This is just Noise


It amazes saddens me to see what people spend so much time, effort and money on, and call art. If you sit through the entire 10 minutes of the above video you will find probably a dozen different setups of the so called “acoustic sound sculptures” or something.  To me, all I see and hear … Continued

Falling Dirt and Bunnies


Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 – Teaser from Thiago Costa on Vimeo. I’m no 3-D artist, or game designer, but I can tell you that that has some serious potential.  For the most part it looks entirely realistic, but who knows how much processing power that takes.  And, it looks like this is just a plugin for … Continued

Insane RGB LED Ball II


That really is some insane piece of work.  I read the forum post, and looked at the pictures, and even then I can only sorta kinda understand all the stuff that went into making that thing.  I want to make one, but I don’t think that I have the technical knowledge to make it work … Continued

DIY LED flashlight overkill


I like LEDs, I think they are pretty ace, and I use them often.  I’ve made and modified my fair share of flashlights, but this one takes the cake for crazy. 500 superbright white LEDs, 50 watts of power used, blinding light, and something that probably weighs a good 20lbs makes this a monster. Look … Continued

People Should Not Be Afraid of Their Governments


But, Governments should not be afraid of their people either.  There needs to be a balance between the two.  I’m not one to start a descussion about that, I’d rather have a hand made bunker under ground in the mountains somewhere, so that when the shit hits the fan, I can survive, and go on … Continued

Sat Phones


Ever since I can remember wanting a Cell phone, I can remember wanting a Sat phone more.  For those that don’t know a sat phone is short for satellite phone.  Most of the time, these phones have recption all over the world, (except indoors, or underground) .  Something about that just strikes me as cool.  … Continued

Floppy Software


Ah, I remember the days of the 3.5″ Floppy disk.  I used to be able to back up my entire semester of high school work onto one or two 1.44 MB disks, zipped up of course, because PKZip was all the rage back then.  Then I got a CD burner from my uncle, and magically, … Continued

The New Kid in the Bathroom


Dyson, the guy behind those really interesting vacuum cleaners has come up with a new kind of hand cleaner.  It’s actually an interesting design, if eternally flawed to never be used: The Dyson Airblade. I like the idea behind it, it uses air taken in from the very room, sanitizes it, runs it over the … Continued

Excellent idea to hold stuff


These socket-deer antler holders are the most ingenious idea ever.  You plug your phone charger into the wall, and then put your phone on the antlers and let it sit there and charge.  Much better then letting it dangle on the floor! The only complaint I have is that the plates should be in the … Continued

The Best Christmas Lights


As you know, I have strict guidelines regarding Christmas lights.  But you already know that, so now lets take a look at some of my favorite displays of them, after the click, cause there’s far too many