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Wooden Tower Domino Fun

Watching things like this is satisfying, that’s all I have to say:

It took 16 hours to construct this behemoth which stands at nearly 20 feet tall using 22,000 planks of wood (ok, not dominoes, but still ace).  I don’t know which is more impressive, putting the whole thing together without a misstep which caused destruction, or the engineering necessary to get everything to fall in order without knocking other things out.  The final seconds of the collapse, when the entire tower implodes, that’s impressive because I was on the edge of my seat waiting and hoping that one of those sticks wouldn’t fall incorrectly and knock something else off balance.


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Slow Mo Plane Crash

There’s something about watching videos in slow motion that is super fun.  There’s something about watching a LEGO town get utterly destroyed pretty fun.  Combine the two, and you have some ace footage above.  Capture by the Slow Mo Guys, this showcases two separate attempts to have a LEGO plane “crash” into a town.  Watch it until the ending, you’ll thank me.



Jump off a Building

Theoretically, this looks like fun, realistically, it’s ridiculously stupid and dangerous.

Demo Man

Here’s the episode, you can watch it in it’s entirety on YouTube, isn’t that great?!  Be warned though, it’s alittle gory at some parts.


Full disclosure, when I saw the initial gif above, I wanted to do it, after watching the video and seeing the non-edited gif, I’ve retracted my initial offer. {reddit}


Sandy 2

Sandy’s gone, but her destruction still lingers.

Here’s a pretty quiet time-lapse that shows Lower Manhattan from Sunday afternoon into Tuesday afternoon.

It’s crazy.

What can you expect from a storm that’s 1,000 miles wide?

Also, you should watch this video of Billy were can i order a real viagra Joel:

I can’t say that I love the choice of word changes, but it fits, and it’s still my 2nd favorite Billy Joel song of all time, so there’s that.

We had a total of 4 days of downtime due to no electricity, but it’s all back now, quicker then expected to be honest.


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Little Boy

Little Boy

67 Years ago the United States of America showed the world how powerfull we truly are.

The first of 2 nuclear bombs was dropped in anger on another country.  The US was attempting to finish what the Japanese had started 4 years earlier.  Except, we warned them weeks ago to surrender, they didn’t listen.

awesome DIY video

Domino Tetris

This could perhaps be the longest game of Tetris for the least amount of points ever.  I counted 11 lines, including 1 Tetris, over a very long amount of time because he needs to move each square piece one at a time, and then reset it up when he accidentally knocks them over.  Time consuming.

Anyway, some of you might be woundering why I didn’t include this in the Starry (Domino) Night post from earlier this week, well, because this deserves it’s own special treatment.  So here I go.

This guy has patience.  Lots of it.  Now, those who know me know I also have an unnatural amount of patience, but I’m not quite sure I’d have enough of it to do something like that, let alone some of the other things they’ve made.  Seriously, 3-D dominoes, I’d probably never think to set them up that way.  But look at the amazing works of art you’re (they’re) able to make by going into that 3rd dimension.  It’s pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

{Flippy Cat}

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Starry (Domino) Night

7,067 individual dominoes stacked in 3 Dimensions to create Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Flippy Cat (ace website name btwz), made this over who knows how many hours, (it was hard to read the clock, and the sheer fact that it moved around the screen leads me to not trust it anyway).  But watching some of the fails durring the credits leads me to believe it was a long, long time, and reading the description on YouTube claims it took 11 hours to build (the 2nd of 2 attempts).

This is perhaps the best (and probably only) analog representation of RAW vs. JPEG compression.  Allow me to elaborate:

The dominoes arranged in their 3-D precarious stacked arraignment represent the JPEG compression.

  • It takes time to set them up out of their natural state
  • It takes up less space (physically (since it’s 3-D and all))
  • There is noise, lots of it, it doesn’t look like it’s the full resolution it could be

The dominoes all knocked down represent RAW

  • This is the domino’s natural state
  • The space it takes up is all over the place
  • Look at that resolution though!  Its so much closer to the actual artwork

Note, this comparison will probably only ever effect this particular work of art because of the level (lack) of detail, but I stand by it.



Book Guns

book gun 1

I’ve had my fair share of book mutilation posts, and to be honest, this latest one isn’t very in-depth by any means when you compare them to previous ones.  But I imagine it will cause nearly just as much controversy, if only because of the number of Bibles that are used.

Here you can see the outline of the book that will get turned into a gun:

And now it’s all cut out and here’s the actual gun:

Honestly, I don’t think it’s very special.  I don’t mean to be all mean about it, but it’s all very simplistic, yes, there are some cute titles of books choosen to be made into guns (see above comment about the Bibles), but they’re all very clear cut (pun intended) stencil images.

Let’s get some coffee table books, and make assault rifles.  I’d love an AK (for realz).  So come on Robert The, step it up a notch.

{toxel|Book Guns}

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More Book Art

There was much controversy over the last time I posted something like this.  And honestly, I think it was all silly.  But nonetheless, I’m sure there will be some more this time around.  And what kind of internet site would I be if I didn’t actively try and create controversy?  (A poor one).

Artist Guy Laramee uses books to create these masterpieces.  All different kinds of books, and alot of time I immagine.  Tons & tons of time.  More time then I can fathom working on something like this.  But then again, I spend alot of time doing things most normal people don’t.

I really like this take on The Grand Canyon:

It looks like it uses about 100 books, and probably took ages and ages to put together.  But when you look at this next one, you think, man, it would be easy to just carve a bunch of books in a straight line on 2 sides, try making a cave out of them, with a house inside, and a skylight.

This guy’s got some talent.

Although, his future alternate history skills are severely lacking.  I’m not one to judge people, but seriously, China invades the USA.  What world are you living in.  Granted, when it comes to America, and China, I am as biased as you can get, so maybe I just don’t subscribe to that kind of thing.  But it still makes me somewhat upset, oh well.

{MAKE | abduzeedo}

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New York, it’s awesome to destroy

Ah New York, the greatest city in the world.  What makes it so great?  Many things, but, most importantly, the fact that Hollywood loves to destroy the city every chance they get.  Off the top of my head, I can list 7 films that destroy all, or part of the city.  Here’s a collection of scenes from 22 films that do that set to some nice music including a understandable version of It’s the End of the World As We Know It.