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Cola in a Humidifier

Why not? I’m no stranger to doing stupid things in my youth, maybe it’s time and wisdom of age. I’m not sure why someone would want to do this, but hey, everyone has to start their “scientist life” somewhere.


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Full Metal Arrow

Or something like that anyway. I greatly dislike the reddit video system that doesn’t allow you to embed just the video, instead you need to embed the whole post. I guess that’s what they’re aiming for, but it’s still annoying.
Anyway, look at these two idiots, they aren’t really going to get the round to explode, but at least they know what’s happening, and that it’s dangerous. That’s a step better than most idiots.
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Are perpetually done.

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Waterproof HDD

There really isn’t any more reason to  need to ever do this.  Ever.  For realz.  Stop.


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Waterfall Skiing

Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds.  No, he is not successful.  No you should not try this ever.  Yes, he should rethink his life choices.

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you have to try and get 100% usage out of your winter equipment.  It’s perfectly reasonable to leave them sitting in a closet or a basement for the 6 months of the year that you can’t use them.  I’m pretty sure you did way more damage to them by trying to ski down a rocky waterfall then if you had just left them in a bag in your basement.  But hey, someone’s gotta win the Darwin Award, unfortunately, he survived.


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The Stumble Post of Tomorrow

Oil fire? Nope, that’s just sunset at that refinery, truly a beautiful scene.  {source}

Yes, it’s been quite some time since the last stumbles post, too long you might say, but fear not because there are some gems included in this post.  Including the above photo.  Which I have to say, that is a beautiful site, it’s the Grangemouth Refinery in Scotland, and it’s at sunset.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sure if we could get a thunderstorm in the background, that would be an equally impressive sight.

Anyway, enough with the approval of modern industrial prowess, let’s get onto the good shit, literally…

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Some people are Awesome

And clearly I’m not talking about the girl that left that voice mail, but rather, the theater manager/owner who decided to use that voice mail, unedited (I assume) as the “Don’t use your cell phone in my theater” PSA at the start of each flim.

The theater owner/manager should get an award or something.  And I would make it a my personal duty to only see movies at that theater, because it’s the only one that cares abut their customers, despite what that girl may think.

It was within that movie theaters every right to throw her out, and refuse to refund her money, as she clearly violated the rules , and claiming that she didn’t know she couldn’t use her cell phone only proves that she’s an idiot.

{Village Voice}

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This is just Noise

It amazes saddens me to see what people spend so much time, effort and money on, and call art.

If you sit through the entire 10 minutes of the above video you will find probably a dozen different setups of the so called “acoustic sound sculptures” or something.  To me, all I see and hear is headache inducing white noise that I can generate for free at home in my own time, but don’t because it’s headache inducing.

One of the demonstrations I would classify as “music like.”  But that’s far from reason to go to the exhibit in San Francisco.  Or the live “performance” of it.

Still, it’s a far cry from The Creepiest Tree Ever, but it’s still noise.

Also, I spelled at least 6 words wrong with extra z’s in this post and if it wasn’t for the sheer number of red squiggle underlines that WordPress/Firefox added, I would have left them and you could see just how badly of an internet accent I’m getting.


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2012 – NASA’s worst Science Movie EVER

I will be the first to defend overly unrealistic film plots as just that –  film plots meant solely to entertain audiences for 2 hours.  Some of “the worst scientific movies ever” I enjoy.  Armageddon – infamous for having at least 168 inaccuracies, is one of my all time favorite films.  And The Core, fuck you that was a great movie, alittle long, but great.  Volcano, another action movie with a plot so ridiculous it takes alot not to laugh at it, but it was a good movie.

All that being said there comes a point when even I can’t suspend my disbelief enough to wrap my head around the plot of a movie that is so predictable, so bad in it’s science, and so unnecessarily long that you watch it if only to see if the writers really did just do that.

2012 is one of those movies.

I summed up 2012 in one accurate sentence I think – the prequel to Waterworld no one asked for.

The difference between all the movies i listed above – Armageddon, The Core, Volcano, & Waterworld and 2012 is that the former movies are enjoyable, and good (I love Waterworld).  2012 is just plain bad.  Be it the science, which doesn’t exist.  The world wide conspiracy to save the planet on arks meant to save a couple hundred thousand people, and conveniently 2 of each animal.  Building it in China – are you serious, the fate of the world rests in the hands of those commies the Chinese?  I’d rather take my chances alone.  And of all the places that managed to survive the rising water, Africa is the number one place.  I’d rather risk my life on those Chinese arks then dare set foot on the African continent, ever.

All these combine into the worst 3 hours ever.  Which is how long that movie is, just under 3 hours.  I didn’t think it was possible at first, but Ronald Emmerich made a worse movie then The Day After Tomorrow which I wont even go into for how ridiculous that was.

{The website at the end of the Universe | The Australian}

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Stupid Russians

Let me be perfectly honest, I have nothing against Russians, it’s Communists I hate, but watching what they did there, come on, that’s ridiculous.  I wouldn’t even think of doing that.  Anyway, don’t do that, it’s dumb, but watch them do it, cause it’s funny, afterall, what is the point of the internet but to laugh at other people’s expense. {I Can’t See You}