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Today marks the 80th year since the bloodiest war in the history of man.  Early in the day, Hitler’s Nazi Germany invaded Poland setting off the spark of events that spiraled into World War II.  It’s bee sugar coated, it’s been glorified, it’s been everything under the sun, but at the end of the day, it was a war.  A terrible war with atrocities all over the place.  Terrible things happened, and terrible scars are still healing all over the world.

Thankfully we’ve lived in relative peace for the last 80 years, let us hope that it remains that way for further generations to come.

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The Gustav Gun

Admiring the Gustav Gun

World War 2 was the most devastating war in human history.  If we forget about the events that ended the war thousands of miles away, Germany, Europe and the rest of the combatants used plenty of conventional weapons to wreck havoc on each other for nearly 6 years.

The above shows Hitler and some generals admiring the massive Gustav Gun.  A weapon so large that it was mounted on rails.  It fired shells over 30 inches in diameter weighing 7 tons at a range of nearly 30 miles.  The main purpose was to utterly destroy the forts of the Maginot Line.  Though it was transported and used in Operation Barbarossa.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the Germans themselves in order to prevent it’s capture by those damned Commies towards the end of the war in 1945.  And while there have been more massively wide guns made, The Gustav remains the largest caliber rifle ever used in war time.

Check out this quick little video regarding some of the famous railroad guns:



Cosmonaut Day

Cosmonautics Day Stamp

On April 12, 1961 the Soviet Union made history by sending Yuri Gagarin into space.  He was the world’s first astronaut, and he was the one who shot the United States in the arm and made us realize that we had a long way to go if we wanted to beat the commies at their own game.

In 1962, the USSR commemorated this day as a national holiday – Cosmonautics Day.  In 2011 some random international agency declared it the International Day of Human Space Flight, whatever that means.

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Alternate History Thursday: Nagasaki

The Butterfly Effect from a few days ago, it’s still in effect today as 71 years ago Fat Man fell on the city of Nagasaki.  What would have happened if that butterfly didn’t flap it’s wings?  Read on for the crazy hyperbole that I came up with.

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Alternate History Thursday: Chernobyl

The first, and still, most dangerous and deadly nuclear accident revolves around the Chernobyl power plant in the Ukraine.  Many things can be said about the accident, but I’m about to dive into an alternate theory on what caused the terrible disaster.  Yes it will be outlandish.  Yes it will be crass.  Yes, it won’t make sense.  But come on, do you really expect anything less of me?

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Personal Arsenal


Or mechanized armored transport if you prefer.  On July 11th, and 12th 2014 Auctions America will be auctioning off over 200 different items from the largest private military vehicle collection in the nation.

Since it’s an auction, there are no hard prices, but many of the items I saw were listed without a reserve, and the cheapest estimate I saw was this $1,000 Swiss Army Hand Cart.  But if you have some serious coin, you can get some serious hardware, like this authentic Panzer, for a cool $2.6 million.


I gotta say though, the coup de grace (which I know that phrase doesn’t really fit, but I’m using it) is this commie SCUD:


With no reserve and an estimate of $300,000 this is the ultimate display of power for the budding individual.  Don’t worry about the Communist aspect of it, the mere fact that you’re buying this on the free Capitalist market is irony enough to change the allegiance of this weapon (kinda like wands in Harry Potter).


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Alternate History Thursdays – May Day

It’s May Day, and you know what that means, time to celebrate Communism.  In the present reality, May Day is celebrated on May 1st, when it’s known as International Workers Day, except in America, where it’s known as Labor Day, and celebrated on the first Monday of September.

Well, in our alternate reality, it’s still celebrated on May 1st, even in Communist America.  It’s worth it to know that the movement started soon after WW2 ended, in July of 1949, (incipiently, just a few years after Roswell, coincidence, I think NOT!)  There are many theories as to how this holiday started, I will go into the one I like best, which, no surprise, deals with the attempted usage of Alien technology by dumb stupid Communists.

