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I rarely link to Cracked articles, mostly because they’re such a combination of generic and awesome, and because 700 thousand other websites link to the same one and just add to the fluff of unoriginal content on the internet.  But this Easter Egg article has a pretty awesome one in it, and so I decided to link to it.  But keep in mind that I’m only focusing on one of their random number of Awesome Easter Eggs they only just discovered.

I like Easter Eggs, infact, I LOVE them.  If there’s one thing I like doing it’s taking apart a movie and connecting it in ways that are not allowed to every other movie ever made.

I most famously did this with (almost) every Sean Bean movie he ever made.  Connecting my two favorites of his, Goldeneye & National Treasure in an amazing and efficent way that just screams yes, this is what the director was thinking when he cast Sean Bean as the main villain of National Treasure.

Anyway, back to The Simpsons. – McBane is a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dirty Harry, & John McClain, so in essence, the greatest fictional cartoon super hero ever conceived.  What makes it even better, is that when all the clips that feature McBane are edited together – like in the above video, they produce a relatively coherent story, and an actual movie.  Would I go see that movie had it been real, maybe, probably not, but maybe.

I don’t know what would be better though, if this story were planned out from the beginning, or if it were just random.  Turns out it was just random, but like I said, I don’t know if it being random is more cool, or if it had been planned would it be more cool.

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Stumble Punch!

I will admit the entire name of this post is based off of the first image below.  Blame chris.