Welcome, to the Fusion age


November 01, 1952 the US military successfully conducted Operation Ivy and propelled the world into the fusion age. Ivy Mike, pictured above, was the first thermonuclear, fusion bomb, H-Bomob, multi-megaton nuclear bomb humanity detonated.  Yielded at between 10 and 15 megatons, it was nearly 100x more powerfull then the bomb dropped on Hiroshima 7 years … Continued

Starfish Prime


August 6, 1945, one of the most important days in the history of the world.  The day The United States of America used the first atomic bomb on The Empire of Japan in the closing ceremonies of World War II.  This single day defined the world for the next 50 years.  The dropping of the … Continued

Commie Spies!!1!


It’s like we’re all of a sudden back in the 1950s.  Earlier this week an alleged Russian Spy ring was exposed right in my back yard! I’m not gonna go into details about this whole thing, that’s not my job, but I will say that I am excited because not only have all the Robert … Continued

The Commie Space Shooter Game


Kosmosis, I love that name, a Play on Osmosis, but making it commie sounding.  The “Space Shooter” subtitle though, that’s a stretch, you don’t really shoot anything. The game itself has no real end.  Sure it does end, but while you sit there and watch the stars roll by, you can see the small army … Continued

Elektronik Supersonik


I’m not sure if the video is bad, or the song, but either way, this is entertaining! And it’s supposed to be that way.  Just watch that whole video, and if you aren’t laughing like crazy, you aren’t a real human. Also, to make it even better, watch it on YooouuuTuuube.com, where I found it, … Continued

The Deadliest Road


The most iconic assault rifle ever made.  The most prolific gun ever made.  The best gun ever made.  The AK-47.  What do you do with thousands of empty magazines for AK-47s?  Well the obvious answer is fill them up.  But say you’re a peace freak, Well, wtf do you have thousands of empty gun magazines, … Continued