After nearly a full earth year on the planet, the surviving aliens were desperate to make contact with their home world, so they actually assisted, as opposed to trying to, the Commies in getting the IDR functioning.  They managed to hook it up and send messages back with few problems in no time at all.  However, it wasn’t right away that they heard a response from their home planet.  You see, across realities, the aliens had not been missing at all yet.  It was only when they made contact that time synced back up again, and the natives of Centari received the message.  It was like “pause” had been set on reality, and the aliens were just getting back to the game.

The Centarins had no record of a missing ship, so they took this all as a hoax at first.  It wasn’t until months later, late August 1948 local earth time, that the Centarians believed their story, (time has been flowing normally now).  The question now becomes what happened, and how to fix it?

Naturally, the stranded aliens, (who unfortunately have never been given names in any official, or unofficial document), didn’t divulge all this information to the Commie Americans.  Weather it was because the stranded knew that the Americans were commies, and inherently evil, or because they were naturally dis-trusting of humans in general will probably never be known.  What is know though, is that the Commie Americans tried as hard as possible to get weapons out of this technology in any way possible.  They were very much interested in the whole time travel aspect of the Centarians.

The Centarians on the other hand were not able to help with the time travel aspect.  They were at a loss as to how they managed to stop time for their counterparts back home.  From what they were able to gather (having been able to hook up to the Galactic Photon Flow, (GPF), which is basically the inter-galactic version of the internet), many universities and amateurs alike had been trying for months to study the gigantic space explosion.  Some were focused on the location, while others were focused on the cause.  Both had so far proved elusive.

Oh well, that’s enough of this story for now, turns out it had nothing to do with May Day did it?  Was it enjoyable at least?


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What a year has it been.  Earlier last year we were in a sad place, a handful of posts a month, maybe a post a week.  It was dark times.  I made it a goal to get double digit post counts each month, and to average 10 posts a month for this year.  I have succeed, and all is good.

Just in the last few weeks of the year, we’ve had a few major milestones, including 2 (two), Wounderful weeks (minimum of one post a day, each day of the week (Monday – Friday)). I’ve also achieved the Center Year Status (100 posts a year).  There’s still a few other achievements to get including:

  • Wicked Wounderful Week (Post a day Sunday – Saturday)
  • Manic Month (Post a day for an entire month)
  • Double Center Year
  • Tripple Center Year
  • Insane Year (365 posts in a year)
  • Double Insane Year (730 posts in a year)

We got some ladders to climb, but I think it’s doable.  My goal for this year is to get at least 180 posts, with maybe even a Wounderful Week a month, that would be ace.  Probably won’t end up happening though, cause those tend to be crazy weeks.

Anyway, 2013 is over, and 2014 is upon us.  One thing I will promise is a few more DIY posts, and much more of our Alternate History timeline.  Yes I ended the reign of the Commie Americans, but that’s the beauty of an alternate reality, there’s never an end.

Goodby 2013, welcome 2014, May the Force be With you.


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Alternate History Thursday – The New Age

Time is something that only humans notice and keep track of.  This was true in our alternate history timeline, until the advent of July, 1947 that is.  That’s when the humans discovered that there were other beings out there, that knew about time, and more importantly, knew how to manipulate it.  Yes, those exceptional beings taught the humans alot in 100 years of our time, but in reality was 1,000’s of years of information all balled up for easy consumption.

Today you are going to hear about the story of New Years Eve, 2221.  The dawn of a new age, when all the numbers are the same.  For one glorious year, (437 days), the year would be 2222.  You know how humans get with their numbers, the only thing they seem to like better are cats.  But don’t let them hear you say that.  Anyway, this was a standard new year’s eve, nothing too special going on (except the year it was turning into that is).  Not much has changed with humans in the last 200 years either, they’re still superstitious, and still got people predicting the end of the world every few dozen years.

