’ll skip ZIP disks, I had those too)

Imagine if we still used 1.44MB 3.5″ disks to ship and install software today?  It’s be a nightmare.  Well, antrepo has created some posters of what it would look like if some of the most widely used software was shipped on floppies instead of CDs/DVDs as they are today.

As a reference, iTunes, would take 48 floppy disks to install.  Firefox would only take up 6.  I hate to think what some of the other games and stuff would take up.  Numbers for Adobe Photoshop CS4 (only PS, not the rest of the DVD spanning suite) would equal over 300, and of The Sims, that’s almost 6x more at 1,700 disks.

Besides how much time and effort it would take to install, do you know how much raw materials that would consume, far to much.  Free shipping when would be a thing of the past thats for sure.

{GadgetVenue | Technabob}

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The New Kid in the Bathroom

Dyson, the guy behind those really interesting vacuum cleaners has come up with a new kind of hand cleaner.  It’s actually an interesting design, if eternally flawed to never be used: The Dyson Airblade.

I like the idea behind it, it uses air taken in from the very room, sanitizes it, runs it over the electronics inside it, and then forces it out a like 400mph that “literally scrapes water from your hands.”  It’s ingenious, and like some other Dyson products it’s new and unique.

Here’s the problems I have with it:

  1. Why does it need electronics?  Is it to monitor the air filter, to run the motors? to give the air something to pass over so it sounds like it’s actually doing something?  The only thing I can get from the site is for the Dyson Digital Motor.  Sure it looks pretty, and they claim it’s faster and more efficient then a normal motor, ok.  I can’t figure out just why exactly it needs a computer chip inside it, it’s a fucking hand dryer.
  2. The whole notion of using this is to reduce one’s carbon footprint.  Now if that’s not the biggest load of crap bandwagon out there, I don’t know what is.  Now, I will never get into this argument in the future because it’s bogus and I don’t believe it, but for the sake of argument here’s a few things wrong with that:
    • First, this will probably reduce your carbon footprint, if you use paper towels and replace it with warm air
    • If you are replacing you’re warm air blowers, then this will do nothing for you, because you’re just filling up space in a landfill somewhere
    • Most places have both a hot air and dryer, and paper towels. Guess which ones are used more
  3. Which brings me to my last point.  People use towels much more then hot air.  It’s quicker, more efficient, and feels better.  If given the chance, I’d use paper over hot air, it’s more natural.

How will you dry your face with this?  You can’t.  Your arms, nope (at least hot air dryers let you do that).  Your shirt that the faulty faucets on the sink got all wet?  No, you’ll just have to go back to your date with a giant wet spot on your stomach, sorry.

This product is destined to be an amazing idea, but never adopted.  I’m sorry, no wait, I’m not.

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Excellent idea to hold stuff

These socket-deer antler holders are the most ingenious idea ever.  You plug your phone charger into the wall, and then put your phone on the antlers and let it sit there and charge.  Much better then letting it dangle on the floor!

The only complaint I have is that the plates should be in the standard US form, with the circle shapped sockets, I like those better, I’m weird.

{MAKE | nendo}

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The Best Christmas Lights

As you know, I have strict guidelines regarding Christmas lights.  But you already know that, so now lets take a look at some of my favorite displays of them, after the click, cause there’s far too many