Alternate History Thursday: Broadway


It is the year 1999, the world is struggling to come up with a solution to the Y2k bug.  Similar to how speculation was in our existing reality, there were contrasting theories as to just how widespread the potential damage would be.  Exactly like our world, doomsdayers were preparing for the worst  This included governments, … Continued

Person of Interest Season 4


Is finally available on Netflix to stream to your heart’s content.  Get on that because it’s totally worth it.  You gotta watch it so that CBS will realize just how good of a show it is and renew it for a 6th season.  Season 5 has finished filming but has no premier date yet.  It’s … Continued

DIY Satellite Ground Station


3-D printing, cheap electronics, and the sheer number of things up in space means that now is a booming time to try and connect to the satellites. The SatNOGS project aims to make it small, mass-producible satellites that can be easily, and cheaply put into LEO.  The new problem is that this rush of satellites … Continued

Weird Al is Still Awesome


Weird Al has released a new album, Mandatory Fun, which has a very Commie vibe to the cover art, I’m torn between if I should like it, or hate it.  Whatever, buy it.  But if you’re not convinced that Al is a lyrical genius, then take a look at some of this latest videos, oh, … Continued

People Should Not Be Afraid of Their Governments


But, Governments should not be afraid of their people either.  There needs to be a balance between the two.  I’m not one to start a descussion about that, I’d rather have a hand made bunker under ground in the mountains somewhere, so that when the shit hits the fan, I can survive, and go on … Continued

Aliens want us to destroy the planet!


Look at that broken wind turbine over in England.  Guess how it happened, you’ll never guess it.  That’s right, a UFO caused it.  Well, at least this post seems to think so, and hey, who’s to say they’re wrong.  Now let’s analyze the situation we know nothing about, which we didn’t witness, and come to … Continued

The Egyptians Knew Things


Ah, how I love a good conspiracy theory, the older it is, the harder it is to disprove, making it just as likely to be right as wrong, which is perfect, because some of the most interesting ones involve multi-thousand year old artifacts. Here are two Hieroglyphs, what do you see: Well, some people see … Continued

The Ice Bullet Conspiracy with a Twist


This takes the whole Ice Bullet idea to new levels.  No longer will people need to make their own molds for their own traceless assassination plots. Just get this fancy ice tray for $15. For an extra twist, put these Uranium marbles into the ice tray before you freeze it.  This way you have a … Continued