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Halo NES style

I am somewhat excited about the concept of that game.  Sure it looks like crap, but it could be a nice afternoon time waster.  I’m mostly impressed with the way they got the Halo theme using 8bit music.  Not bad If you ask me.

{Destructoid | Piki Geek}

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Mayor of Sim City

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This is how you run for mayor, not though false hope and dreams but through fear and honesty.  I’d vote for Ed Ward, not because I’m afraid of what he might do to my city, but because he was honest about it.  I mean when he was elected 20 years ago no one knew of these powers he had, but now he’s telling us all about them.  Clearly he’s confident in something (his ability to destroy this city at the drop of a hat).  Anyway, come November, remember to vote for Ed Ward. It might just save your life.


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Jurassic Park, the Game

Apparently an episodic Jurassic Park game is in the works.  This is awesome.  Jurassic Park is one of those awesome movies that just lasts forever as its awesomeness.  The only thing unawesome about this is the episodic part.  I find that to mean “we’re too greedy/lazy to make this one full game, so we’ll release X number of them over time and make you pay full price for these almost complete games.”

I am imagining a cross between Velociraptor Safari, and the first Jurassic Park film.  Where instead of you being a raptor, you can play as Robert Muldoon, the park’s game warden and you drive around trying to capture/kill the increasingly intelligent Velicoraptors.  Then you could play as could also play as “Hang onto your butts” Ray Arnold and try to get the phones working again.  But all will be lost when those raptors that Muldoon was in charge of rounding up keep getting loose and killing you.

I also envision an XKCD cameo of some sorts because he has been warning us for years about the dangers of Raptors.

It could be excessively fun and entertaining.  I want this to exist tomorrow.


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Donkey Kong Country

Wow, this video is sooooooo early 90s.  But since it’s about the greatest SNES game of all time, it’s worth the watching.  Yea I said it, Donkey Kong Country is the best SNES game, you gonna argue or go download that game and prove to yourself that I was right?  {source}

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Geometry Wars Natal

Geometry Wars is the 2nd best game on the Xbox 360, and until Halo 3 came out, the only real reason to own the console.  It was so addicting that I skipped class, and homework, and sleep to try and beat my high score.  Like Tetris, it’s just perfect.

What is not perfect is the attempt at a Natal control interface shown below:

From the looks of it, the game does not look easy to control with Natal.  I’m glad to see that Natal is being used for something interesting, but I don’t think it will work.  For one thing, I’m not gonna buy Natal just to play GW, (and as long as its not required for Halo Reach, I probably will never get it).