TV Drs.


Yes, it’s an advertisement.  Yes, it’s fun.  Yes, it’s under a minute long.  Enjoy it, then make a Dr.’s appointment.  Or don’t it’s a free country. {reddit}



This post has no content except to show this awesome music video to the awesome marble game from long ago Crossfire! and the song of it’s commercial.  I was going to say it’s a 1990s game, but Wikipedia says it came out in 1971.  Ok wikipedia, how could you ever be wrong? Here’s the commercial … Continued

The Most Interesting Man in The World


Is about to embark on a one way trip to Mars.  Yes my friends, Dos Equis is retiring The Most Interesting Man in the World.  But not without a bang.  They’re going to send him off to Mars, and as always, he’s interesting, he has no regrets because he doesn’t know what regret feels like. … Continued

Hand made Stop Motion Paper Ad


The above ad is a hand made, drawn, and hand photographed film that was made to show the history of Honda, and the huge number of products that they made over the years.  It’s a pretty impressive video, it’s 2 minutes long, and needs to be viewed in it’s entirety, so I bet it doesn’t … Continued

Russian Beer


I like David Duchovny, he’s a good actor, but unfortunately, will always be Fox Mulder to me.  Oh well, he recently did an ad for a Russian Beer company, Sibirskaya Korona, which is an Anheuser0Busch InBev brewed beer. Say what you want about the timing of the piece, and the pro-Russian themes in it, I for … Continued



I don’t often praise commercials, but every so often a campaign comes along that is just excellent.  I’m talking about the Cadillac ELR Poolside ad. It’s not a new ad, in fact it’s been airing since The Olympics, but it’s getting new vigor of late due to a new Ford Ad that parodies that one: I … Continued

The Movie Announcers


Sure, there’s about 100 pixels to share between these 5 movie announcers, but that’s not the point.  The point is watching/listening to this video, and seeing/hearing cinema history at the same time.  Most of those people I bet you’ve never seen before, but you’ve heard every single viagra for sale one of them. Not since GEICO’s commercial with Don … Continued

The Schticky


When I first saw that I didn’t believe it.  I mean, can you believe it?  Watch it again.  There are half a dozen blatant sexual innuendos given.  And if you watch closely, he repeats things said durring the Slap Chop video.  But, alas, the website works, and it looks like you can actually buy the … Continued

The Pocket Chair!


This guy is no Billy Mays, or Vince Offer, in fact, I don’t really like him too much at all, but this line makes it: Load up a drawer for a Pocket Chair Party!!!!!1!!11 That’s all you need to know about that video in case you didn’t watch it.

Pointlessly Expensive Cartoon


Or car commercial, but car commercials are already pointless, so that title would have been redundant and recursive. I applaud them for their creativity, and for doing it all in the real world, without a green screen.  It did take them a long time to set it all up, and get the right speed, but … Continued