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LASER Headphones

I share this with you today not because I am willing to purchase them, but because I think they are pretty ace:

Lucky for you this Kickstarter has already reached it’s goal with just over a month left. Hopefully it will actually deliver on said item unlike other Kickstarters.
Anyway, the above headphones use LASER light (not sure why they need a laser and not just LEDs), and fiber optic cables to pulse light up the cords based on the beat of the music. It’s a pretty neat idea, but I have some issues with it.

  1. The best way to see it is to wear the headphones over your clothes.  That’s all fine and good, but I aren’t you afraid you’ll snag the wires on something?  Maybe it’s just a personal clumsy issue, but I snag wires, and shirts, and stuff all the time.
  2. There is glass here.  Headphones get tangled, especially in-ear headphones.  I do not expect these to last too too long.
  3. You’re paying $150 for in-ear headphones.  I’m sorry, I can’t justify that much for in-ear headphones.

Now, the maker says it’s tied to the Android OS, so that could mean that it could be paired with a phone, or other smart device.  Then you could send other messages or alerts to the wires.  I’m not sure what you’d gain from it, but it would be possible.


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Alternate History Thursday – VR D-Day

Today marks a turning point in World War 2.   Both in the present reality, and in our alternate reality.

70 years ago Allied forces begun the largest seaborne invasion in the history of the world.  While the term D-Day is a generic military term denoting the day a particular attack or event is supposed to take place, common knowledge of D-Day is around The Normandy Landings, Operation Neptune, Normandy, call it what you want, it’s still one of the top 5 most important days in the last century.

Times have vastly changed over the years, and with the advent of Virtual Reality, in Oculus Rift, a group of 30 engineers has taken the original blueprints and digitized them in a fully immersive experience.  Their focus was on the engineering required to make these historic, and tide changing innovations.  From the Waco CG-4 Glider used to transport troops and equipment behind enemy lines leading up to D-Day, to the Mulberry harbor, the portable harbor that was used to offload cargo onto the beaches.

Using the actual blueprints (some of which they had to go dig up in the Smithsonian archives), Dassault Systems has recreated these massive and pivotal crafts in full 3-D worlds.

Dassault Systems has really outdone themselves, and they hope that for the 75th anniversary, even more will be available.  It should be noted that this is not supposed to be a recreation for entertainment, it’s for learning purposes, and more importantly, to honor the unknown, who made this monumental day possible.  Here’s a short video that explains the reasoning behind it, and what to expect.

I made this puzzle when I was around 12, I glued it together and mounted it on blue poster board and construction paper.  It’s hanging in a frame on my wall.  One day I hope to add some other Robert Taylor WW2 Puzzles to the collection.


{Engadget|Venture Beat}

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The Turbo-gusli

WTF is a turbo-gusli you ask?  Well, a regular Russian Gusli is a regular stringed instrument.  You play like any other stringed instrument, and like all things, is limited to the notes that humans can hear.  So is a turbo gusli some sort of stringed instrument that produces sound that only dogs (or Russian Bears) can hear?


It’s a custom robot that takes the input from an EEG attached to a living human (or any other animal I guess), and translates that into “music”  I say music because if you listen to this video below, you’ll hear that it’s not really anything discernible.  But it is interesting.

::vtol:: “turbo-gusli” demo performance from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.


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LED Perspective


That’s a pretty cool lamp there.  Would it surprise you to know that it’s only 5mm thick?  That’s the wounder of perspective magic, this time using LEDs, instead of paper, and with clear acrylic, just like that Awesome Door.

Here’s the Kickstarter, which has already achieved it’s $20,000 goal and then some.

This one is harder to see the 3-D effect, but it’s still pretty neat:

3D Mountain

{My Modern Met}

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Lights Off

Living in the modern age, in a modern western city, the vast majority of us are denied one of the most awe inspiring sights possible – The night sky.  There’s vastly too much light pollution in modern cities to see all but the brightest stars.  And that’s a shame.

Artist Thierry Cohen has come up with a novel way to counter this though.

San Frisco at night

He takes shots of the cities at night, and notes the precise latitude, and angle of his photograph, then travels to somewhere suitably dark and takes another photo of the night sky.  Then, combines them together in POST, to come up with a truly unique outlook on the night sky under some of the world’s most famous skylines.



