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Wooden Tower Domino Fun

Watching things like this is satisfying, that’s all I have to say:

It took 16 hours to construct this behemoth which stands at nearly 20 feet tall using 22,000 planks of wood (ok, not dominoes, but still ace).  I don’t know which is more impressive, putting the whole thing together without a misstep which caused destruction, or the engineering necessary to get everything to fall in order without knocking other things out.  The final seconds of the collapse, when the entire tower implodes, that’s impressive because I was on the edge of my seat waiting and hoping that one of those sticks wouldn’t fall incorrectly and knock something else off balance.


awesome video

Insane Domino Rally

I remember when I was little I would constantly make a mess of my basement setting up Domino Rally runs.  They always ended up going off prematurely and ruining hours of setup time, but it was still fun.  YouTube user FlippyCat seems to have collected 30 or 40 of every individual Domino Rally set ever made.  He doesn’t say how long it took to setup, or how much space it takes up, or how many dominoes it actually uses, but it’s still awesome nonetheless.

I remember those bridges, and rocket launchers, and bike launcher, and plane launcher, and stair cases.  Man, those were fun times…

It looks like you can still order the sets on Amazon, but the packaging changed, and that means that the molds are probably different, they probably don’t launch things like the used to, nothing is as good as it once was…

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Giant Dominoes

Dominoes are fun to play with.  They might be a pain to set up, but you can use most anything to make them, and make them resemble almost anything, even play games with them. But this guy takes the whole thing to a new level.  There’s a science lesson in the above video.  What?!  Why would I go out of my way to teach you something?  Am I crazy?  No, I just think it’s cool, plus it’s only 2 minutes long, and the science you learn is pretty simple, so watch it.  Then feel free to watch something mindless.

I’m posting this under DIY simply because you can make your own dominoes and set them up and knock them down, but I don’t really know if you’ll be able to make that 100lb meter tall one, or the 5mm tall one either.

{The Kid Should See This}

awesome DIY video

Domino Tetris

This could perhaps be the longest game of Tetris for the least amount of points ever.  I counted 11 lines, including 1 Tetris, over a very long amount of time because he needs to move each square piece one at a time, and then reset it up when he accidentally knocks them over.  Time consuming.

Anyway, some of you might be woundering why I didn’t include this in the Starry (Domino) Night post from earlier this week, well, because this deserves it’s own special treatment.  So here I go.

This guy has patience.  Lots of it.  Now, those who know me know I also have an unnatural amount of patience, but I’m not quite sure I’d have enough of it to do something like that, let alone some of the other things they’ve made.  Seriously, 3-D dominoes, I’d probably never think to set them up that way.  But look at the amazing works of art you’re (they’re) able to make by going into that 3rd dimension.  It’s pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

{Flippy Cat}

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Starry (Domino) Night

7,067 individual dominoes stacked in 3 Dimensions to create Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Flippy Cat (ace website name btwz), made this over who knows how many hours, (it was hard to read the clock, and the sheer fact that it moved around the screen leads me to not trust it anyway).  But watching some of the fails durring the credits leads me to believe it was a long, long time, and reading the description on YouTube claims it took 11 hours to build (the 2nd of 2 attempts).

This is perhaps the best (and probably only) analog representation of RAW vs. JPEG compression.  Allow me to elaborate:

The dominoes arranged in their 3-D precarious stacked arraignment represent the JPEG compression.

  • It takes time to set them up out of their natural state
  • It takes up less space (physically (since it’s 3-D and all))
  • There is noise, lots of it, it doesn’t look like it’s the full resolution it could be

The dominoes all knocked down represent RAW

  • This is the domino’s natural state
  • The space it takes up is all over the place
  • Look at that resolution though!  Its so much closer to the actual artwork

Note, this comparison will probably only ever effect this particular work of art because of the level (lack) of detail, but I stand by it.


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LEGO Domino Dealer

This is pretty neat.  This guy not only made his own wood dominoes, but he made them for a custom LEGO domino dealer.

I like the idea, and the setup, the only gripe I have is that it only does straight lines.  But I know that it’s not easy to set up other weird runs and stuff.  But you could set up some colors of dominoes, and make a design, and then make some pretty neat domino layout.  But those aren’t as fun as crazy weird domino runs.


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Hard Drive Dominos

Ok, this is something i am going to do one day.