Deadly Computer the greatest

122 years ago

The person who shaped the modern world was born:

Hitler mosaic

Yes, like it or not, Adolf Hitler is responsible for the world as we know it today.  He started World War 2, and in the process ushered in the Golden Age of America.  An America that saved the world from him.

We could go back and think about how the world would be different had Hitler not risen to power, not started World War 2, not done all the things he’s most famous for, but what fun would that be?

People always tend to focus on the bad that he did, and I won’t sugar coat it, he was directly responsible for quite alot of terrible things.  But it’s the things that he’s indirectly responsible for that no one takes into account.

  • The Jet Age
  • The Space Age
  • The Nuclear Age
  • The Computer Age

All those things had beginnings in WW2 era Germany, and many, many more along with it.

The V-2 rocket was the first ballistic missile, and the predecessor to the famous Titan I, and Saturn V.

So go ahead and create your time machine and go back in time and kill Hitler before he’s born, or allow him to go to art school like he always wanted, just be perpared for a different world when you return.  Unless of course your method of time travel is via the multi-worlds theory, (Which, for all intents and purposes, is the only way time travel will work), you could conveniently kill Hitler, and return to a version of the present where all the stuff after WW2 happened, just not WW2.

Although, if you’re gonna go through the trouble of traveling to another dimension, why complicate it with time travel, and murder, just go to one were Hitler never existed.  If it’s a moral issue let me just stop you right there cause dude, you have a trans-dimensional import/export craft.  The very nature of the theory behind it states that there are an infinite number of universes to travel to.  So going to one universe and killing Hitler, guess what, there’s an infinite number of other universes where you failed.  Then there’s a further infinite number where you succeed, but Stalin decided he wanted to invade Poland anyway, so he did, and WW2 happened, (of course in that universe we killed every last one of those Commie bastards, and the world was a better place).