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The Truth About Steve

 Unlike some of the other rants, and posts I have made in the past, this is all a spur of the moment thing related to some comments, on The Creepiest Tree Ever post, specifically, the second one, about my line that I would kill the artist who made it.

Well, this post right now is to tell you that I will never apologize for anything I say in any blog post, or comment ever.  I will never rethink something because it may sound extreme, this is exactly why I went through posting the How to End Human Life on Earth.  Chris told me that maybe I shouldn’t, but I will not remove it, or edit it, this is the internet, and I live in America, freedom of speech is one of my rights, and I will use it however I want.

In Connor's second thesis it is stated 'There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.'  Does the routine destroy our creativity or do we lose creativity and fall into the routine?  Anyway, who's up for a road trip!

xkcd, my favorite online webcomic, ran the above comic some time ago, and it is my all time favorite one.  It sums up all of my beliefs on this topic very well, and anyone who asks from now on I will refer them to that comic.

I am Steve, this is me, and I will never change.  I do not care that in 2 years I don’t get a job because of my vocal beliefs on how the education system is messed up.  I do not care if in 1 year I am taken in for questioning regarding my attitude towards the Robot Apocalypse (it’s coming, we must stop it).  I have no intention of ever running for any political office (unless you consider world dictator political , but I’ll be dictator, that means I don’t care what you think, I’d just kill you), so none of these posts can come back and haunt me in 20 years when I don’t try and run for President.  So there is no valid argument as to why I should “water down,” as the comic says, ideas in my posts.

I hope this is why you read this blog, because you know you will always get my 111% honest opinion about what I post about.  I can’t say that for some of the other sites out there, but I can’t make accusations either.  All I will say is that as long as I am free to write whatever I want, I will indulge in that freedom.

Good day, and good night.

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DIY LED Plexiglass Heart

LED heart

So, ever since I saw The Awesome Door, from a month or so ago, I wanted to make one of my own, I decided I would practice on something a little smaller scale, like a framed heart for a special someone for Valentines Day.

It actually wasn’t very hard to make, and since the popularity of the door was so high, I’m considering making some more of these for people. If you’re interested, send an email to:

If you want to make your own, or see how I made mine, click below

Deadly Computer haha!

It’s LOLo’clock, do you know where your kitties are?

Laying in my bed i looked at my clock as it changed from 7:06 to 7:07, it looked weird, and then i figured out why.  I am a sad person…


How to End Human Life on Earth

Ok, everyone at some points wants to just kill everyone on the planet at least once in their life. Lately, I’ve been thinking of that, and ways to fulfill it. I’m not a crazy psychopath who wants to kill everyone or anything, I’ve just been thinking, “what would it take?” Well, here is what I think the easiest ways are.

Just a few things to note;

  • every one of these methods below are illegal in one sense or another
    • but since you’re gonna kill all human life, what does going to jail for a few days mean to you?
  • none of these are “guaranteed” to kill 100% of all human life
  • Deadly Computer does not encourage, endorse, or participate in any of the ideas below
    • if you do decide to try one of these methods out, Deadly Computer cannot be held responsible for anything that may happen to you, or the rest of the world

now, if you agree to the above items, feel free to click the link:

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Microwave Site v 4.2

The Microwave Site version 4.2 is now live. Version, the last major update 4 was made live around October, and I never mentioned it because there were some behind the scenes updates I wanted to do. Now they are done, and version 4.2 is live. Personally, I think it’s the best version I have made.

You can view all the videos on the Microwave Science Video Page, and thanks to YouTube, embed them in your own site.

Isn’t that great?! Anyway, I think you all will have a good time with this site

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My Interactive LED Table

LED table

A few months ago I saw this Interactive LED Table on a bunch of blogs and instantly knew I must have my own. I contacted the people over at Evil Mad Scientist about their kits, and put in my order. That was in October, and I have been slowly building my table since then.

Monday, the electronic parts to my table came in the mail, I was thrilled, and since then, I have been assembling it. It looks pretty as you can tell from the above image. You can skip the whole walk through process and view the final table here. Or after the click you can get the whole step by step process it took to build it:

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DIY ~20U server rack

So, this is something mike has been looking to make for the past few days, ever since he got his new computer case for his awesome new computer. He originally wanted to buy a server rack, so he can mount his case in it, and mount the NAS he has with it, but those cost lots of lots of money. So, our solution, after thinking up at night, was to make one ourselves. I suggested iron gas piping, and mike suggested angle iron. Mike won because in the end, it would be easier to build with angle iron.

Either way, we managed to make a nice server rack for under $150 (although, that is partly the fault of the stupid workers at home depot, who didn’t scan in three of the $15 one inch pieces, but, we’re not complaining!)
full instructions, with pictures! after the click:

—EDIT: we’re bad at math, this is really a 20U rack, not a 32U one, fixed it!—
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the greatest… dictators

In honor of Fidel Castro, this week’s greatest list will be the greatest dictators of all time. Sure dictators are usually considered evil people who are hated by millions of other people,and sure this list is full of some damn scary evil people, but you have to give them credit for something, and that’s what this list is for, besides #7 will just freak you out!

like always, full list after the click

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Pisca Web Albums

So, i got an invitation to Pisca Web albums this morning.  I’ve uploaded a few pictures so far, you can view them here: (Don’t worry mike, the Deadly Computer picture site will still be what i use for the blog, and, everyone knows i dont post pictures online for other things).

I uploaded 4 pictures of what i’ve spent the last 3+ weeks doing to my pond, laying slate, and planting things.  It’s all i have right now on the pond, and, the first pctures i looked at on my computer as i was uploading it.

My inital response, its good, but, it could turn into a google spreadsheets, ill have a fuller review by the end of the week.

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This is the result of an ongoing effort to create “BUZZ” about UNEASYsilence.

Connected to the post here. After some time, we found a “useful” use for the 200 feet or so of cable we found the other day. We spelled out on the bridge for all the school to see. Hopefully this will create som “BUZZ”

In case you forgot the site: UNEASYsilence