Honestly, I’d love to be able to see this sight one night.  But I don’t think it will ever be possible.

Empire State Building

This view of The Empire State building and the night sky doesn’t look that great.  I’m sure with 360 degrees, or a different time of year, you’d be able to get a suitable breathtaking view.



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LED Log Things



This is a pretty ingenious way to use unusable pieces of wood.  Be it splits, or cracks, or just mishappen pieces that you can’t mill.  Instead of burning them (which is what I would do), Italian designer Marco Stefanelli decided to fill the voids with resin that has LEDs encased in them.  I gotta say, that’s nice.  Especially the soft white color, instead of the cool-blue white of normal white LEDs.

I have a few pieces of wood that I was drying that cracked pretty bad.  I think I’m going to try this on them.

wood lamp 2

{This is Collossal}

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Type Paintings


What can you do with an old typewriter?  Well, besides teach yourself to type better, faster, stronger, you could convert it into a psychedelic art work generator.  That’s just what Washington based artist Tyree Callahan did.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any actual paintings with it, or, if you did, it would take a very long time, because after each key press, you’d have to reapply the paint to the key.

But, seeing as this is a concept, I can see some modifications being made to it, and some changes, and updates and eventually, after a successfully funded Kickstarter, a working version.

type writer 2


Anyway, I like the idea, but it’s more of an art piece, then an art making piece if you ask me.

{creative bloq}


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I’d venture to guess that this is RCT2, based on my extensive knowledge of the subject.

Balloon Stall

RollerCoaster Tycoon is one of my all time favorite video games.  Up there with Tetris, it’s timeless.

I also love LEGOS.

Somehow, it never dawned on me to join the two together, but they go perfectly together.  They both allow your imagination to run wild and create amazing creations.  One is limited only by the number of bricks you have on hand, and the other is limited by a ancient 256 bit attraction limit.

Brake section

Regardless, they both have the same philosophy – let your imagination run wild.

seafood stall

It’s a shame that these are all just renders.  There’s a petition going on to turn this into a real set.  But it looks kinda Kickstater-esque, and it only has 81 backers, so it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon, which is a shame, I’d buy it.  It’d probably be expensive though.  You’d have to buy each set individually.  And then all the scenery, and stuff.  But DAMN, would it be ace to build a roller coaster in and around an already existing LEGO town.


Take a gander at the full Imgur album to see the rest.  Many of them are of the shops and stalls, but that’s just because it’s easy making those. If you tried to make a roller coaster it’d be impossible because of the uniqueness of each coaster.


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Public Art

ice sculpture

You won’t get any love of the arts from me.  I understand that they’re useful and inspire creativity, but most “modern art” is a ridiculous waste of time and money.  These following concepts of Public Arts projects however are a different story.  Some of them are just as weird and subject to interpretation, like the musical intersection, I think that will be more annoying then fun.  But the above ice flower is really unique, and I think it’d be cool.

bridge to nowhere

I like this bridge to nowhere.  There’s many places in NYC where I’d like to get photos above the crowds.  In fact, I’d even go for maybe a 10 foot tall version.  Just enough to get above the heads of people.

Deadly Computer

Chopper Fan

Chopper Ceiling Fan

I don’t really care too much about ceiling fans, or (fans in general), but I do like Aviation, and while Helicopters are cool, there’s just far, far too much negativity about them for me, honestly, I am never be able to not think of some sort of conspiracy whenever I see/hear helicopters flying overhead.  There was an 8 month span where at least once a week one would fly over my house at various times of the day.  I distinctly remember one flying over low, and loud at around 1am one Sunday morning too.

Nothing good can come of them, nothing.

And for that reason I would probably be alittle hesitant with installing this in my bedroom.  I can just picture myself waking up in the middle of the night for some reason and seeing that, (with the blades spinning for obvious reasons), and freaking the fuck out.

Now, would I stick this in my kid’s bedroom, probably, a guest bedroom, hell yes, my kitchen, maybe.

I like it though, hopefully it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, and more hopefully, it’s something more then a concept.

{Raffaele Iannello}