awesome DIY video

Wooden Tower Domino Fun

Watching things like this is satisfying, that’s all I have to say:

It took 16 hours to construct this behemoth which stands at nearly 20 feet tall using 22,000 planks of wood (ok, not dominoes, but still ace).  I don’t know which is more impressive, putting the whole thing together without a misstep which caused destruction, or the engineering necessary to get everything to fall in order without knocking other things out.  The final seconds of the collapse, when the entire tower implodes, that’s impressive because I was on the edge of my seat waiting and hoping that one of those sticks wouldn’t fall incorrectly and knock something else off balance.


DIY games video

More Dominoes

Seriously, watching dominoes fall down is incredibly satisfying.  I think it’s a combination of the noise and the colors to be honest.  While the above video isn’t exactly super technical, it’s quite fun to watch.  Especially the stop motion clean up and setup.


awesome DIY games video

Soothing Dominoes

There’s something about watching thousands of dominoes fall down in a choreographed way that is soothing.  I think it’s the dedication to the colors that gets me.  All that time spent getting the hues to line up, especially with the two-toned dominoes, so the setup side is one color, but when knocked down you get a different one.  There’s a lot of dedication to setting something like that up.

Lilly Hevesh, who goes by Hevesh5 on YouTube has some pretty neat setups.  Including this mesmerizing triple spiral. Honestly, I think I would call it a quadruple spiral, but I’m not the artist, so I won’t complain.

She has quite a lot of domino videos.  It’s amazing the amount of time spent setting all those up only to destroy it in under a minute.  I guessed wrong in this race.  Will you?  Hint, pay attention to the lines and the ways the dominoes are knocked down.