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Underground Camera

Camera View

Heinric & Palmer have set up this massive underground Camera Obscura in the hills of Essex England.  Camera Obscura is the basis for which all of photography was built upon, at it’s most simple is a hole in the side of a box (or in this case a room), that allows light through causing an inverted image to be displayed on the end.  The hole needs to be small, and the image needs to be focused, but it’s still basic principles.

Anyway, as I said above, Heinric & Palmer, with the blessing of Essex County England, installed a pipe in a hilltop where they placed a lens on the door to create this unique perspective on the beautiful rolling hills of the English countryside.

hillside camera

Above was a photo of the inside of the camera and what the observer would see had they entered the room.  Below you can see what the camera is focused on through the lens built into the door.

Through the lens

You can read about how they installed the project on their blog, but basically, the burried an 8 and a half foot wide, by 11 and a half foot long pipe in the top of a hill, made the inside all pretty with wooden panels, and installed the lens on the door.  The nice thing about this is that it’s installed on a bike trail, or off to the side of one anyway, so it’s some place that people can frequent often, it’s not off the beaten path, or hidden from view.  I like that.

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a stumble photo

3D Folded Canvas Art

Canvas Art 1

At first glance this looks like an elaborate painting.  And it’s true to a sense.  It has been painted, but it’s many individual pieces of canvas that have been folded onto themselves that then has been painted.  Here, take a closer look:

Canvas detail

This is the artwork of painters Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman, known as Stallman.  The two of them work together to create these works of art by layering and folding canvas, and then painting them with different colors to get the natural look that you see above.  They have lots of different works on their site, and if you have a few thousand dollars, you can buy one of them.  Some are pretty cool, I know I wouldn’t be able to make that.  And the three dimensional aspect of it itself is nice.  I like it, but you probably can’t touch it.

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science video

Magnetic Clock

Ferrofluid is a pretty neat substance.  Tiny, often magnetic microscopic particles are suspended in a liquid.  Then, using regular magnets, or electromagnets, you can control what they do.  It has many practical uses, but also the below artistic one (which also has a practical use as a clock).

Magnetic Clock

You can buy the said clock, but it’s an “art piece” and comes with an “art piece” price of 7,500 euros, which at current exchange rates, is over $8,400.  That’s alittle too much for me.  Plus, the magnetic material only has a 1 month lifespan.  I’m not sure why, but that means you would have to by replacements of that stuff for probably an equally high price.


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Clouds from Cloud Level

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted this before, but hey, maybe I have, oh well.  German photographer Rüdiger Nehmzow has a different take on photographing clouds.  Now, I have a certain soft spot for clouds, and I try and always take photos out of airplane windows when I travel.  But I’m sitting safe inside a commercial Boeing 7×7.  Nehmzow, he’s strapped himself into a harness, and takes photos out the open door of an airplane as it’s flying high above the earth.

Clouds from the Clouds

This is pretty crazy.  I’m not crazy enough to do something like that.  I think it’s cool, but I like the safety of the inside of the closed airplane.  Watch the video below, it’s only 7 minutes, for a look at how he went about this shoot.

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strange video

Rotating Head

Pretty neat.  Lots of perspective posts this month aren’t there?  The Paper, the Gas Chamber.  This is another art piece, and once you’ve seen it once, I don’t think it’s worth seeing again.  In fact, I’m pretty good just watching the above video.

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