Infrared Clouds

You might not know it, but I love Infrared photography   It really sheds some light on an otherwise invisible area.  And yes, I did just write that.

Anyway, watch the video above and see how some of

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these shots look absolutely gorgeous. IR brings out the clouds, and turns the sky black.  And when the IR is converted to Black & White, it looks even better.

I have tons of IR photos to share, but alas, due to the server downtime I mentioned previously, I cannot share them at this time, sorry.


a stumble awesome photo

Clouds are awesome

Another Cloud Reel … from Delrious on Vimeo.

It’s no secret that I like clouds.  In fact, I would go so far to say that clouds are my favorite thing to photograph.  So, it makes sense then that this video would be irresistible to me wouldn’t it?

Just look at the way those clouds move.  It’s amazing.  I love it.  I wish there were clouds like that at my house.

Deadly Computer photo strange

What I see in this picture

Well, I was gonna just edit the blog post yesterday, but I thought it would get to 7 comments faster then overnight, so instead I’m making a new post, so show what I see.  The answer, a creepy Alien face.


It looks like a cow’s head to me.

I have no idea how you can see a cow’s head, I just don’t see it at all.


I hope this doesn’t go in the direction of aerosols and the great global warming swindle.

if I were to go in a global warming direction, i would clearly make it how I think global warming is a giant fake conspiracy.  But I’ll make my global warming post eventually, so you can all hear my views on that lovely subject.

I can’t see a nuke going off, but mike was kind enough to send me this outline he made:

After seeing that, I now can see his nuclear explosion mushroom cloud, but, at first, that’s not what I saw.

Really, it’s an Alien head, a creepy one.  A creepy alien head that comes up in my Google Desktop picture viewer 5+ times a day, usually around 1am and scares the crap out of me.

Now, what should i do about it?

Deadly Computer photo strange the greatest

What do you see in this picture?

Well, what do you see?  I’d tell you what I see, but I don’t want to spoil your interpertations of it.  I will tell you that I took this picture myself, from an airplane coming back from Las Vegas a year ago.  I didn’t notice what I do notice until recently, and so far, I’ve gotten a few other people to see the same thing.  So, first, tell me what you see, then, tell me what I should do about it.


After this gets to 7 comments, I’ll tell you all what I see.

a stumble awesome DIY electronic news photo

Box of Clouds

box of clouds

I’m not exactly sure how this was made, but, I do know that A. it’s awesome, and B. i want one.  It sounds, and looks like it’s easy to make, I just wish there was a list of the things used to make it.  I also would totally buy one.

box of clouds 2