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3D Wooden Topographic Map of the US

Wooden USA

redditor noahhl has spent in his estimate, 200 hours, building this scale model of the 50 States of America out of wood.  Did I mention it’s a topographic map?  Yea, he set up his CNC machine to cut out the mountains and valleys of the states.  The 50 states are represented by 15 different wood species.  It would have been too difficult and expensive to get each state’s official tree represented, but it would have been cooler I bet.

Here you can see the progress on Idaho:

Idaho Progress

The scaling is magnified by about 4x.  This is because in reality, the earth is pretty flat, and it’s hard to see height.  He thinks 4x is too tall and the peaks look too pointy.  Maybe it looks worse in real life, but I like the way the photos show the states.  Maybe individually, states look bad, but as a whole, it looks pretty good.

Here’s a rapid fire view of all the states:

Rapid Fire States

Here are two imgur albums you can browse through to see all the steps:

Album 1 | Album 2