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Sharpie Wallpaper

Regular wallpaper is such a bitch to put up, and painting is so blah.  Plus, both are expensive.  Sharpies cost $5-10 and come in tons of colors.  Too bad using them requires some artistic talent, something Charlie Kratzer has that I do not.

One thing painting and wallpaper have over sharpies is that they take a weekend to do, this took longer.  However, sharpie requires no moving/covering of furniture in the room, just work around it.

It does remind me of what i want to do with my margin drawings, put them together on a grand scale on my wall!  Only they will be less artistic, more deathly, more stick-figurely, and made in pencil, oh well.


a stumble awesome DIY

Awsesome Vertical Ice

Well, not vertical, but, still pretty awesome.  You can make ice, and then store it in the maker, and take the ice out and put bottles of drinks in it to keep cool.  Very ingenious if i do say so myself.  There’s a neat video of it doing what it does over at Fusion Brands.  You can buy it for $16.00 too!

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The four seasons


Here’s a nice flash animation showing the 4 seasons in a cool revolving sort of way!  This is the sort of thing that Flash is food for, and nothing else.

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Stranger Photos

park bench 1

This really was an awesome idea, and I applaud the person who came up with it.  In essence, he tied a camera to a bench with a note:

Good afternoon,
I attached this camera to the bench so you could take pictures. Seriously. So have fun. I’ll be back later this evening to pick it up.
Love, Jay / The Plug

When he came back, all the photos on the roll were taken, and some pretty cool pictures came out, my favorites are below:

girl + daughter thumb up people making word?

two people kissing couple sitting

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The most usefull book shelf ever

Apartment Therapy has a nice find of what I consider the best bookshelf ever.  Built into the staircase, and still usable as a stair case are book shelves, and lots, and lots of books.  I don’t have this many books, but I know someone who does, and she would get much good use out of something like this.


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The Best Door Ever

That door is awesome. Period. End of sentence, awesome. Completely custom made by this guy, it’s two peices of glass etched with the sword on one, and the dragon on the other, then 120 LEDs on the edges sending the light through the glass.

It is a work of art that I really, really, really want to put in my house. Only I’d make my own design. Either way, it’s awesome, and I love it.

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Awesome fish tank

This is an awesome fish tank.  It is completly sealed on all sides except for a series of holes with cups in them.  These cups allow the fish to come out to be fed, looked at and even pet if you so wish.  Totally custom built really awesome nonetheless.

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