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Welcome to Preppitania

All hail Preppitania, the preppiest place on this pale planet we call home (you try coming up with a word for home that starts with “P”)

Yahoo Answers has come up with this destination in all of its glory.  After the first sentence where the answerer says it needs to be a fascist government, everything goes downhill.  From only being allowed to wear Moosejaw and Abercrombie, and the only television show being One Tree Hill.

I have one question about the school though, why lawn care.  Maybe I’m not up on my prepitude, but lawn care doesn’t seem right for a preppy kid, but hey, maybe times have changed.

And the sports, football is all good for high school, but Wikipedia tells me that preppy people play other more classy sports, and I tend to agree with Wikipedia (when do I not?).  But hey, things change, so maybe this preppy town is different.

I love the work camp idea though.  I think every fascist government is required to have some for of those, and every government regardless needs a secret police force to maintain power.  So with a combination of those two forces we can get a nice little unending force.  I would put them to work making polo shirts too though.  And after they have made their share of them, they would be expired, but not by firing squad, that’s too realistic, no, how about poisoning them with gas, very Nazi-esque.

And just like the Nazis, the work camp people will be lulled into a false sense of security.  The Secret police, who I will call members of The Hollitzer (you see the play on words there), will lure them into “a store” where on “display” are the scarfs and polos that they put their “hard work” into.  The Hollitzer members will congratulate them, and let them have their pick of what they want, and then poison cologne will be pumped in.

Yes, I like my Preppitania better I must say.

But you can read the full Yahoo! Answers post below if you want:

awesome movie science the greatest

Terminator 2: Skynet Edition

Personally, I will wait till all the Terminator films are finished before I buy anymore of them on DVD.  I’m sure there will be some super special awesome $1000 edition of the whole series, the first trilogy with Arnold, and the later movie(s) (a worthy Trilogy please?) with Bale.  All together with a skull for each film, T-800, T-1000, T-X, and some newer models for the sequels.

Also, as cool as that skull looks, I don’t think it’s worth $180 for just T2 on Blu Ray, and T2 extremen and T2 Ultimate on regular DVD.  Why not go BD all the way?

I do like the digital copies that are supposed to be both Windows Media and iTunes compatible.  And the hours of extra features and stuff is always welcome, however, the chances of me ever watching them are pretty slim.  I may watch them once, if I’m lucky.  But hey, it’s awesome nonetheless.

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