It’s a Good Day

To Die Hard.

I just have a problem with the February release date.  Movies released in February have a tendency pfizer viagra canada to suck.  I’m not saying this will, but history tends to agree with me.

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I rarely link to Cracked articles, mostly because they’re such a combination of generic and awesome, and because 700 thousand other websites link to the same one and just add to the fluff of unoriginal content on the internet.  But this Easter Egg article has a pretty awesome one in it, and so I decided to link to it.  But keep in mind that I’m only focusing on one of their random number of Awesome Easter Eggs they only just discovered.

I like Easter Eggs, infact, I LOVE them.  If there’s one thing I like doing it’s taking apart a movie and connecting it in ways that are not allowed to every other movie ever made.

I most famously did this with (almost) every Sean Bean movie he ever made.  Connecting my two favorites of his, Goldeneye & National Treasure in an amazing and efficent way that just screams yes, this is what the director was thinking when he cast Sean Bean as the main villain of National Treasure.

Anyway, back to The Simpsons. – McBane is a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dirty Harry, & John McClain, so in essence, the greatest fictional cartoon super hero ever conceived.  What makes it even better, is that when all the clips that feature McBane are edited together – like in the above video, they produce a relatively coherent story, and an actual movie.  Would I go see that movie had it been real, maybe, probably not, but maybe.

I don’t know what would be better though, if this story were planned out from the beginning, or if it were just random.  Turns out it was just random, but like I said, I don’t know if it being random is more cool, or if it had been planned would it be more cool.

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Stimble Stumble Stamble

It’s winter, and there’s snow on the ground, and its the same snow that’s been on the ground since December, it never goes away, more just keeps coming.  Well, that’s exactly like what the stumbles are.  The internet just keeps coming up with more and more awesome, amazing, funny, meme, and wrong things for me to find and gather together in a post for you all to enjoy.

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Would you like an Apple Pie with that?

Well would you punk?

That’s right, it’s the time honored tradition of annoying the piss out of you, and it couldn’t have come any earlier.  I expect you to watch that, and have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome.

Now, allow Bruce Willis to welcome you:

To the Deadly Computer Blog Holiday Extravaganza!!!

Ok, I just wanted a reason to post include that video, and really, I don’t need a reason to include Mr. Willis.

{Ding fries are Done}

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No Time Wasters

Continuing on with the people screwing with other people theme, here is a group of Aussie’s that regurally post “strange, interesting, and funny” ads in Beat Magazine. (Which, looks like it’s stopped publishing as of 2009), and their last blog post is from June 2009 so that lines up about right.

My favorite one is the Die Hard one for obvious reasons.

The response that they got makes it better.  Also, on the front page of their site, they claim that they got phone calls from the police regarding certain ads, I think it’s a safe bet that this one was responsible for a few of those calls.

Also, I need to be on the look out for a Die Hard Reenactment society, because, as much as I hate reenactments and stuff like that,  I would gladly partake in remaking scenes from the greatest film ever made.

Their stalker wanted ad (un)surprisingly, got many replies, most of which I’m sure were fake, but I bet one was genuine.

They also have 3 wanted ads running for a grand conspiracy to get the public to not like public transit, and buy more cars.  I liked those, I wish they posted some replies if they got them.

It’s too bad that that magazine is no more, because I would have enjoyed reading some more of these awesome advertisements.  That being said, I can just go to the best of craigslist, but there’s just something different about seeing the ad in print.
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Alan Rickman is the best Villain

Is there any reason to doubt Alan Rickman’s ability to be the perfect villain?  I do not think so.  Starting in 1988 with Die Hard (otherwise known as the greatest movie ever made), Alan Rickman has shown the world his uncannily ability to show emotion, while showing no emotion.  As a way to see just how well he plays the role of villain, The Many Faces has put together a lesson about it.

Some might (and do) argue that Snape really isn’t a villain, but until the last act of the 7th book, we really don’t know where his loyalties lie.  And, Alan Rickman plays Snape perfectly.

