Luck can get you far


While the quality of the video is pretty crappy at some points, there are a few WTF moments. My favorite is when the guy gets out of his car. I wont say what happens, but its…the best. There is one clearly staged clip, the one with the bank, if I remember correctly, that was part … Continued

Crazy German Man


This guy is insane.  He straps some custom made inline skates to his feet and decides that a normal skating trip down a steep hill isn’t scary enough, so he goes down a roller coaster.  Wow.  And if that’s not enough, he made some other custom skates and got pulled behind a car going 190 … Continued

Free Photoshop at home!


No, there are no links to torrents, or cracks here, that’s for you to do on your own time silly.  No, some creative youngsters made their own life sized version of Photoshop.  When you first look at the stuff they’re doing you have no idea what it is.  But slowly it all comes together: See … Continued

The Ice Bullet Conspiracy with a Twist


This takes the whole Ice Bullet idea to new levels.  No longer will people need to make their own molds for their own traceless assassination plots. Just get this fancy ice tray for $15. For an extra twist, put these Uranium marbles into the ice tray before you freeze it.  This way you have a … Continued

Stiky Note Awesomeness


EepyBird, the guys behind the Diet Coke & Mentos phenomenon, brings a new type of funness: Sticky Note waterfall things! They used the Post-It Notes that are like accordions and made a bunch of awesomely choreographed videos.  Most of it reminds me of Slinkys going down stairs and the like.  It’s still awesome.  If there’s … Continued

Movie Title Screens


Well, If you ever wanted to see the title screen any of over a thousand different movies, Steven Hill’s Movie Title Screen Page is for you. There are literally over 1000 differnet movies, and more being added often.  Many have different forms, like Laserdisc, and DVD, and Blu-Ray.  I didn’t see and HD-DVD, but there … Continued

Will You Survive an Animal Attack?


Brought To You By Sex Stores Ah, what silly wastes of time these things provide. This one was entertaining at the end, because notably missing from the chart above but not the final printout the give is “Human” I have a 15% chance of surviving an attack by a human. Missing from both is “Robot” … Continued

How to convince people you’re crazy


It’s actually very, very, easy to convince someone that you are a crazy person.  There is only one requirement for it all, an imagination.  If you have a good imagination, you can do anything, one of those anythings is convince people that you are indeed a crazy person. However, there are some steps to make … Continued