This time though, those damn commies had successfully completed the first test of the new trans-dimensional space-time traversing device (TDS), recovered from the crash of 1947.  It only took 300 years, and countless calls home on the IRD, but they finally got something working.  The damn commies decided to do the test run on their device at midnight on New Year’s eve, (because in this reality, there is no such thing as science-fiction, or irony).

As can be expected, a portal was opened.  But not to the home world of the Centari, no, somewhere else.  One of the elder Centari who could trace his lineage back 1,000 generations was able to identify the world that was opened up.  But they did not believe it.  It was an ancient world, that was told in stories, never known to actually exist, but there it was.  Those damn commies had opened the gates to a spirit realm.

Just as what happened to the Echoguisaans, the same happened to those damn commies.  Because of the secretive nature of Communist America, the rest of the free world didn’t know much about it.  They went on with their new year like nothing happened.  Also, because of those secrets, the rest of the free world didn’t know of the existence of the Centari, or of time travel, or any of the wonderful deadly things that come of it all.

The Year 2222 will go down in history as the end of the Communist Empire.  Nearly 300 years old, it was one of the foundations of the Earthen Order, but it didn’t matter, the Spirits started a civil war, and all the commie people escaped to the realms provided by the portals.  It Commie High Command accused the Centari of plotting the whole thing from the beginning, but it was no use.  Once that portal is open, there is no turning back.  The world silently watched as Communist America dissolved into empty land, where the Deer and the Buffalo roamed once again.

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Alternate History Thursday – A WWII Birthday

Hitler Moasic
The famous Adolf Hitler Mosaic I made years ago.

Today is the 124th birthday of Adolf Hitler.  In our alternate reality, Hitler isn’t the horrible dictator we know him as today.  As we’ve, America is Communist, and if you know about history, and Adolf Hitler, you know that he hated Communists.  Anyway, I digress.

World War 2 went on for the same number of years, and the US still was the first (and only) nation to use Atomic weapons in anger, but the US was not seen as the great liberator of the world.  You see it’s communist, and even in this alternate history, Commies are bad.

Anyway, here’s some background on Hitler from our alternate history:

  • No Holocaust
  • Supreme Chancellor of the European Super Continent
  • Seen as a liberator

Now, granted that’s probably hard to swallow, but remember, America is Communist, anything is possible.

So, back to what makes him so great in this alternate history.  Basically, WW2 played out in a vastly different way, Hitler rose up against the renewed British colonization efforts of Europe, Africa, & South West Asia.  England has gone on a tyrannical reign of invasions, trying to regain the greatness  of The British Empire.

No one dared stop England as they slowly marched down Africa, across the Middle East, and up the generally surrounding mainland Europe.

No one but the newly elected President of the German Republic – Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler wouldn’t stand for this, with his country backing him, he went to war. (This is Europe afterall, everyone hates everyone else).  Germany was easily aided by the rest of nearby Europe, France was eager to allow the Germans to enter, a chance to get back at their bitter enemies across the channel.  However, with all the resources of greater Europe at their disposal, The German Alliance just couldn’t stop the British Navy, in fact, for all intents and purposes, Germany was land locked.

In comes America.  Their vast resources form the then current 83 States, allowed them to continually barrage British naval bases, and factories along the coast of Africa & India.  Australia slayed neutral, and was better off for it.

Eventually, the Americans were able to make land fall in India, and slowly move across the Middle East, and into Northern Africa.  They moved towards the Atlantic, and before you knew it, England was at it’s knees.

The German Alliance was strong and picking at the English Air and Naval forces.  Within a year, the war was over.  England was in shambles, having had a nuke dropped on them, and Germany started the UN.

The German Alliance was strong, and surprisingly, many of the nations of Europe which Germany “invaded” or “occupied” to join forces with to defeat England were perfectly happy keeping the status quo, as the Great Depression was still fresh in all their memories, and they were afraid that with Germany pulling out, with them, all the success would go too.

So in short, Hitler was seen as the great liberator of Europe, finally putting to rest the British Empire, and all its multi-century attempts at global domination.