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Ansel Adams Documentry

As I make my way across the wilderness of Alaska taking photos, it’s worth it to watch this video of documentary of Ansel Adams and his processes creating some of the most influential photographs of the National Parks.  I wish I was able to say that I have fond memories of going through books of reproductions of his prints, but I don’t.  I do love some of his work and I strive to have photos that are on the same level as his, hopefully some of my Alaska shots will approach his.


the greatest video

Yellowstone From Above

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I went to Yellowstone.  I still remember it fondly and I can’t wait to go back, but there are still 40 other National Parks I need to cross off my list.

Any Hootie and the Blowfish, here is a short documentary on the Park:

Yes it’s a bit long at 25 minutes, but it’s worth it, you don’t realize how quickly it will go by, and it’s informative.  Plus, it has a British narrator that pronounces things great.  The entire thing is shot from Drone footage, which is currently against the rules in the park, but this is not an ordinary drone, this is a professional one, probably gasoline powered, with a long range because some of the shots were from pretty high up.


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WW2 Documentaries

Youtube user Tinus le Roux has posted tons of video documentaries, the majority of which seem to be on WW2.  Some of them are only a few minutes long, some are full half-hour episodes.  If you’re tired from yesterday’s WW1 documentaries, or you want to skip ahead to it’s sequel, just watch below: