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Tesla Motors

I have always been a fan of Telsa Motors. I would totally buy a Tesla Model S if it weren’t for the facts below:

1) I live in Brooklyn

2) I park on the street (where people steal my wheels and flip their cars right next to mine)

3) Even if I had a garage or a spot to park my car, I certainly wouldn’t have the means to plug in an electric car

But still, I would buy one if I could get past those three items. I don’t even particularly care about owning an electric car. My car gets 14 MPG in the city and I don’t mind paying for the gas and I honestly don’t really pay attention to how that affects the environment. Oh well.

But these cars are undeniably awesome. They’re comfortable, they go fast, and they’re ridiculously safe.

Elon Musk made a move yesterday that, quite frankly, just isn’t seen anymore by any company…”open sourcing” his patents on the electric car.

I share Mr. Musk’s disdain for patents. The patent owner’s tend to just spend their lives in courts and no one gets any good ideas down because they’re all patented.

(When I was in engineering school, I remember walking past the plaques of all the professors that had been granted patents, and thought I wanted that. I was dumb.)

It should be noted that Elon Musk isn’t actually “open sourcing” his patents. He’s just choosing to ignore someone who is trying to make a better product. I sincerely doubt he would ignore it if GM or BMW start copying the Model S/Model X.

Its an interesting move anyway for a company that has made some other interesting moves. I like them and I wish I could support them. Steve would say I have to move from Brooklyn, but that’s not likely.

Hopefully it will pave the way for companies working together (when possible) and actually advancing the technology, which is what the Tesla team hopes to accomplish.


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Teapot Politics

Maybe you’ve heard on other websites about a little marketing issue JCPenney is having (also, NEWSFLASH, JCPenney still exists…I had no idea). But it just wouldn’t be the deadlycomputer blog unless we discussed this:


Does this picture remind you of anyone? Well if you’re drivers along California’s Interstate 405 Highway, you most likely thought “that teapot looks just like Hitler.”

Oh yes, its our pick for #1 dictator in human history back again, reincarnated (note: none of the staff at deadlycomputer believe in or advocate the belief in reincarnation) as a teapot. Now it may or may not be true, but I’m pretty sure Hitler enjoyed tea over coffee, so this product is oddly appropriate, even though I seriously doubt that the designer did this purposefully.

All this controversy is pretty stupid. Honestly, I would never see that teapot and think it looks like Hitler, until someone else would point it out to me. After all, it could be much worse:


But, if you’d like, you can totally still pick up this awesome teapot (but its on backorder) regardless of what you think of Hitler. It could be a collector’s item one day.


In Steve’s Absense

Its me again! With Steve out of the picture (and without internet access) I
will be posting as I see fit. Some posts he may agree with (like the one forthcoming), others he may not. Oh well. Its his fault either way for giving the keys to the kingdom as it were…