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30 Years

It’s been Thirty years since Los Angeles joined the ranks of cities whose only qualification was to be a victim of a terrorist act.  Though, were they really terrorists?  Their own ranks called themselves exceptional thieves, and one-time kidnappers, not terrorists.  No Hans Grubber and his pals were opportunists, and only cared about money, $600 million worth.  A simple police officer from New York City in town to visit his wife and kids was what messed it all up for them.

Yes, Die Hard is 30 years old this year.  And last December, the Library of Congress selected Die Hard (among 24 other films) it’s …cultural, historic and/or aesthetic importance.  Yes Die Hard fits the bill for all three of those qualifications.  It’s a master piece that holds up surprisingly well given the time period.  I dare you to find another action movie from the 80s which isn’t incredible dated with cheese lines and effects.  I dare you to find another heist movie where the score is still a relevant sum of money 30 years later.  Six Hundred Million Dollars was a lot of money in 1988, it’s still a lot of money in 2018.  When it comes to money, so often the sums are in reasonable ranges for the time period and with inflation, they seem petty by current standards.  No, it will be quite a while (if ever) when $600 million is seen as petty).  Heck, even Ocean’s 11 (which itself is 17 years old already!) was only taking home $160 million.

So, take a seat, grab some popcorn, (or Twinkies), and watch this Christmas classic, even if Bruce Willis says it’s not.

{Library of Congress}

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Renovation is complete

Nakatomi Tower

My trip this past weekend brought me down to Los Angeles, city of Angels.  It is also the home of Fox Plaza, which served as the setting for the greatest film of all time, Die Hard. Naturally, being in  Los Angeles for the first time, I had to visit this monument to film making.  You will be happy to know that the building is still standing, and it does accurately match the film of 30 years ago.

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It was December 24th

You know the words.

If that’s not your thing, then take a gander at this trailer for the documentary of the events from 28 years ago.

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Sitting on a Beach

…Earning 20%

Alan Rickman characters

It is a sad day for much of the world today.  Hans Gruber, alias of Alan Rickman, has passed away at the young age of 69.  Mr. Rickman was widely known as a great character villain.  He got his start in film making with Die Hard, but unfortunately, is more widely know now for his portrayal of the tragic hero Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films.  Rickman was a master at blending in and being an all around great villain.  He will be forever missed in this world.

At least now he’s at peace, sitting on a beach, earning 20%…

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Alternate History Thursday: Nakatomi

Christmas Eve 1998: Nakatomi Plaza, Never Forget

I’ll let the photo above speak for itself.  Tonight, 27 years ago terrorists took over the Nakatomi building in Century City California.  Their target, $640 million in negotiable bearer bonds.  That’s amazing, even the amount of money stolen still holds up today, it’s not some piss poor $100,000 or similar, it’s well over half a billion dollars.  Damn Hans, you really did know how to pull it off.

It's Not Really Christmas until Hans Gruber Falls off the Nakatomi Tower

As is Christmas Tradition, it isn’t really Christmas until you’ve watched this documentary, just like every 4th of July you must watch Independence Day, every year, around Christmas time, you must watch the hero cop from New York City single handedly stop a hostile take over.

To commerate this memorable event, there is even a music video.  Because John McClane has also been involved in multiple similar instances.


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Weird Things about America

I’m not sure how truthful this is, or what’s going on in it, but it’s really a fun video to watch.  I can see what he’s talking about, at least mostly, except the French part, that makes me think this was recorded awhile ago, but it doesn’t look like it.  Also, yes, I watch  Die Hard every Christmas.  Regular as clockwork…or a time lock


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Die Hard

Ah tumblr, there’s really something for everything, if you can find it.  ZapperFilms is one of those niche markets that replaces the guns in famous movie stills with the NES Zapper.

Kick Ass


On a side note, I really want to see Kick-Ass 2

The Matrix


The Goonies

Interesting fact about The Goonies, 3 years after Robert Davi was put in custody for his involvement in being a Fratelli, he got out and became an elite member of the FBI’s Terrorism Task force Special Agent Johnson (No, the other one).  He reminisced about Saigon to Special Agent Johnson, who was in Jr. High, then tried to shoot our Hero John McClane, before Hans blew up the roof forgetting about Karl while John promised to never go up in a tall building ever again as he jumped off tied to a fire hose.

And the rest is history.



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Die Hard

Above is the Trailer for the Greatest Film ever made in the history of the planet.

Now, I don’t need a reason to post about Die Hard. But today, I have a very valid one.  25 years ago today, Die Hard was released to the world.  The world at the time consisted of 21 only theaters, with the wide release coming next week.  But this limited release showed the world the new bad-ass in town, Bruce Willis.

There’s so many things I can say about this film, I don’t know what to not say.  So I won’t say anything.


Below is the greatest movie related song of all time:

Yippie-Kia-Yay, Mother Fucker.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

From John McClane.  Word around the internetz is that there will be a 5th verse.  I cannot wait.


Die Hard – The Music Video

This video is officially the greatest internet video of all time.  Better then The Void, or The Void II, Charlie the Unicorn, that elephant video from last week, Rap Chop, ALL the pokemon.  Everyone.  This is the greatest internet video ever.  It will never be topped, cost viagra cialis it can only be equaled.

What video can equal it?  Well, certainty not the creepiest tree in the world.  All Your Base, that is an equal.  But it’s on the shortlist.  The very short list.  So short that I can’t even think of another video to add to it right now.  Sorry.