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New Zealand!

It has been a long time since I have posted here.  Not quite as long as previous disappearances, though long enough.  You should be excited to know that married life is wonderful and ya’ll should take part in it.  Also, New Zealand is an amazing country, and despite loosing our luggage, our honeymoon was fantastic!

Below I’m going to give you some first hand photos of this trip, but you can find all of them and more at the New Zealand trip page.  Though if all you’re interested in is photos, then you probably will be fine checking out the New Zealand Collection.

Check out the awesome photos below though:

Onsen Hot Pools
Onsen Hot Pools

Milford Sound Mountains

Wanaka Tree
Wanaka Tree

Breakfast with a view
Breakfast with a view
Deposited Penguin
Deposited Penguin

Deadly Computer photo the greatest


The Beautiful


It’s Flag Day.  It’s also the 72nd birthday of our wonderful President.  What are the odds?!

{Yellowstone Photos}

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2018 Olympics

Are about to start!

Are you ready?

You’ll have to be up in the early morning this Friday to watch the opening ceremony live.  That is if you can find it streaming somewhere online (if you’re in America).  Dang stupid NBC is putting it on a 10 hour tape delay for “prime-time”  Oh boy I just can’t wait!

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Slow-Motion Infared Las Vegas

I love Infra-Red Photography.  I have a filter that I put on my camera, and a point and shoot that I modified to be IR.  I’ve gotten some pretty good photos with it, at least in my opinion.  Phillip Bloom loves my infra-red as much as me.  More so probably because he’s converted 3 cameras to be dedicated to the wavelength.  One of them is a Sony A6300 which has the ability to shoot at 250fps.  High speed photography is fun in itself, but shooting it in infa-red is even cooler.  I especially like the flickering of the neon lights on the billboards at that speed.

{Peta Pixel}

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Yellowstone Super Volcano

Yellowstone model

Earlier this year scientists used new technology to more accurately map the magma system that powers the super volcano beneath Yellowstone.  They discovered an additional poop of magma below the originally pool.  This new pool is over 4 times larger then the shallower one, which when you combine the two, you can fill The Grand Canyon 13 times over.  The scientists warn that there is still nothing to worry about as the chances of the volcano erupting in any year is 1 in 700,000.

You can watch the video below for a summary of the SciTechDaily article if you want, but otherwise, it’s nothing special.


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ANnnnnnnnnnnnnd We’re Back

Sorry about that unexpected downtime.  I was working on some stuff on the server and kinda just decided it was time to update it all.  Oops.

Anyway, we should be back to our regularly scheduled posting this weekend.  Still got a few more configs to set up and stuff, but for the most part, you average users should be able to see everything.

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Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics are on us, and not to sound like an overpaid useless TV anchor, I will let you know that the eyes of the world are on London.

Anyway, back to sounding like an underpaid internet blogger.

For those of you who forgot, just 2 years ago was the Winter Olympics over in Vancouver.  For lack of a better term, I was obsessed with them.  That’s all I did that whole 2 weeks.  Night and day, day and night, every screen I owned was tuned into multiple telecasts of the Olympics.

In total I consumed around 200 GB of data by my own calculations.

Can I top that record this time around?

I’m gonna go with no.

For a variety of reasons.

A. It’s the summer games.  The summer games are boring.  Most of the summer sports are just not that interesting to watch, at least in my opinion.  Swimming, really?  Synchronized swimming? Track & Field?  Weight lifting??

B. I have a full time job now, and while I could just have streaming on my computer all day, that would be cheating, and what kind of Olympic spirit would I have if I cheated? (don’t answer that)

However, that won’t stop me from trying.  Gotta support our country and make sure those commie bastards don’t win anything.

Those who remember 2 years ago should also remember that I got totally engrossed in the sport of Curling, and, more specifically, the Russian Women’s Curling team, even more specifically, Liudmila Privivkova, and Anna Sidorova. Seriously.

Anyway, it looks like this time around the sports I will be obsessed with is Archery & Shooting (I am a male afterall).  Womens, & Men’s events.  Mostly because it’s something that I used to be able to do, and can convince myself that if I tried, I probably could get into it.

Anyway, that games have already begun, and I have my quest.  Lets go.



Is very important for servers.

Mine just came back last night, more on that exciting story later today.

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Gmail, faster then time

I noticed that last night in Gmail.  I had my inbox open already, and that popped in, so i went to read it and usually it says 5 minutes ago, 2 days ago, whatever.  It said -1 minutes ago.  Interesting that gmail can send your mail into the past with you getting it before it should arrive.  Or something, my head hurst thinking about it.