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Make a Coil Train

No doubt about it, electric trains are cool.  They are expensive though.  And you could get called “a nerd.”  But really, those people are just not cool, so there.

Follow the simple 4 step instructable to make “The Simpliest Electric Train“.  Now, watch the video of it in action.  It’s quite cool.  Except the jumps, that part sucks, don’t build this expecting to get some sick jumps.  You’ll be dissapointed.

If your kid, or brother, or friend wants a Train for Christmas.  A. Get them one, (if they’ve been a good child that is). B) If they like trains, then they’re probably interested in science.  Why not spend $20 and make this with them.  It will be cool and get them interested in science.

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The Clock

The Clock

Gislain Benoit hand soldered this beautiful three-dimensional working clock that doubles as a work of art.  Contained above are all of the analog components necessary for a working clock in what you would typically find contained inside of a microchip.  What’s more, telling of the time is done via measuring the phases of electricity from a standard 60Hz US outlet.  Setting the time is done via magnets. Pretty ace if you ask me.

I particularly like the three  dimensional factor contained in the soldering of the components,  So often single two dimensions are used and for that reason electronics are pretty ugly.  But this one is really tastefully done.  I’m sure more time was spent drawing out the layout of the components than was spent soldering it all together.  Ok, maybe not.

component view

I know it’s mounted under glass, but I would still be concerned with those wires breaking, or getting shorted out.  I think covering it in epoxy would be a better solution.


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Destroying things with Electricity

Electricity is dangerous.  If lightning wasn’t proof enough of that, here you can watch as someone for reasons unknown (otherwise known as because I can), decided to connect 16 high capacity capacitors together.  For serious, look at the size of these things:


According to math, all of these wired up in parallel like this gives 2180J of potential, which if I remember, is quite alot.  Here you can see what happens when all of that energy is released at once into a pencil.  Hint, it’s not good.

After the click you can watch an extra awesome video.  Trust me.

{Hacked Gadgets}

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STumble Time

Fresh on the heals of this morning’s announcement that we’re going back to our crazy, WW2, politically-incorrect stumble-fest roots, here’s the latest batch of stumble pictures and gifs.  You’re welcome.

science video

Electricity is Dangerous

Yea, really, really dangerous.  But really, really cool at the same time.


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Getting Tased

“Art”, it’s such a funny word isn’t it?

  • What is art,
  • What isn’t art
  • How can I make my own art
  • What makes my art different from someone else’s art

Well, I don’t know the answers to any of those questions, even though I took an art history class in college.  I do know that the above video is some form of “art”.  Patrick Hall managed to convince a bunch of people to pose for portraits.  Sounds pretty normal right?  Well, there was a catch here.  He had a friend of the person being photographed shock them with a taser.  Then because this is America, and we like to waste our money on things, they filmed it, from every angle, and in high-speed.

Yea, it’s great to be an American isn’t it?

Here’s an extended version of the above, but this time seeing the person doing the tasing, and the tasee.  I don’t know if those are actual words or not, but I’m too lazy to find out what they should be.

In the behind the scenes version Patrick Hall tells how he set up the shoot, and how it all evolved.  In case you’re wondering why all the people look naked, it’s because he didn’t want anything distracting the final version.


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You know what the best thing about concepts is, how ridiculous they are.  I like to place bets as to when an individual concept will make it from the Photoshop render, to a prototype, to a working prototype, to a consumer product.  So far, exactly one thing has made it to the end, and I lost that bet.

Anyway, after the click you got my 3 favorite concepts form the past month or so of my stumbling around the internetz.  Enjoy them, and remember if they ever come out and become products, I owe someone a dollar*

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96 Hours

What is this 4 seasons of 24?  HA!  No, it’s how long I was without power.  Let me tell you, it was long.  Let me tell you a story:

Friday, March 12th into Saturday, there was a massive rain storm.  I’m talking bad.  sustained winds of around 30mph, with gusts of 66mph.  I watched the 50 foot 80 year old oak trees in my back yard sway back and forth, and back and forth.  They didn’t fall down.  But others did.  The 1-2 punch of 2 feet of snow a few weeks ago that melted and the 2 inches of rain that fell in 24 hours caused the ground to be super saturated.  Combine that with the wind gusts, and you have perfect conditions for trees to fall.

And trees fell.

A 3 foot wide tree fell a few blocks away from my house and took out everything.  It was massive, and, it was in perfect health.  (I looked at the tree, cause I wanted it, I like firewood, I’m kind of obsessed with it, leave me alone).

Because of that, I lost power around 8:40pm EST on Saturday, and did not get it back until 8:30pm EST Wednesday, March 17th  (so 95 hours, 50mins).

It was a hectic week let me tell you that, and I’m glad that power has been restored.

Let me tell you when the heat has been off in the house, even with outside daytime temps reaching the mid 60s, at night, the house gets cold quick.  Lowest temp I recorded in my room was 56 degrees.  That’s a full 20 degrees less than usual.

Now my house has hot water heat, but the pumps that run the water are electric, and so things don’t work.  Also, we have a generator, but it’s purpose was for sump pump and refrigerator duty.  Without the gennie, we would have lost all the stuff in our fridge, (and it was packed), and our basement would have had about a foot or more of water in it, so using it to power the computers for an hour or so was out of the question.

One good thing that came of this, I was able to read 550 pages of the new Stephen King book, Under the Dome.  That was good cause I was looking for an excuse to start it, and that was the perfect one.  I’m now about 300 pages from the end, and if the weather is still good, will finish it soon. (So far, it’s good, up there with The Stand)

I was very upset when it happened at first though, because I was up to 336 billion bytes received.  And I was working on 1 trillion.  That took me 2 weeks of nonstop Olympic viewing to get, it will take forever to get that high again now, you just watch!

Anyway, we’re back, and I’ll try and get some new posts up.



Is very important for servers.

Mine just came back last night, more on that exciting story later today.

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Microwave Music

Ok, it’s alittle late, but I had to show it, just because it’s so awesome:

I can only imagine how much power was needed to get those microwaves working like that.  I mean, look at all the extension cords!  From my count, it’s 49 microwaves, at around 500 watts each, that’s a lot of power.   even if it was only for a minute each.  Probably why they did it in a warehouse.

I like how they didn’t get 50 of all the same microwaves, but mixed it up, that makes it more awesome.

Made by the awesome people of AKQA