I do have some issues with the bonus.  They don’t really give the Emperor an Alan Rickman feel, just some description of things the Emperor did and said, but with a vaguely Alan Rickman face.  Now, what would it be like if Alan Rickman actually played a character from the Star Wars Universe?  Well my friend, I think he would be quite the adversary.  As I think about it, there’s really no one that he can play.  I originally thought of Count Douku, but he didn’t have enough screen time to be properly made, and I think Alan Rickman’s skills would have been lost in the role.  You really need a role where you see his face, because his expressions are really what makes him, and no crazy alien makup either, because Alan Rickman’s face is perfect.

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The Matrix – LEGO

I think The Matrix is one of the best movies to come out in the last 10 years. And say what you will about the sequels, I thought they were alright. Anyway, the second best scene from the first movie has been redone using LEGOs.

And, I’m in a Matrix mood, because for the past 7 hours, I have been watching the whole trilogy on TV.  It’s on AMC, so there’s some commercials, unfortunately, none of my favorites, but what can you do?…Watch Die Hard in between them of course!

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The Movie Map

You must click on that link to make it full size cause that tiny view doesn’t do it justice.  It’s organized by movie genera, and in the form of a subway map.  It’s pretty neat actually.  The choices for the movies themselves came from the IMDb top 250 movies as of June 19, 2009.  I’ve seen alot of them on the list, and, I’m happy to say that my two favorite movies are on the list, Die Hard, and Terminator 2.

There are a bunch of different routes I would take.  Going through it, I think I would make at least one stop on ever line.  I’d stop on almost every one on 10, transfer to 9, ride the 8 to the begining, then back up 6, then ride that all the way around, stop off at 12 Angry Men, then take that all the way around to 1, then go over the 15, take that all the way around back to 1, jump on 13 over at Star Wars, and take that to Back to the Future.  Rest for the night, then go back to 1 the same way, make my way to 2, take that stopping at Wall-E on 16, and travel down there, making all the stops but Ratatouille.

I think I got them all, but I’m not sure, I probably missed a line or 2 that I just couldn’t make without stopping for the night, like I did with 13 – Sci-Fi.  There should be more cross overs there.  Terminator is a Sci-Fi, as is The Matrix!

What would your route be?  It doesn’t need to be as complicated as mine, don’t worry.

Check out the PDF of the map to see it in higher resolution, and to get the list of the top 250 in order at the bottom of it.  Movie map


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The Expendables

The Expendables is gonna be awesome!  I first saw this a few weeks ago.  It’s a movie written and directed by Sylvester Stallone.  It has every action star you can imagine.  Yes, a cameo by Arnold.  And what cemented my viewing of this film was the cameo by Bruce Willis.

Who cares about the plot, or the script, or anything really.  It has Arnold, and Willis, and Statham, and Nick Searcy, among other people.  This is gonna be a kick ass movie.  Just to see all these guys on screen at the same time shooting guns, punching people, and having a grand ‘ol time, it’s magic.  We just need Alan Rickman, Sean Bean, and Ed Harris on the bad guys list, and it would be even better!


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2 Degrees of…

Who is that?!
Who is that?!

Ever see a movie, or tv show and one of the actors just stands out and you’re like “WHO ARE YOU?!”  And you spend the rest of the movie trying to figure out who that is, and therefore ruin the movie?  Yea, I do that all the time.  Some people I’m good at figuring out, like Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, and Robert Patrick.  Some people just confuse me.

Now there’s a site that let’s you compare 2 movies of tv shows and get a list of characters.  It seemed to work when I tried it the other day.  But today it is not working at all.  Die Hard and Harry Potter are turning up no results.  Alan Rickman is Hans, (that pretty man that’s falling in the photo above), and Professor Snape, (The guy who kills Dumbledore!!!!).

If it starts to work again, it could be a very good resource.  Also, you could just remember the name of the character, and go to IMDb, and look though his history.  That’s usually a more fun way, and I think this is all that it’s doing, but I could be wrong.