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Little Boy

Little Boy

It’s the marking of the turning point of world history.  The United States of America showed the world that the power of the atom was within their hands, and with one plane, and one bomb, the devastated the town of Hiroshima.

This ultimatum unfortunately was not enough, and another bomb was necessary to end the war with Japan.


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Alternate History Thursday – Judgement Day

In 1984 the world was first warned of this day. Kyle Reese told Sarah Connor all about it when he found her.  Together they managed to destroy the Terminator and hope that everything is ok.

11 years later two Terminators are again sent back to kill and protect.  We learn that Judgement Day is still on course for August 29, 1997.  Now they must stop it.

Over the years Judgement day has changed dates with each intervention of Skynet and humanity.  It inevitably happens on July 25, 204 at 6:18pm Eastern Time.

Being that we are currently living in the year 2013, we can assume that somewhere something or someone has prevented the it.  But if there’s one thing we can be assured of it’s that Judgement Day is inevitable.  It will happen, and we must do everything in our power to stop the robots.

That is one of the original purposes of this blog, to teach the world about the coming Robot Apocalypse.  Not Zombies, or a plague, or an Alien Invasion.  Robots.  They have and always will be the greatest threat to humanity’s existence.

This is not going to be an alternate history lesson in the vein of  previous posts, but more of a warning.  Do whatever you can to prevent them.  It is your duty as a citizen of humanity to fight for your right to live.  We will not let annihilation  happen, we will fight, it’s in our blood.

Remember that, and Good luck to you.

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Submerged Town’s Return

Main St.

The modestly sized Villa Epecuén was utterly destroyed in 1985 after a series of unusual weather events cause a a dam to burst and a dike to break putting the entire town under 33 feet of salt water.  Initially, the residents hoped it would be a temporary thing, and waited for the water to recede, within days it was apparent that the water wasn’t going anywhere, and so the town was abandoned.

25 years later (yes, in 2011, this is old news, deal with it, I bet you didn’t know anyway, so stop your whining) the waters started to recede, and what’s left is something out of movie scene.

white land



white and green


rusty car

It’s amazing what salt water can do.  I know that it’s one of the most corrosive things on the planet, but it’s just amazing to see the white washed town above, the unusable engine, and some of the other photos over on The Atlantic.

{MessyNessyChic|The Atlantic}

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Hard water is Ice

Yes and no, and i don’t need any scientific reasons as to why I’m wrong/right.  Anyway, here are some awesome ice cube tray makers.

I know someone who would like this, I think.  Buy them, $8.99.

I think the name of this one is just great!  Not sure how well the fossils will stay together though.  Buy one $8.00

This is my favorite one.  I want that set, I would use it often.  Buy one $6.10.

This is a good one to pair with the AK-47 bullet ice cube tray.  You could make a ransom note out of Ice, and then shoot some with an ice bullet and leave no traces! Buy one $28.80.

There are a bunch of other cool Ice cube trays to take a look at them.  They have Tetris ones, which I’ve covered before, and LEGO ones, which I’ve covered before, among other cool ones.  Maybe you’ll find the perfect gift for someone! (Hint, I want the Gin & Titonic)

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Airplanes, the safest way to travel

birds vs. plane
If I was on that plane, I would freak out. If i was on any of these planes, or the airport, or seen any of it, I would freak out.
That’s some good timing
broken plane
That’s sad, I like those planes

All being said though, air travel still remains the safest form of transportation for us humans…