Sand Art Via Drone


Drones are cool, and so is sand art.  Personally, I’m more of a fan of sand castles, but the above art is equally as neat.   The video comes via Instagram user @jbenart, and if you check out his page on Instagram, or his website, you can see some equally as impressive masterpieces. View this post … Continued

New York City – By Drone


I know this video is almost 3 years old, but sometimes it’s nice to revisit some old things, and show how times have changed, and technology improved.  In this case, the video quality is still amazing, as is the production quality.  You know what has changed, the ability to do something like this and not … Continued

360 Drone Racing


More like a practice run if you ask me.  I’ve flown drones like this before, they are not easy to control, I know I would crash it trying to make those sharp turns.  One thing I think should be kept out of these drone videos though is the audio.  I don’t want, or need to … Continued

Glow in the Dark Skiing


Ok, not glow in the dark in the traditional sense, Greed LED strips attached to the skis and poles of a professional skier.  Some drone footage of him carving up the mountain side make for a pretty cool video.  Being the actual skier though, that looks super dangerous, even with the guiding lights along some … Continued

The Birth of a UFO


Gone are the days when these things could be explained away as swamp gas reflecting off the planet Venus.  No, with the advent of cheap, highly maneuverable “drones” people can do all sorts of things.  At night, with a 1,000 watt LED bar attached to the bottom of it, and individually controlled and colored LEDs … Continued

Drone Racing


Drone Racing is a thing.  I’ve posted about it before, I can’t remember though if I posted about the Drone Racing League (DRL), I think I did.  It’s a cool thing to watch the highlights and edited videos of.  I’m not sure if I would watch a live race.  ESPN however is hoping differently.  On … Continued

FPV Drones


I’ve posted some First Person Drone video before, but did you know there’s an entire Aerial Sports League?  There is.  It looks pretty tame in this video, a basic race.  But this is America, if I know anything, there’s gotta be an EXTREME version of it somewhere, if not, it’s only a matter of time. … Continued

Drone Fireworks


We’re coming up on the greatest Holiday in America, the 4th of July.  What better way to celebrate than to attach Chinese made fireworks to the back of a drone and fly and shoot them at each other while drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.   America. Fuck Yea. I post this now so that you … Continued

Church Drone Shot


Filmmakers Guillaume Juin and Joris Favraud, over at their company BigFly, did something most people wouldn’t dare, they flew a drone inside a Byzantine Church in northwest France, the  Saint Louis Church in Paimboeuf.  Guillaume is the pilot of the drone, while Joris controls the camera direction, pan, and other video things.  Together they spent time … Continued

Logs to Lumber


Ah, woodworking, it’s really a great hobby, and business.  Seeing the process of turning the trees from logs into lumber though is interesting.  I think the most staggering part however is the scale of this one sawmill.  Look at all those logs, and all the wood, and that’s just one. {reddit}